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Our latest and one of the best shoots we've done! This one was a little extra special as Emma Jayne and I headed to Amsterdam. We packed a lot into a little time yet it was a hugely productive and extremely fun shoot.

Emma brought a number of different outfits which we managed to use (with a little help from some locals!) and I thought we captured Emma looking fabulous with the city providing the perfect backdrop. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was lovely. I only wish we'd left a little more time. Something to learn from when (I hope) we do this again.

I can't thank Emma Jayne enough. She's wonderful to work with, great company and a simply awesome model. If you haven't worked with her yet, you're missing out and you should definitely add her to your WTWW list.

Thanks Emma for another memorable shoot. Can't wait for the next one! Very highly recommended :-)

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Paul Fisher Photographer

This would be our third shoot together that Emma and myself have done, and as with previous photoshoots Emma was exceptional.

While at home one dank October evening I started to look ahead and placed up a few image ideas for shoots I would like to do, which to my pleasure Emma was one of the many to show an interest, after much planning by myself and the excellent communications between us we arranged a Christmas themed shoot.

On the day of the shoot Emma arrived early which meant she could help with the setting up of all the Christmas tree & decorations I had 'borrowed' from my parents, once set up we moved on to shooting our first outfit set, as with our previous shoots Emma poses perfecting and knows exactly what we need to do to produce exquisite images, having shot a few different outfit styles around the Christmas tree our shoot time was unfortunately over.

To sum up, Emma is by far one of the most amazing models anyone would ever have the pleasure of working with, from pre shoot communications through to the end of the shoot itself she puts in the effort to make sure the images the photographer has are pure perfection,

And so without hesitation I can say I fully recommend Emma as the model any photographer should work with, just the best, even going that extra mile in helping set up, to which I am forever grateful.

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Jon Taylor

Third shoot with Emma, and far too long since the previous one. Emma is a joy to work with, and the time on our location shoot today just flew by.

Pre-shoot planning was first-rate, and Emma was so well prepared. Superb choice of outfits, stylish make-up and ready to work the locations on the shoot. Emma is professional in outlook and approach; she brings not simply a great work ethic but also a creativity and energy that ensure the shoot has excellent outcomes. Be sure to enable Emma to add in her own photographic instincts during a shoot, tap into that reservoir of ideas and concepts.

There is beauty and grace in Emma’s work.

But it’s Emma’s personality and character that shine through in her images. She’s so easy to lock into a creative groove with, and a thoughtful, compassionate person which makes working with her a treat.

Hopefully the next shoot won’t be too far away. 100% recommended.

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This shoot was a long time coming but I had a great time working with Emma. Great prep work, unique look, varied and quirky wardrobe and dedicated to a shoot.

First time in a while I spent too much time chatting but happy with the end results. And our day wasnt ruined by expected rain!


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Ian Pattenden

My third shoot with Emma. The first one was three and a half years ago, and I've had the privilege of gradually getting to know her better and better over that time.

If you've been lucky enough to meet Emma you'll know she's a very experienced, imaginative and creative model, with a highly professional attitude to her craft. But she's also a really fun person to spend time with. She's energetic and youthful, and just a really good laugh.

I wanted to shoot some natural looking pictures to capture that side of her personality. So, just for me, she was kind enough to go for a really different look with very little makeup (quite a big departure for Emma) - and we shot lots of happy, smiley photos!

She'd helpfully chosen a beautiful location by the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal - and had no problems or complaints about posing around thorns, nettles, mud - and even a wasp nest in a huge old log!

Emma is punctual, hard working, very well organised and a true professional. She's articulate and intelligent, a proper conversationalist. Highly recommended, obviously.

I feel very lucky to know her.

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Our ninth shoot together and it always feels fresh and exciting! Emma Jayne is fabulous to work with. I love the ideas and energy she brings to every shoot let alone her wonderful modelling skills. She knows just the right way to pull off a look or showcase an item of clothing. She has a really great eye and understanding of what works and how to achieve it.

I adore working with Emma and am so grateful for the shoots we've had and those I hope are still to come. I think we make a great team and hopefully that shows in the images we create. She's so much fun to work with!

When you get the chance to work with Emma, go for it! You'll thank yourself that you did and you'll come away with amazing images having worked with one of the finest people on the site.

Thanks Emma - looking forward to the next one! :-)

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Rawpics Studio

Emma Jayne came to the studio as part of a duo day for a local camera club studio day.

Emma arrived at the studio in plenty of time and brought a fantastic selection of clothing , her pre comms were excellent between the other model and the organiser of the event.

Emma worked really well with all 6 photographers and gave 100% throughout the day.

I can highly recommend Emma Jayne 100%

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Stephen J Griffin

First shoot with Emma today and I couldn't be happier. The 2 hours flew by and I managed to get everything I wanted from the shoot. Emma is an absolute delight to work with; she is friendly, enthusiastic, very professional and great fun. She turned-up with a great selection of outfits that matched perfectly the brief I had sent her. There were no difficult silences and it took only a matter of minutes to settle-into a style of working that we were both comfortable with. I highly recommend Emma and will be looking for an opportunity to work with her again soon.

Thank you Emma!

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I have had the pleasure of working with Emma several times before, but this was our first location shoot. She was at the meeting point when I arrived and had brought many changes of clothes with her. Fortunately it was a lot cooler during our evening shoot than in the afternoon when we had originally scheduled it. Emma is always great to work with, happy to take direction and also excellent at working without direction. I am always happy to recommend Emma as it is great fun working with her, and the results are extremely pleasing.

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Wiggly Beezers Forever and Ever Arts

I booked a shoot with Emma whilst on a southern tour.

The other models I worked with on the tour I was more familiar with but I love Emma's unique beauty and striking looks that I had to shoot her.

Pre comms were great and we both knew what style of images we were looking for.

Emma easily understood my direction but little was needed, she poses freely with little direction.

Emma is smart, beautiful and an absolute joy to work with!

I would recommend her to anyone and hopefully will get a chance to work with her again.

Thanks for a great shoot.

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Had another wonderful shoot with the fabulous Emma Jayne (our 8th!) :-)

We decided to shoot some golden hour shots and as always, Emma prepared and thought through everything we'd need. She found the ideal location at the top of a hill in Gloucestershire with the most amazing views and she even organised the perfect weather, lighting and sunset for us!

Every time we shoot, we try something different and create images that are new and fresh. This shoot was no exception. I'm absolutely thrilled with the images we created.

Most of all, I just love working with Emma Jayne. We make a great team and everything simply gels. It becomes almost effortless - so rewarding and the most fun.

I'm happy to say we have a number of shoots planned with even more ideas and new things to try and I simply can't wait! Thanks Emma. Obviously the highest recommendation from me :-)

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Emma and I hit it off as soon as we met each other. Emma is such a lovely kind and warm person she really is so easy to get along with - i think that anyone would have a lovely time shooting with Emma. We were both lucky enough to be chosen to model for a camera club day - and what a fun day it was for both of us.

Emma is also a really great model so beautifully expressive - i was lucky enough to watch her as she posed for a few shots towards the end of the day and she really encompassed the character that she wished to portray - for me showing that she has got a huge amount of experience as a model. The variations of characters that she can portray also are so amazing - she can go from beauty, to high fashion to fun and quirky right back again - she really knows what she is doing!

Emmas pre comms i really must say are really amazing and I felt like she was so good at sorting out the co-ordination of outfits that we were asked to organise.

She is really very efficient and organised.

Emma is a great model - i feel really lucky to have had the chance to work with her. She is an excellent model, efficient and a really lovely person - so she obviously comes highly recommended by me :) and we are 100 percent going to work together in the future.

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Peter Elliston

Had a great photo shoot yesterday with Emma Jayne at the Rawpics Studio. Emma came extremely well prepared and was a pleasure to work with. She is a versatile model and quite prepared to work with other models to create some really unusual images. Thanks very much Emma.

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Emma was great to work with, happy to try out various ideas and was straight into the flow of things. We got some great results and was a pleasure to work with.

Highly recommended!

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I had a wonderful shoot with Emma at the Rococo Garden in Painswick.

The two hours flew by and we got some really nice pictures.

Emma is a joy to work with. She has a great look and takes a wonderful portrait.

She is very easy-going and has a great personality.

I would easily shoot with Emma again. She brought some beautiful dresses and was a complete joy to shoot with. I would recommend her.

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Paul Fisher Photographer

This was my second shoot with Emma-Jayne, and this time a better arranged and longer shoot than the rushed wintertime shoot we had for our first shoot.

Much like before Emma's pre shoot communications where great, we settled on a location that we both had never visited but wanted to, we also had an idea on the type of outfits for the shoot, subject to what the actual weather was going to be like.

Emma arrived at the arranged time and we had pleasant chat while walking along the canal towards the Ship Graveyard, in the hope it wasn't going to be too busy as it was a bank holiday weekend and the sun was gracing us.

Once settled on the right place for our shoot Emma revealed the excellent selection of outfits she had brought with her, ranging from a few lovely dresses and bikinis, once I'd made my mind up we moved through the shoot with my usual style of a relaxed shoot which I feel always makes the best images.

The shoot has to be one of my favourites so far, Emma-Jayne is a fantastic model, who poses perfectly, has great ideas for outfits to suit the location planned and of course we work well together with my style of photoshoots.

I wholeheartedly recommend Emma-Jayne, we will definitely be shooting together again soon on other ideas I have rolling around inside my head.

I can't thank Emma-Jayne enough for being the perfect model for the shoot at the Ship Graveyard, the images we have produced are nothing short of amazing. Thank you

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Had a fabulous shoot at Gloucester Prison with Emma Jayne, Carla and Dave.

Emma was stunning, she worked so well giving me some stunning solo shots and great duo shots with Carla.

Although it was very cold Emma never complained, was brilliant to shoot with brought great outfits and helped enormously with our styling.

Thank you Emma, I would love to shoot with you again, until next time.

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David Lowe Photography

Another great day with Emma at Gloucester Prison. I know Emma wasn't feeling too well but she turned up and produced some great work with me.

We also did some duo work with the lovely Carla Monaco producing great sixty's and 30's flapper styles.

It was very cold on the day so I fully appreciate how Emma coped with the conditions, never complaining and always ready to produce the poses and styles I was looking for.

Thank you.

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Just love working with the fabulous Emma Jayne! She had the idea of some character portraits and some shots for International Women's Day and we had a great afternoon working on creating them together. Time always flies when working with Emma as it's just such a productive and enjoyable experience.

If you're yet to work with her, what are you waiting for? She's simply awesome and should be right up there at the top of your list of people to work with.

Thanks Emma Jayne for another wonderful shoot. Already looking forward to next time :-)

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Emma and I had been meaning to shoot together for quite sometime and finally made it happen.

The rain scuppered our first location but we decided to shoot at Gloucester Docks, and I am really glad we did. The resulting images are lovely and it would be a pleasure to work with Emma again.

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