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We had been discussing shooting together for over year, but as always with these things it was a case of availability.

Due to Covid restrictions at the studio I use we only had 2 hours to shoot a set. Discussing the shoot beforehand and preplanning, enabling a tight conversation provided us with a clear plan to complete the shoot.

Elladora worked closely with myself and I in turn listed to her ideas, especially with the short time we had to work to complete what we wanted to accomplish.

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Erik Matsson

Had my first shoot with Elladora at a rather wintry and damp Ulriksdal castle - and she arrived in a full makeup and delievered a very professional shoot, despite the weather conditions - I'm very happy with the photos, which turned out exactly like I hoped...

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Worked with Eloise for the second time last week, and had a blast as usual! Even suffering from a nasty sounding bout of the lurgy, Eloise soldiered on through the three sets we shot - from which we have some beautiful images I'm very happy with.

Always very creative and happy to come with new ideas, adapting to each set on the fly - very happy to work once again with this lady!

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Sister Of Sinister

Wow what can I say about Elladora, well first of all she is amazing so professional, down to earth and of course I was so happy to finally shoot with her.

I got in contact with her and we started to talk abut a shoot for the start of 2020 a superb way to start the new year.

Communication was perfect, we threw a few ideas about and boom our shoot was born and of course I was super excited to create something different.

She has such a gorgeous collection of outfits including stunning pieces from Valkyrie corsets and a beautiful headpiece from Patine Noir. She is truly a terrific model with so much to offer I was blown away.

we shot at my studio (studio visage) for the day starting with a gothic styled look where Elladora created this stunning makeup look which was amazing to watch in person her makeup is so unique and really stands out. For the second look I then added to it with one of my signature glitter styles and one of my shell glitter headpieces to match.

I had such a beautiful day shooting with this lovely lady and I can't wait to shoot with her again it was absolutely brilliant everything was perfect I really had a blast and can't wait to shoot again.

Thankyou so much for a wonderful day :)

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Sanctum Southampton

A bit late posting but better late than never!!

We had the pleasure of meeting Elladora after her shoot with Fran, shes such a lovely girl and WOW what talent she has, hair, make-up, her style is very unique and blew us away.

Not sure what we were expecting as we are new to this but she and Fran produced some amazing pictures totally different to what we've seen before and we are in total awe of everyone of them, we cannot wait to use some of these within Sanctum ;-)

Thank you for such a unique set of images, we absolutely love them.

Highly recommend this lovely lady :-)

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Finally got to shoot with the stunning Eloise earlier this week while she was back in the UK for a very short visit. We shot at a beautiful location we chose up in London and Eloise brought some beautiful bits to model, we shot an assortment of styles around the grounds. Eloise was very patient with me while I experimented and tried a few ideas. Eloise Poses beautifully and we are very happy with the photos and we have even talked about shooting together again, can't wait

Highly recommend

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Darkpurity's Art

I still cannot get over the excitement after the Sunday shoot with wonderful Eloise!

Pre-shoot communication was beyond excellent with smooth and speedy replies. Eloise made sure we are both on board with the outfits and styling ideas and arrived well prepared, brought a massive array of cool clothes and accessories to die for (I mean OMG! ♥) and did her hair and make-up to the highest standard.

Her creative input is just incredible - Eloise was able to point out to the things which I did not notice resulting in the final image being refined and polished to perfection. I am absolutely delighted with the photos we created and I would love to work with her again in the future!

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Had a really great shoot with Eloise. Very professional and has immaculate make up skills. Very easy to work with, she needs no direction and is creative with her posing. Absolutely love the images we produced and hope we can work together again sometime.

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8th Sin

Elladora is an incredible model and one of my absolute favourites to work with, as well as a dear friend. She is so dedicated to her art and is such a talented model, stylist and make-up artist. I am constantly blown away by her shoots and always look forward to working with her. She is one of the most high quality alternative models around and I would recommend her to anyone.

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Had an incredible third shoot with Elladora, this time location shooting in London! :-) Once again Elladora styled an amazing look with fantastic makeup, and delivered some incredible posing to make best use of the space and location we were in :-) Elladora's whole presentation is flawless, perfection which gives you confidence and inspiration as a photographer :-) On top of that Elladora is a really lovely person and wonderful to work with! :-) Had a fantastic time shooting with Elladora, came away with some amazing shots and hope to work with her again V soon! :-)

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Stephanie Pearl Photography

Eloise is one of my favourites!! She's the sweetest human and cracks me up. Her makeup skills blow me away completely, she is an artist. We share a similar aesthetic, therefore working with her on my darker concepts is an absolute dream. She understands art and therefore the flow is sublime, blending our ideas to create something epic. She gets colour palettes and composition like a pro photographer. One of my favourite things about Eloise is that after we met just under a year ago, she instantly became a friend. She's a very real, friendly and humorous creative. Her style and ability to play characters adds a lot to the story telling. I couldn't recommend this phenomenal and kickass lady enough. I'll always try to work with her again. I recommend you all do the same ♥ ♥ ♥

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Aphrodite Images

Eloise was a delight to work with, I've been following her work for a little while so it was great to finally meet her! We did both studio and location images and got great results from both.

She was professional and easy to get on with, I'd would definitely recommend booking Eloise if you want to add something a little different to your portfolio. Her creativity and attention to detail when it comes to outfits & makeup is outstanding.

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Eloise is a wonder to behold. We worked on two photo sets in a row when she came to Glasgow in February and even though it was absolutely freezing while we were doing outdoor shots, she kept her positive attitude and continued as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

She is incredibly easy to work with and knows her poses. Throughout the shoot (which included a second model) she kept helping with the other model's posing, fixing her hair and dress to make sure there would be no little wig hairs flying about and providing seamless transitions into new, beautiful poses that would suit the character she was portraying.

Absolutely professional and such a great pleasure to work with. I can only recommend you to booking her! Her outfits are magical, her styling is always new (she can transfer herself into a completely different persona) and her make-up is on point (better than many, many makeup artists I have worked with)! You'd be crazy not to want to work with such a fantastic model!

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It was great to finally work of a duo shoot with a dear friend of mine Eloise.

As a friend she is great company, friendly and supportive.

She was great help in making sure when we shot are individual parts

that she made sure the headdress and my hands were in the correct possession and she has a super keen I for detail. A professional woman who puts a lot of effort and passion into her work.

She did a great job to shoot in the frozen cold Scottish weather that can be terribly unforgiving but nonetheless she soldiered on.

I am super excited to see the outcome of the images :D

I would totally recommend this model ♥ x

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Natalia T.Photography

I had the pleasure to work with Eloise the other day and I couldn't be more happy.

She prepared the shoot before hand and offered me different options to work with, she prepared her own make up, hair style and she brought an amazing dress to shoot with along with the headpiece which was great as well.

Eloise is really easy to work with, she is friendly and open to speak to, made me feel comfortable to work with all along the shoot.

She was super professional despise the cold!!!

I totally recommend shooting with her, she works a 100% before, during and after the shoot!

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Eloise is an incredible model to work with! First of all, she did all the preparations for the shoot herself. She knows where to get beautiful dresses and accessories, and her talents at make-up and styling allow to create different looks. Secondly, she arrived on time fully prepared and didn't mind the chilly weather and uncomfortable conditions. Thirdly, Eloise doesn't need any directions, she knows her ways in front of the camera; but she can also take directions if needed. The atmosphere was friendly and nice, I felt comfortable and relaxed in Eloise's company. She acted very professional and I was able to fully enjoy the process of shooting without having to worry about anything.

What I loved about Eloise is when you book the shoot with her it's like you book 3-in-1: model, stylist, make-up artist (not to mention the fact that she can transform into a totally different look thus leaving you with the impression that you worked with two different models). I would love to work with Eloise again and I definitely recommend her!!!

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So Say We All

Showed up perfectly on time, had herself ready as can be and came with a positive attitde that shows itself in the work. Really enjoyable to work with and chat to while figuring shots as well as helpful in making sure the poses were good for our style :)

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Brodie Sián Taberner

I worked with Elladora for the very first time on a concept, that we both came up with, based around a Headpiece she had been given. There was great pre shoot communication and she came prepared with outfit choices and accessories! She even climbed a tree for a few shots - that’s dedication! I’ve wanted to work with Elladora for a while now and I’m glad I finally got the chance to do so. She’s a fantastic model and such a sweetheart! 100% reccomend!

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Alex Kie

I had a great shoot with Eloise! She has a massive wardrobe and outstanding make up skills so sorting out the styling is definitely not an issue with her! She was very professional during the shoot as well as very natural posing and following directions.

Very recommended for any photographer!

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Rhiannon Laite Photography

I have been lucky enough to work with Eloise on multiple shoots and every shoot with Eloise has been wonderful! Eloise is super professional and friendly to work with and each concept we plan I can not wait to shoot - highly recommend all around ❤

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