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Had a fun shoot today with Eleanor, she turned up on time and with the outfits we had talked about. We did a mainly 50's Rock n Roll style shoot but added a bit of bdsm at the end. This was my second shoot with Eleanor and I would recommend her to any photographer. She is easy to work with and a natural at posing plus she's friendly and easy to talk to.

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Andrew Paul at Oxford

My fourth shoot with Eleanor; who was brilliant as ever. My first shoot in five months (following the easing of the lockdown) and a bit more challenging than I expected with many locations still inaccessible. Eleanor does such a great job and absolutely nailed the look for the shoot (always amazed how successfully Eleanor can completely change her look).

A total professional - brilliant! Highly recommended!

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A day of firsts: my first shoot with Eleanor, my first karate shoot and my first beach shoot, and a most enjoyable one it was too.

Met Eleanor at the location she suggested - it was busier than we thought it would be but ultimately didn't that turn out to be a problem. We found a spot in front of the Towers which was suitable for the first part of the shoot (karate shots), then walked along the cliff a little way for some more plus a change of outfit, then finally spent the rest of the time in a quiet spot we found on the beach.

Eleanor was great - she turned up with all we had discussed beforehand and was very happy to pose/kick/put herself out in order to get some nice shots. Nothing phased her at all - random dogs, passers by and seaweed all taken in her stride - and I really couldn't have asked for anything better.

I will definitely work with her again - we have a further idea to work with on the karate front - and I have no hesitation in recommending her to you. Thanks Eleanor.

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Vulpes Lumin

Had a wonderful shoot with Eleanor this morning (hopefully the first of many). She’s fun, friendly and professional, an effortless poser undeterred by inclement weather and nosey dog walkers - everything one would expect given all her positive references. And she arrived with a suitcase full of outfits and a pair of dazzling red boots. Always a good thing.

Highly recommended.

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North Gate Photography

My first shoot after lockdown & who better to ease me back into the spirit of things than Ecce. We've worked together a couple of times already, so know what to expect from each other - and I wasn't disappointed. Any nerves that I had after the 3+ month gap in shooting soon disappeared, and if Ecce had any nerves, they were well hidden.

For this shoot, we went for a location shoot - Ecce brought a mountain of clothing options which we experimented with & she made great use of the location and all of its features (including a very fetching river of green slime), posing effortlessly and bringing a wealth of ideas. She works well with or without direction and is a pleasure to shoot. Her look is adaptable and she suits a wide variety of styles (I think we managed to cover a considerable number of those today!).

As always, a joy to work with, and someone that I have no hesitation in recommending.

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Andrew Paul at Oxford

Another great shoot with Eleanor who does such a great job - always professional, hard working and easy to work with. My third shoot with Eleanor who has managed to create a different and really effective look each time. Her skill and professionalism seems effortless but is really the product of lots of experience and hard work. Thank-you!

Can't recommend highly enough!

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North Gate Photography

Ecce! Is brilliant. She's chatty, fun, easy to work with & generally lovely.

Pre-comms were excellent - we discussed ideas for the shoot, some outfits and ideas for outfits - Ecce! brought everything that had been discussed (much of which we didn't have time to use in the end) and a whole load more too.

On the day of the shoot, Ecce! arrived in good time, and was ready to shoot immediately.

This was our second shoot together (quite how it has taken me so long to arrange a second shoot, I do not know) and everythign that was true of Ecce! last time is true today (despite it being almost 3 years ago). Ecce! has an amazing face for portraits and a great figure for both art nude & fashion work & has a seemingly endless repertoire of poses. When combined with her enthusiasm, sense of humour and overall professionalism, it makes for a great shoot.

Would definitely recommend shooting with Ecce! & will be looking to work with her again in the near future (I won't be leaving it another 3 years!).

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Marcus Bryan

I had arranged a shoot and a theme with Eleanor plus two fellow photographers around the big smoke.

As always, Eleanor showed what the consummate professional she is.

The fact I keep coming back to her for shoots is credit enough.

I seriously can't recommend this found lady enough

Thank you for a great day and here's to the next shoot

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Versatility needs to be Eleanor's middle name! Along with a couple of other photographers we put together a themed London portrait shoot based upon the hugely successful 'Girl with the dragon tattoo' series.

To say Eleanor rose to the challenge & more was an understatement!

As always I came away with a memory card full of stunning images all thanks to Eleanor & her amazing talent.

A fantastic, talented & confident model, just work with her you won't be disappointed!

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Andrew Paul at Oxford

I was delighted to work with the brilliant Eleanor again on a natural light period shoot at the Bluebell Railway. Eleanor is a total professional, works really hard, is highly skilled and reliable and is a delight to work with. I look forward to working with her again. Highly recommended!

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John at Tina Spice

Once in a while, very rarely in fact, do you come across a model with such talent who is also such a delight to work with. Eleanor poses effortlessly with a grace and fluidity that just seems to be natural to her. She is relaxed and confident, tolerant (quite a gritty and grubby location we worked in), hard working and fun. A lovely person to spend a couple of hours with making some great pictures. It's hard to reccommend her enough.

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Andrew Paul at Oxford

Look; behold! I had the pleasure of working with Eleanor on Friday at the historic dockyard in Chatham. Eleanor did a fantastic job and is a total professional. Eleanor had put a great deal of effort into preparing some amazing outfits for the shoot and made working hard to ensure the shoot was a success seem effortless. Eleanor's skill in posing with or without direction was quickly obvious; excellent comms; very easy to work with; brilliant!

I cannot recommend Eleanor highly enough. I hope to be able to work with her again.

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Another day trip to the big smoke,taking in a few areas I hadn't previously considered.

As always Eleanor rose to the challenge (especially working in quite a busy area) & as always brought a fantastic wardrobe to match!

I always enjoy working with Eleanor and we always manage generate such diverse images & looks.

A consummate professional & such a joy to work wonder, I look forward to our next adventure very soon!

Very highly recommended

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Nick Price

I must confess I am too far behind on my references and I have forgotten the date of our shoot where Ecce modelled for us for camera club so I will date it today.

Ecce is a fantastic model in all respects she was well organised communicated great and came with everything she was asked to bring and a whole host of extras just Incase.

She models with energy and enthusiasm and is a very pleasant person to work with. I look forward to working with her again

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Horoma Photography

Its always nice to be able to do something different when shooting with such a versatile model. For our latest adventure I had Eleanor dodging swinging lightbulbs, as well as managing to get through several other sets.

Eleanor is a great model to work with and I'm very happy with the images we managed to produce.

Highly recommended.

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Shoot number four with the lovely Eleanor completed! They just get better and more productive each time we shoot together. Another full day shoot, this time at the wonderful Thurston Lodge. It was so nice to catch up with her and have a relaxed and chatty shoot. She has such a warm, friendly personality and is a real pleasure to work with.

At risk of repeating myself from my previous references.

Pre coms were faultless as always, Eleanor arrived on time and after a quick cuppa was ready to go.

Once more she came prepared with clothing that fitted what we had discussed and much more besides. We shot a variety of styles and themes that really worked well in the location. As always posed with ease and expression.

Happily throwing her own ideas into the mix, we bounced them around and have together created some wonderful images. Eleanor has a wonderful artistic eye and her input to styling was as always much appreciated. Her suggestion of shooting in the rain in her swimsuit, just one example of her creativity and professionalism, as she braved the rain to capture something different.

I hope the fact that I keep wanting to shoot with her, shows the high regard in which I hold Eleanor as a professional, reliable and very highly recommended model. Book a shoot with Eleanor and you will not be disappointed. I will certainly be looking to book shoot number five.

Once more highly recommended by me.

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LRM Photography

I had a lovely first shoot with Eleanor recently.

Pre-coms were great and we instantly knew what we both wanted from the shoot. Working with Eleanor was fantastic, bouncing ideas off each other, mixing the sets up so one minute we were shooting beautiful headpieces and the next grungy wet hair, we got an unbelievable amount of sets and looks done on the day. Fashion, Natural Light, Window reflections, Studio lights, we did it all :)

Look forward to working with Eleanor again in the future.

Thanks for a great shoot

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Marcus Bryan

Had a much overdue catch up with Eleanor in London. Can't believe it was our first shoot of 2019!!

Won't be our last tho...

As always we got some great images and as always I could sing Eleanors praise from the rooftops but don't take my word for it. Book her for a shoot and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Always a pleasure to work with. Very much recommended

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A long overdue urban wander in the City of London, it is so amazing when I have an idea & Eleanor nails it every-time!

it is always a pleasure shooting with Eleanor and today was no exception a great variety of outfits & looks ensured we got a series of images ranging from high fashion to urban grunge & quirky girl next door!

Eleanor is a true professional in every sense of the word & after a blistering hot day with a lot of walking we were still creating great images!

Thank you for a great shoot & I can't wait till the next, as always very,very highly recommended


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Roger Nolan

Had another shoot with Eleanor today at Rochester Studios. I have worked with Eleanor more than any other model. This was our 4th shoot and, at my invitation, she's also modelled for my camera club on 3 occasions. So this says it all really; my camera just loves her.

A couple of the set up/lighting experiments I tried didn't work but every other set up worked really well. I've got such a great number of very promising images that I can see on the back of the camera, it's going to prove a hard task deciding which ones to process.

Eleanor is professional, punctual, well prepared, poses effortlessly and is very easy to work with. I can't recommend her highly enough and will no doubt plan another shoot with her in the not too distant future.

Thanks again Eleanor.

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