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Another great shoot with Pete, this time is Liverpool Street doing ballet on location.

Pete is a lovely guy to be around, passionate and serious about his photographer and creates amazing images.

Highly recommended

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Caitlyn J

I was so excited to be booked by Pete again after such a successful shoot last time, and I think this time was even better than the last! Communication to organise the shoot was easy, the conversation was great throughout the shoot, and I felt totally at ease. Pete came prepared with images to show me the sort of images that we were looking to create, which really helped, and welcomed my input on how to achieve these images. Pete is ridiculously talented, very enthusiastic and gave positive feedback throughout, I really couldn't ask for more.

A model's dream. Highly recommend!

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Caitlyn J

I worked with Pete for the first time at Saracen House, and thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Pete was well prepared, knowing exactly what he wanted to shoot, communicating it thoroughly in advance, and welcoming my input.

Pete is incredibly easy to work with, super friendly and professional, and works to a really high quality. I can't wait to see the final results from our shoot together, and would love to work with him again. Highly recommend to any model!

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Wow what a fun shoot I just had with the lovely Pete today after he responded to my last minute casting call.

Very different from our last, this time at my home studio making use of the a natural light that was available.

Pete is an absolute joy to work with, great photographer with wonderful ideas.

The images look great on the back of the camera, I cannot wait to see the end results.

Thank you so much for booking, hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

Highly recommended by me!

Debbie Leema

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Rose Magdalene Child

Another wonderful shoot with Pete, this time in a studio environment and he came with some ideas as always of what he would like to achieve.

He let me know in advance of the ideas so I could prepare ahead of the shoot.

Pete is such a lovely person, one of the nicest I have met, such a genuine soul whom I adore working with.

We shot a mix of concepts this time including some portraits for the camera club which required specific spotlight lighting - the images are stunning. Some images for a hat company and also some movement shots and then some fashion/edgy stuff to finish with.

What a shoot!

I can't wait for the next one already ☺️

1000% recommended from me x

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Miss L Ginge

Pete was brilliant to work with from the moment I turned up. Pete was a gentlemen/polite and professional.

I loved how organised Pete was for our shoot. He gave me a clear idea of what he was looking for with great pre shoot coms.

The shoot was very enjoyable from start to finish. I would definitely recommend Pete!

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Pete hired my studio foe the first time this week. His comms were excellent and he left the studio just as he found it. I can’t wait to see what he captured! Would definitely recommend.

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Rose Magdalene Child

I think it was my second shoot with Pete, and I say I think because it feels like we've worked together much more.

This time Pete asked me about doing a fashion photoshoot in Cambridge for Velvet Magazine and using pre-loved clothes from a vintage shop. I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to do it and was so excited.

We had a stylist onboard too who turned out to be someone I was meant to shoot with before and hadn't happened, I met a beautiful new model Alice, whom was lovely and Pete and his assistant were fabulous on the day, they had scoped beautiful old streets and quirky pop art walls for us to shoot at.

The day/evening was so fabulous - I just want to do it all again.

Pete is a wonderful photographer, he's very creative and imaginative with ideas too. Totally respectful, kind, and a genuine person.

Highly highly recommended :)

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Fantastic shoot with Pete for a magazine front cover and feature spread. Loads of ideas, super friendly and a real joy to work with! Would recommend to anyone and everyone and can’t wait to work with him again! :)

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I had a wonderful shoot with Pete yesterday down at kings cross station.

Pete came prepared with a mood board for the shoot which I loved :)

Such an enjoyable first shoot, great conversation & lovely person.

The images from the back of the camera look amazing!

Would highly recommend!

Thanks so much Pete, until next time!


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Bella Grace

I had a wonderful shoot with Pete In Cambridge.

As always Pete was very organised and full of ideas and enthusiasm. Because of the weather we rescheduled the shoot a few times and it was definitely worth it as the weather was perfect

I really enjoy working with Pete because it’s really relaxed, fun and he always produces brilliant images. He is super easy to work with and is open to suggestions to.

Can’t wait to see the finalised edited images. Thanks for another great shoot Pete.

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Bella Grace

I had a wonderful second shoot with Pete! We met in Leighton buzzard and had a hot chocolate and chat before we started our shoot. It was great to hear the stories behind each idea that he wanted to capture! It gave me a clear idea as a model what he wanted to achieve in the images.

He is great fun to work with and the whole shoot was really relaxed!

I really enjoy working with Pete and highly recommend him. I look forward to future shoots with him!

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Big Shot Studio

Pete attended the studio the other day to shoot with model Bella Grace. This is the second time Pete has been to the studio and like the first he was totally professional with the model and came prepared with a great theme. Pete is passionate about his photography and really managed to capture some really lovely shots of Bella.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Pete to other models and studios and he is always welcome back here anytime.

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Amazing shoot at my home with Pete. Our pre communications were fantastic and Pete was easy to organise a shoot with, he very helpfully sent over some inspiration beforehand and had planned the shoot really well which I really enjoyed going through on the day. Pete is a lovely person to be around, so relaxed, warm and makes great conversation. We chatted away whilst being really productive and creating great imagery. Pete is a very good photographer and I liked his style of shooting, he didn't over shoot and moved on quickly which kept things fresh and interesting.

Overall a fantastic shoot which I really enjoyed, Im looking forward to hopefully working with Pete again in 2020!

Highly recommended

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Athena Studio

Pete came to Athena recently and shot some fantastic images - using both natural and studio flash to create the images he had in mind. A really lovely, warm and friendly person. Highly recommended

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Natasha UK

I worked with Pete today again for the second time at my home studio, Pete as always was friendly, polite and came with ideas. We created all ideas very quickly, efficiently and easily, Pete is always easy to work with and to get on with, I cant wait to see our finished images and I hope to work with you very soon creating some location shots :)

Thank you for today and highly recommended

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Rose Magdalene Child

I had a lovely shoot with Pete at my home last month. He came with ideas and we worked through them all very casually and chatting away. He is a very nice genuine person, easy to talk to, respectful at all times. I loved all the shots we produced together and look forward to seeing some of them soon :D

I can highly recommend him to other models and would work with him again no problem.

Thank you

Tillie :)

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Bella Grace

What a delightful shoot! Pete and i had discussed some ideas for a dance shoot around cambridge. Pete was very organised with his ideas and locations. He choose some beautiful spots and even told me about some of the history in cambridge which was very interesting!

I adored some of the images Pete captured and i am looking forward to seeing the final images. He was very kind and super easy to get along with and i highly recommend him. Thank you for a great shoot!

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Big Shot Studio

I met Pete for the first time yesterday when he attended the studio for a shoot with Theresa. I found Pete to be a friendly and amicable fellow with a clear passion for his photography. He worked well with Theresa and was professional throughout the shoot, he was respectful of both model and studio environment and he managed to get some really lovely shots.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Pete to other models and studios and he is certainly welcome back here anytime.

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theresa louise

Had my third shoot with Pete today but this time at Big Shot Studio.

Pete turned up with a handful of ideas which I feel we smashed every single one giving it our own twist.

Pete is very friendly, chatty and likes to take his time getting the shot he wants.

Happily recommend him to any model.


T x

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