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Lost my leg, how careless!

Late January I was admitted to hospital with a ruptured Aorta requiring major surgery, this led to me having to have my right leg amputated above the knee plus some damage to my fingertips.  The later making typing difficult plus no internet while in hospital for 2 months.  My photographic pastime will have to change drastically.

  Many Thanks to the models I have had the pleasure of working with.    Sorry to the ones where we have outstanding shoots that are unlikely to happen in the near future.

I have thousands of pics from earlier shoots that I need to revisit.  They have hardly been glimpsed by me or anyone.  Models deserve more than money.  Respect and appreciation of what they create is part of that.

I mostly do not shoot beautiful young ladies!  While my images on here would suggest I take photos of little else.  The album INTERESTING PICS is to correct that impression.  Plus it adds a bit of variety to my port!

Feel free to checkout my 48 Positive References and the named albums featuring most of the stunning and talented models I have worked with.


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