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Don was a pleasure to work with, creative input, professional and respectful. Imaginative images created, highly recommended. Thank you Don look forward to another creative shoot. Kym x

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Lydia Gough

DonC turned up to our shoot early, and well prepared, which was handy as it was the last shoot of the day and I was hoping for a straight forward one!

He was extremely friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.

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Studio Fifty Eight

DonC is a regular at Studio Fifty Eight and always good to see him. Don also had some speedlite tuition from Myself while shooting with the lovely Lydia Gough. Don knows what he wants in a picture and strives to get that thought. Thoroughly recommended by me and look forward to see you again. Thank you. Best regards Andy.

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Amie Boulton

Don joined myself and Chris Conway on an all day's gel event at Saracen house and it was lovely having him with us. He got on well with other members within the group and treated me as the model with total respect at all times. I have already seen some of the images he produced and they look fab. I hope to have the pleasure of working with him again in the not to distant future. Thank you for joining us and helping make the day so productive :-)

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Natasha UK

I had a great shoot with Don at a group shoot I held at the yarwell quarry! Don is professional, down to earth and made me giggle! Unfortunately we didn’t get much time to shoot one on one which would of been great! Recommend him to any models

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Studio Fifty Eight

Don is a regular at the studio and always a pleasure to see him. Don is a Gentleman and communicates with the models very easily and in a relaxed way. Today I felt Don found a different way of working with found light and he really took advantage of this and produced some amazing images with Gabriella. Thoroughly recommended to anyone wanting to work with Don. Thank you for your support. Best regards Andy.

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Gabriella Knight

Fantastic shoot with Don on my recent studio day!

Don is lovely! Down to earth professional person!

We had only 2h slot and in that time we managed to take lots of amazing shots!

I would Love to work with Don again!!

Highy recommended

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Apologies for super late reference!! Eeek!

I had a wonderful shoot with DonC alongside my partner, Lanes Photography! It was a tuition shoot - something completely different for DonC. and way out of his comfort zone. We met up the night before, in the village pub, to discuss ideas and what he wanted out of the shoot etc.

DonC. is very easy to talk to, and instantly we got on very well indeed. His communications prior to our meeting showed him to be a real gentleman - polite, considerate, caring, and passionate about creating art and something a bit different. I knew already that it would be a good shoot! ☺ I will say, it's really rewarding to work with someone who wants to take more than just a snap of a pretty girl. Creating images with narrative to them.... that's definitely where I'm at - and it's great to have someone else on board with this!

I'm usually a bit hesitant when taking photographers to some of the derelict places I use. To access these involves a lot of discretion, to say the least. Fortunately I'm very pleased to say that DonC was extremely respectful of this! The locations have all sorts of hazards and DonC was very mindful of everything.

We totally threw DonC into the deep end somewhat with our shoot - lots of low light level, dark and grungy stuff. The locations were seriously dark and very difficult to shoot at. But he did so well and took everything on board despite it being really challenging! It was good to work with someone who has such an open mind - and so rewarding to see the results. I enjoyed modelling - I could be free and expressive. We made some wonderful arty images!

I do like working with other creative people. Seeing DonC's photography with prisms and glass balls etc has been a delight!

I feel so honoured that DonC arranged this shoot with myself and Bob - he travelled quite some distance to get to Wales. I'm also extremely grateful for all his support. It means a lot to me!

It was a very fun shoot indeed, and I have very fond memories of this day. Both Bob and I really enjoyed ourselves!

I was incredibly sad to hear that he'd lost his leg, and was very concerned about his health. Sad to think that we may not shoot again. I feel it's a real loss to the PP community as DonC is one of the good guys and I would highly recommend him if he were to continue to shoot models.

If you ever find yourself hopping over to Wales again, Colin, please give Bob and I a shout and we'll meet you for a coffee or a glass of wine (not too much - don't want you getting legless lol!). Really though, it will be so good to see you again!

Take care - and thank you! ♥

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Lanes Photography

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome DonC. on one of our tutorials with myself and Leaf. We met for a drink the evening before to have a chat about what his aspirations were and to plan the day ahead.

DonC. is a gentleman in every respect, as someone with plenty of experience shooting models, I was really happy about how open minded he was. Our shooting style is very different to the norm and as the day progressed, we covered several styles. It is extremely gratifying to see images being posted on DonC's portfolio that reflect to work we covered and in a style that is so different to his other work.

DonC. is a talented photographer, is respectful, gives good direction and is excellent company. I would have no hesitation in recommending DonC. to any model.

Thank you so much for making the day so memorable and all the best with your photography. :-)

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Don attended a group shoot myself and Vampire Princess hosted at Natural Light spaces and I'm so very glad he did.

A true joy to work with and a complete gentleman who completely respected both myself and Kay along with the rest of the photographers and the studio.

Some beautiful images have been created by Don from this day, so I truly hope I get to work with him again in the future.

Thank you so much, DonC - Highly recommended from me!

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Vampire princess

My first time working with Colin and what a pleasure. Colin is a proper gentleman. Amazing images and lovely man. I hope we work together again in future

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my first shoot with Colin and I hope not the last, we had been chatting for a while and finally got around to shooting today. Communication from start to finish was excellent, he arrived bang on time and was a delight throughout. We did a couple of hours in the studio then ventured out to an outdoor location. Working with Colin was very easy, a genuinely nice laid back guy, we had fun and we got some cracking photos. What more can I say except thank you and its a recommendation from me for sure :)

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Alicia K

Lovely to meet and work with Colin for the first time at NLS. He booked the last hour of my studio day, so we only had a short period of time, but got some fantastic shots!! Colin was polite and easy to work with, arrived on time, and was good at directing me to get the shots he wanted.

I would love to work with Colin again, as I feel we will get on great! Thank you Colin, recommended :)

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Ginger Galore

Had a brilliant shoot with Don this evening after answering a casting call he put out during the week.

Pre-shoot comms were excellent and we knew exactly what we aimed to get out of the shoot. Don arranged location and gave suitable directions to getting to the area.

The shoot was fantastic. I felt instantly at ease and found Don really easy to work with. He was happy to direct, as well as letting me try any ideas I had, and to make use of the props I brought along. Don was happy to show images as we went along, and from what I've seen, he's taken some excellent images!

I'm very much looking forward to seeing the images from the shoot. I would definitely work with Don again in the future. Thank you so much!

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Couple days ago I was lucky to work with Colin.

Colin replayed to my casting call and im glad he did.

I enjoyed every minute from our shoot. Colin is so easy to work with, professional, creative, friendly and lovely person.

I am so pleased with photos. Currenly one of them is my screen saver on phone :)

Colin, thank you so much for great shoot and beautiful photos and can not wait to work with you again.

Highly recommended.

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Had a fab shoot with Colin today on my studio day he was on time very welcoming polite and a general laugh :)

Colin had lots of ideas he wanted to try and needless to say they came out beautifully.

I’ve had a fun shoot with Colin today and he is highly recommended by me

Thanks so much Colin

Tann x

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Studio Fifty Eight

Good to see Don back at the studio again today. Don had some specific shoots in mind today and brought all his props that he needed so he was well organised. Don is 100% dependable and thoroughly recommended to models working with him. Thank you for your support of the studio. Best regards Andy.

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I have had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with Colin. I was in touch with Colin arranging a shoot when on Saturday the weather turned out to be so beautiful and we both were free, so we decided to take an advantage of it and shoot. Colin was interested in shooting bluebells and yellow fields. When he got to my place, we decided together on the outfits for the shoot. Colin also brought a few Indian outfits which wouldn't have been my first choice but I must admit they worked really well in the bluebell woods. Our shoot was very pleasant and relaxed. Colin is such a lovely guy, very easy going and friendly. We tried several ideas using sun light penetrating the trees for an effect. It required Colin directing me a lot. I had really a lovely time with Colin and would love to shoot with him again. Thank you Colin

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Rachel Rose

DonC attended my evening group shoot last night at Studio 58 Northampton. He gave direction well and had some ideas. He even brought along a couple of beautiful Indian outfits for me to look at and hopefully wear on our next shoot. Until next time!

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First shoot with DonC today back home in Northampton.

Great precomms and great location chosen for the shoot.

Loving the images I have seen already and hoping to shoot together again in the future.

Definitely recommended :)

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