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Susan Stephens photography

I had a pleasure of working whith Dolly at something a little special this Christmas event, Dolly is a lovely friendly chatty model she new how to get the right poses look forward to meeting Dolly again at future events, would also recommend Dolly to anybody who is thinking of working with her thankyou.

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Emma Darling

I had the pleasure of working alongside the beautiful Dolly At Chris Barrals amazing Christmas event!

What a awesome model!

Absolutely stunning, fantastic to get along with and great fun!

I highly recommend Dolly to all!

And look forward to future shoots with her.

Thankyou Dolly you are a star!

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Had a first time opportunity to work with this beautiful lady.

We met at network event "Somth Special this Christmas " organised by Chris Barrel.

Although we have never met before, she noticed opportunity for creative group shots - and surprised me how easily she adapted new setup and within the first test shot and we went shooting creative bathroom scenes- and images came out amazing.

She is devoted, energetic and sees the concept without even discussing it too much. And that's a dream team work to have on the set.

And also, behind the scenes she is super person to talk to - down to earth with wicked sense of humour, and although rather quite lady, but as they say, quietest watters are the deepest.

I felt honoured to be able to meet her and without a questions he comes highly recommended to both beginners and pros in the industry - her confidence and expressions as well as her knowledge is worth every second of your time.

Thank you very much for joining us - I absolutely loved you having on set. I hope to work with you in near future.

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Chris Barral

Dolly is an absolutely beautiful model who came on my Something a little Special this Christmas event.

We where lucky to have her there.

1st time on my events.

Instant hit with photographers, models and definitely me.

I'm looking forward to having you on the sequel soon.

Want a TOP model, look no further Dolly is THE ONE.

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Alan F

Had the pleasure to work with Dolly at the Something Special event.

Lovely girl to work with, very friendly, poses well and very photogenic!

Would definitely recommend.

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Ian M

Dolly was one of the models I worked with at a Christmas event organised by Chris Barrel.

Very easy to work with either solo or with other models. Dolly can pose with or without direction and we created some great images together.

Recommended by me and hope we can shoot again.

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I had my first shoot with Dolly yesterday after planning the same day. Communication was very easy.

Dolly is very friendly, photogenic and posed without direction. We got some great images and love the behind the scenes shots of her laughing between pics.

Great energy and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!!

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An absolute natural beauty very easy to work with great communication and needed no direction to create some amazing shots, looking forward to working with Dolly again in 2022

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Just had a great shoot with Dolly. An incredibly striking woman.

We planned our themes for the shoot in advance and Dolly was easy to work with.

She was happy with my suggestions and tweaks during the shoot and I wouldn’t have any hesitation in working with her again and recommending her to other photographers.

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ISI Photography

Shoot number 3 with Dolly. She's amazing. Really friendly and fun to work with. She knows how to pose in front of the camera and is very pretty, as well as patient.I really enjoy working with Dolly and im sure it wont be long before we do shoot 4.

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ISI Photography

Had a second shoot with Dolly today. She's great. Communication beforehand was perfect so we both knew what we wanted to shoot. She is so easy to work with and doesnt need any direction. She is a beautiful young lady who looks stunning in front of the camera. We need to think about a 3rd shoot next.

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My second shoot with Dolly, on 1st August, which should have been our third or even fourth, since 15th September 2020, if I hadn't had problems sometimes getting to Liverpool. Dolly has always been friendly, and patient/understanding, and we've had a discussion about which of us suffers more with nervousness etc the most. If Dolly suffers with nervousness, then she hides it 100%. Dolly comes across as confident, plus as I've already said, she is patient/understanding, and is kind and caring. Dolly definitely helped put my nerves at ease, this time with her greating on my arrival, and looking great.

I'm flattered that Dolly has had one of our photos, from our first shoot, as her profile avatar.

I contacted Dolly, saying I would be in Liverpool on 1st August. We discussed locations etc, and Dolly mentioned an idea to shoot at her indoor location. I'm 100%+ humbled, and honoured that I was trusted to shoot indoors and with her idea. I admit/confess that I did misunderstand the finer details, and I did surprise/shock Dolly with a twist to her shoot idea, so we didn't shoot everything properly (my fault). I think we both were pleasantly surprised, by how well my idea could have been, with more time etc. Dolly was brilliant in makeup etc, and brilliant with posing. I thoroughly 100%+ enjoyed the shoot :-). Probably my best enjoyable shoot yet. Dolly has to be my favourite model/person, in regards to genuineness and respect, and my understanding/belief in her as a person.

I/we transferred photos from camera, on to Dolly's laptop.

Of course I recommend Dolly, and obviously hope to shoot again.

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Dolly replied to a short notice casting call and we quickly agreed the styles.

Pre-coms were perfect and detailed, shared images of outfits to be worn.

Dolly is so natural the perfect model for togs of all levels.

We are already working on our next shoot.

Dolly Thank you cant wait till next shoot.


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ISI Photography

Had an amazing location shoot with Dolly this morning. She is a lovely young lady and looks stunning. She is punctual, requires no direction at all and today posed for me in very cold and windy conditions. She is really fun to work with and i will look forward to shooting with her again. Thank you.

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Short notice shoot, and Dolly was prepared to shoot :-). Dolly even turned up in a taxi 30 minutes before we had planned to meet, just because I text to say I was ready etc, and she didn't want to keep me waiting. Dolly turned up perfect and ready to shoot. Dolly is polite, friendly, open, straight forward, and very easy to talk with.

On Saturday 13th September, I told Dolly I was going to be Liverpool on Tuesday 15th, and we decided to do a shoot. I enjoyed our shoot today.

Well on the 25th August we started communicating and arranged to shoot on 30th August when I was due to be in Liverpool, but I didn't end up visiting Liverpool on 30th (my fault), so we arranged to shoot on 20th September when I was/am next going to be in Liverpool. So we are going to do our originally first organised/planned shoot on Sunday 20th :-), but we shot today also.

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A hastily arranged shoot today, with Dolly quickly filling an unexpected last minute gap in both our calendars!

She is a lovely curvy lady and poses her figure to great effect.

We covered a range of styles and genres. She is able to pose independently and also responds well to direction.

Apart from all this she is a really friendly lady, a great personality and a warm kettle!

Looking forward to our next shoot.

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A first shoot with Dolly and hopefully not the last.

She arrived on time with a great selection of outfits and knew what she wanted to shoot. Posed easily and naturally and needed little direction, but was happy to respond to suggestions.

Easy to work with and had a great sense of humour; the time flew by and we ended up with lots of great shots - difficult to choose the best!

Thanks Dolly

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Great communication, pleasure to work with, awesome results. Highly recommended.

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An excellent shoot today with the very beautiful Dolly!

Communication with Dolly was excellent, including preshoot messages due to her train being late due to atrocious weather.

She is a very beautiful curvy lady who ticked so many boxes for me! She brought with her a wide range of lingerie and accessories and with my studio props we covered a wide range of styles and genres. She is a talented model who was able to pose independently but was also responsive to direction.

Apart from all this she is a really nice lady, with a great personality and a fun sense of humour!

Highly recommended! 👍

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Had a great shoot with Dolly this morning, it was her first shoot but you never would have guessed. Excellent pre-shoot communications ensured that nerves were kept to a minimum and she soon got into it. An absolute natural. We got some great pictures and she was genuinely good company. I would recommend her to any photographer!

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