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Dolly Jones has 26 references; 26 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Short notice shoot, and Dolly was prepared to shoot :-). Dolly even turned up in a taxi 30 minutes before we had planned to meet, just because I text to say I was ready etc, and she didn't want to keep me waiting. Dolly turned up perfect and ready to shoot. Dolly is polite, friendly, open, straight forward, and very easy to talk with.

On Saturday 13th September, I told Dolly I was going to be Liverpool on Tuesday 15th, and we decided to do a shoot. I enjoyed our shoot today.

Well on the 25th August we started communicating and arranged to shoot on 30th August when I was due to be in Liverpool, but I didn't end up visiting Liverpool on 30th (my fault), so we arranged to shoot on 20th September when I was/am next going to be in Liverpool. So we are going to do our originally first organised/planned shoot on Sunday 20th :-), but we shot today also.

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A hastily arranged shoot today, with Dolly quickly filling an unexpected last minute gap in both our calendars!

She is a lovely curvy lady and poses her figure to great effect.

We covered a range of styles and genres. She is able to pose independently and also responds well to direction.

Apart from all this she is a really friendly lady, a great personality and a warm kettle!

Looking forward to our next shoot.

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A first shoot with Dolly and hopefully not the last.

She arrived on time with a great selection of outfits and knew what she wanted to shoot. Posed easily and naturally and needed little direction, but was happy to respond to suggestions.

Easy to work with and had a great sense of humour; the time flew by and we ended up with lots of great shots - difficult to choose the best!

Thanks Dolly

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Great communication, pleasure to work with, awesome results. Highly recommended.

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An excellent shoot today with the very beautiful Dolly!

Communication with Dolly was excellent, including preshoot messages due to her train being late due to atrocious weather.

She is a very beautiful curvy lady who ticked so many boxes for me! She brought with her a wide range of lingerie and accessories and with my studio props we covered a wide range of styles and genres. She is a talented model who was able to pose independently but was also responsive to direction.

Apart from all this she is a really nice lady, with a great personality and a fun sense of humour!

Highly recommended! 👍

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Had a great shoot with Dolly this morning, it was her first shoot but you never would have guessed. Excellent pre-shoot communications ensured that nerves were kept to a minimum and she soon got into it. An absolute natural. We got some great pictures and she was genuinely good company. I would recommend her to any photographer!

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