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I think I am in love. No, I know I am in love. What an engaging, enigmatic, exciting, energetic and completely endearing young lady! A real blast!

I had a thoroughly enjoyable shoot with Adele today. It was a 12-hour round trip but worth every ounce of effort. What a character, what a look. I loved every set and enjoyed the fun and banter. A lovely relaxed little shoot which I will hope to repeat. As well as being a great model, Adele is an accomplished photographer and her home studio is well equipped, Would I recommend Adele to others, absolutely! Shoot her while you can and don't let the travel put you off. 20/10.

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First time working with Adele today after she agreed to stand in at short notice. We did something a bit different from Adele's usual work, some lovely rope bondage mixed with fashion. Adele threw herself into todays session whole heartedly and was confident enough say if something was uncomfortable, Glad to say that she wasn't uncomfortable with much. All in all Adele is chatty, enjoys a good giggle and doesn't beat about the bush. All else I can say is that she's an absolute SUPERSTAR and really hope can work with her again.

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Just had a superb three hour shoot with Adele, at her home.

Adele is a superb model and a fantastic photographer, mixed with a sense of fun and craziness.

Throughout the shoot Adele offered help on the set up of the lighting and offered suggestions on camera settings

At the end of he shoot Adele gave a quick overview of Lightroom & Photoshop

A very enjoyable shoot

I would thoroughly recommend Adele to other photographers

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Paul Bird Photography

As an admirer of Adele’s photo work in front of, and behind the camera, I’ve wanted to meet her for years and I was not disappointed. All the nice things people say about her are true, she’s lovely and funny, open to ideas and genuinely knows what she is doing!

We met for a fashion and portrait shoot at her home studio, which I’m slightly jealous about because she has a bigger space than I do, and honestly I was really impressed with the style and range of clothes she had! They matched perfectly with the props and items I brought with me, and I think I can safely predict that in the new year Adele may become a wearer of hats. For me it was great fun! Very relaxed, her little dog is adorable and also great at modelling (but that’s a whole other reference), and I do fully recommend Adele! Of course I do, I’d love to work with her again.

She has a lot of creative energy and enthusiasm, plenty of patience from what I could tell, and a keen sense of what makes a good picture. Great sense of humour, chatty, very good communication too – I had a lot of enthusiasm about the shoot before we’d even met, purely because of the messages exchanged in the days before. Yes, she is beautiful, she has a lovely figure, but I know she’ll be reading this and I don’t want to over-inflate her ego! She makes a great subject for photography, which you can see for yourself, and she is also a very wonderful person to work with.

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Adele made the crossing from the Isle of Wight to Southampton for our hastily arranged shoot. We had exchanged a couple of messages over the previous 48 hours and had a clear plan in place for the shoot, thanks to Adele's prompt and clear responses.

Adele arrived early, having taken an earlier ferry than expected, and was fully prepared with hair and makeup as we had agreed. She looked absolutely stunning and chatted enthusiastically about the shoot and about her experience both as a model and photographer. I knew within the first few minutes of meeting Adele that we would have a great shoot and that I would love working with her.

Throughout the three hours of the shoot Adele maintained her energy and enthusiasm. She posed effortlessly and imaginatively, and responded well to direction when given. On several occasions through the shoot Adele's experience and skill as a photographer enabled her to offer valuable creative input to the shots, which I was grateful to accept.

The images looked great on the back of the camera and even better when uploaded to the PC, to the extent that I am spoilt for choice when selecting images for my portfolio.

Adele is beautiful - her face, hair and eyes are all gorgeous; she has an amazing figure and she poses and carries herself with grace and style. She is intelligent and articulate, and totally professional; above all she is fun to be around. I greatly enjoyed her company and sincerely hope that we shall get to work together again soon.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Adele to other photographers. Thank you, Adele.

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Had a really incredible first shoot with Adele, as a duo with BooHext :-) I had wanted to work with Adele for a while so jumped at the chance to shoot with her :-) Adele completely rocked everything we shot, both solo and duo shots :-) her skills as a model and her understanding of both sides of the camera really shine through - and her energy and enthusiasm made the shoot really flow! :-) Her posing is diverse and really strong, bringing different themes to life and making every shot striking - I had soo much fun shooting with Adele, and came away with amazing shots! :-) would totally recommend Adele and can't wait to work with her again! :-)

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Gabriel Black

I’ve had a great few lessons with Adéle in studio lighting, how to position a model and also editing in Light rooms. See is a great teacher/mentor. She’s very relaxed and easy going, good fun and is a great model to work with. I highly recommend her for everything and look forward to working with her again in the future !

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Mark Hall

Great communicator, wonderful spirit and has a car with probably the best paint job on the Island :D

Adéle is a joy to work with, as someone who would still class themselves as a beginner portrait photographer it's hard to express what you want when you don't really know yourself I think that comes with time and experience.

In my mind I could see the images I wanted to capture but actually bringing that into realisation was a lot harder than i'd considered, Adéle was amazing she worked with me to get what I wanted was extremely patient and very helpful.

We had a wonderful time.

I really look forward to working with Adéle again and next time better planning on my part.

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Fastlight Photography

Had a great time shooting Adele at her home studio.

She is so easy to work with and did everything she could to get the best from the shoot.

She had loads of great outfits to choose and was excellent at posing.

Very happy with the shots we got. Hope to work with her again soon.

Highly recommended!

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PG pix

After speaking for about shooting then both a last minute shoot due to cancellation. With little planning Adele was ready with awesome outfits and ideas. Was a real pleasure and fun to work with the time flew by. I definitely recomend Adele and look forward to working with her again soon.

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