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Tricks of Six

Our 12th shoot together, we figured it was apt that we get one last shoot in before Devine moved to her new place. As ever she was a delight to work with, pre-shoot comms were great, she was punctual, and she came well prepared with outfits.

For the shoot, we opted for some lowkey shots, ranging from fashion/lingerie, to topless/lingerie, where my aim was to practice with artificial light to see what results I could get. With Devine, of course, the results are always fantastic.

So if you find yourself able to book her, you totally should, she'll bring along a fantastic elegant look to your shoots.

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Tricks of Six

I'd never done a maternity shoot before, so the chance to do one with a model I've worked with more than anyone else was an easy decision. After I'd got my setups sorted we were able to get some really good shots. Instead of trying to cram in as many shots and looks as possible into the shoot, due to Devine's mobility, I elected to aim for quality over quantity which meant time could be taken getting lighting and composition sorted.

As ever she arrived on time, had a nice assortment of maternity outfits to use and was able to adapt to posing with the ol' baby bump very well.

I did one set of images in the same corner I'd shot Devine in on our first ever shoot, the results of which showcasing change over time. All in all, a great shoot and a great model to work with, I'd certainly not have improved as much as I have without a trusted model like Devine to consistently work with.

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Had a most beautiful expectant mother shoot with Charlotte at Fareham Studio. It was my first pregnancy shoot and Charlotte’s first also.

Charlotte was superb throughout and the images we produced were so lovely, more than I could have dreamed of.

We went through many different styles, lighting and scene settings - Charlotte excelled throughout. It was an amazing and enjoyable experience to do this shoot, and to achieve such a beautiful set of images made for a perfect evening.

Charlotte was her usual lovely self and is always a joy to photograph

Definitely recommended.

See you again, Nick

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Tricks of Six

This shoot is what we're dubbing "Shoot Ten: Part One" since we've got a bigger and better shoot planned but we wanted to do some Halloween themed shots and ironically my idea for said shots didn't really work but the great thing about Devine is she can adapt and comes fully prepared to switch things up if needs be!

I will always recommend working with her, she's a whole bunch of fun to work with, always brings a sense of elegance with her and even enjoys a good 80s playlist. You can't go wrong!

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Just had another shoot with Charlotte at Fareham Studio yesterday and what an amazing shoot it was.

Charlotte really is a lovely girl and is great company. She has a great personality and makes a photoshoot such an enjoyable experience.

She really wants the photographer to be happy and come away with great images, has her own great poses and is very happy to be directed. On top of this, she is totally professional in her ways and attitude.

I couldn’t have come away any happier- a fantastic couple of hours and wonderful images - we went through different scenes and scenarios and Charlotte was superb throughout..

We are already talking about our next shoot and I can’t wait.

Definitely recommended

Many thanks Charlotte, Nick

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South Coast Stew

Had a fantastic first shoot with Charlotte today on the Island.

She was very well prepared and full of creative ideas to help achieve the images I was looking for, and brought a great selection of outfits.

Time flew by and we were unlucky at the end that the farmer had decided to collect in the hay bales that I had earmarked for a golden hour set the day before. Despite this we got some lovely images in some great locations and it would be a pleasure to work with Charlotte again. Thoroughly recommended x

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Yesterday I had the pleasure working with Charlotte, as part of her London tour.

Charlotte's professionalism is first-class. She communicated promptly and clearly from the outset via email and on the day Charlotte arrived to the shoot very early and with a perfect selection of clothes.

Charlotte is extremely professional, hard working and highly organized, as well as being very creative and imaginative. She made great suggestions throughout the shoot and was very confident in posing in a variety of ideas. Charlotte also has a really impressive feel for what makes a good image and strives all the time to get the very best results. She is also a really lovely person to work with, as she's positive with loads of energy and interesting to talk to.

In short, Charlotte is special.

I certainly hope we can work together again soon. Recommended 100%.

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Had the massive pleasure of working with Charlotte recently. We were meant to work together just before the lockdown and i’m glad we rescheduled to make it happen.

Great pre shoot comms discussing ideas, styles and locations. She turned up at the location on time, full of enthusiasm and her beautiful personality shone from the off.

We shot in several locations as we dodged the showers and Charlotte had as many ideas as i did - probably a few more to be honest.

Her outfits were perfect for the shoot and her posing and direction taking superb.

The results are amazing.

Can’t wait to shoot with her again!

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What a delight it was to shoot with Charlotte/Devine. We arranged to meet in central London and as I arrived, Charlotte was waiting ahead of our agreed time and raring to go. After a quick Iced coffee, we had quickly found a nice backdrop and were set up and shooting. She is bubbly, chatty, in a good way with always has something to say. She stands tall with confidence, despite her petite frame. Her professional communication from start to finish is to a very high standard. She looks great, had a selection of cloths and accessories to shoot in and we quickly got several looks. Even the over zealous security guard that moved us on didn’t faze her! We ended up shooting a little while longer than agreed and I’m so pleased with the results, which I could not wait to start editing and show her. I’ve met some lovely people through this site and Charlotte is definitely high up there, in my opinion. Of course, it goes without saying that I would totally recommend her for any future project you may have. Would love the chance to work with her again. KJ

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Paul Fisher Photographer

This was our second shoot together having discussed the idea of a beach shoot at our first back in the cold depths of winter.

Charlotte is a fantastic model, friendly and a very professional lady, even as the temperature dropped a little during the evening she worked on to get the images that we both would like.

I really have enjoyed working with her on our shoots so far and have no hesitation in recommending her as a model, i look forward to working together again in future.

Thank you for a great shoot 🙂

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Tricks of Six

It's hard to believe I've worked with Devine eight times, but that just speaks to the fact she's great fun to work with and is extremely versatile.

For this shoot we did some proper low-key bodyscapes, which I've been meaning to try for a fair while. Devine was excellent throughout, and we got through a range of looks with her both taking direction well and executing her own ideas too.

As ever, I fully recommend working with her!

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Thoroughly enjoyable shoot with Devine. Arrived early and with a bag of ideas based on our mood board. The three hours flew by and we were both excited about the images we created. Devine is chatty, positive, and hardworking and we've already started putting together our next shoot. Thanks for your patience! Mandy

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Had a lovely shoot with Devine. This is my second time working with Devine and I can agree with Canonphotos that she is lovely to work with and very supportive. Mandy

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Emmanuel Charriere

I had a great time shooting with Charlotte yesterday.

Despite everything being organised at the very last minute, she turned up ready to shoot and once again I am really happy with the pictures we took.

Charlotte is a really friendly talented model and once again I highly recommend her.

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Paul Fisher Photographer

If I was to be like some I could write about our shoot with 'Great model, I recommend', but that does not give the praise Charlotte so richly deserves.

When I lost my original model for what is to me a fairly big shoot plan overseas I had to turn to placing a casting up with the hope that I could find a model who was interested in the shoot plans I had and also affable, as I do like a relaxed shoot as it shows through in the photos, not so easy if you have never met any of the models who apply on a casting call.

Luck was on my side it seems as standing out was Charlotte, I liked her previous work, she seemed affable through our mails, she liked my shoot plans and the references are all glowing... and rightly so!

On the day of our shoot i found Charlotte straightforward, easy to talk to, easy to bounce different shoot ideas off between us both on poses, styles, outfits (which Charlotte is very well prepped with) etc to create some of the most fantastic photos for us both to enjoy.

I'm only a very green amateur photographer when it comes to shooting with models but Charlotte was absolutely perfect to work with, and i whole heartedly recommend her to any photographer.

I look forward to the day i have the privilege to work with Charlotte again.

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Tricks of Six

Another shoot (the sixth) with Char, where I wanted to focus on doing some portraiture shots and if there's one person you can't fail at portraits with, it's her!

She's also watched 8 series of Peep Show now, so if you've worked with her before and felt you could have done with more Peep Show quotes, you are in luck!

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Ben M

I enjoyed a fantastic shoot with Charlotte today after responding to one of her casting calls. Pre shoot comms were great and arranging the shoot was no trouble at all.

We met at the agreed time and place, Charlotte was friendly and chatty so by the time we got shooting, the time flew by. It was clear that she cared just as much about making great images as I did and she's willing to throw ideas into the ring which was a great help. She poses well by herself, takes direction if needed and will also climb on top of a fireplace if the opportunity presents itself!

I'm very happy with the photos we created together and I'm sure we will be working together again soon! Highly recommend :)

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1577491200Cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.

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Had my third shoot with the lovely Charlotte at Fareham Studio, and she never disappoints.

We tried a number of new styles and genres in this shoot and Charlotte was once again outstanding in what she did and with her attitude to what I was wanting to achieve. She so wants the photographer to go away happy and with a great set of images, and once again she achieved both.

I came away with a very different set of photos than before and was very happy with how the shoot went and the great images that came from it.

Charlotte was once again totally professional and so wanting me to be happy with my images (which I am). She is great to work with and the shoot was fun and achieved great results.

I will never grow tired of working with Charlotte and will be arranging a 4th shoot at the start of the year. Fully recommended.

Many thanks


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I had a hastily-arranged, first shoot with 'devinethingx' today, and it was great.

Charlotte's comms were clear and prompt, she arrived early and brought with her everything we had agreed. Throughout the shoot, she made many excellent creative suggestions, which made a significant contribution to its success.

I found Charlotte very easy to work with. She took direction well when it was given and posed elegantly when left to 'do her own thing'. The conversation flowed easily, Charlotte is articulate, intelligent and has a lovely sense of humour.

Charlotte looks stunning; she has a good figure and a beautiful face with amazing eyes.

I would thoroughly recommend this particular 'divine thing' to other photographers :-)

Thank you, Charlotte. Looking forward to our next shoot.

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