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I met Deb today when she attended my natural light workshop at F/8 studio.

Deb is friendly, easy going and has a great eye for detail and really embraced the natural light workshop.

Her images off the back of the camera were incredible and she has certainly taken on board the tips from the workshop.

I highly recommend Deb, she is a wonderful photographer.

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Alastair Currill Photography and Studio

Debra has attended many workshop and group shoots with us. She is a passionate photographers and not afraid to get involved and capture M on time, happy to give direction to us for the shot she was after capturing and pleasure to have with us again always. Cant wait to see the results (once I have sent them over) Highly recommend

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Melanie Bond (Butler)

Debra attended the Pin Up Group shoot at Alastair's Studio in Bourton in early September. She was on time and organised. Debra followed the group shoot structure well and was lovely and friendly to me throughout - even made me laugh a few times! Debra has shared edits from the shoot with me and they have come out really well. I would definately recommend her to other models and also shoot with Debra again myself in the future - thank you for attending Debra :) x

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Alastair Currill Photography and Studio

Debra! thank you for your support through out this pandemic and joining us remotely. Debra has been with us for over a year and is always a joy to have. She is time when joining us on line. He images are great and would highly recommend. We cant wait to see you again soon!

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I feel truly honoured to be writing Debra's first reference, especially as she has now shot 3 times at PoZer's, and each time has been a wonderful experience, so this reference, is 3 rolled into 1, now that Debra is finally on PurplePort, I couldn't wait to get in quick and say my bit. I first met Debra through my all female photography group, I run voluntarily at PoZers, where she came along, and shared her photography journey with us all, and fitted right in with the group, she's so lovely.

So Debra's very first proper studio shoot (we play around on Camera club days, in the studio with one another),was with the amazing "Pip the Gentleman" during our "Bad Santa event day", November the 18th 2017, and we had a blast. Debra was totally new to studio photography, so the whole experience could have been so daunting for her, but she nailed it, the group was nice and small, and during the 6 hour shoot, I watched Debra flourish, she took some amazing shots with Pip. Debra knows a lot more than she gives herself credit for, she is a really humble photographer, who really has a wonderful eye for studio photography, her previous photography experience has built a great foundation from which to start. Pip and I thoroughly enjoyed her company, loved her images and had a fabulous time with her.

This lady doesn't do things by halves, her second shoot was on one of my duo days at PoZer's, with the phenomenal models, Helen Diaz and Elle Beth, two of the top names, here on PurplePort. Debra did amazingly, I understand working with top models is daunting, but Debra wasn't just working with one huge name, she took on two, but Debra took everything in her stride, she got on with both the girls really well, her back of camera shots were fab and working with a duo, isn't the easiest of tasks, especially with it being only her second studio experience, but the images were beautiful, she had this shoot in the bag. The girls really enjoyed working with Debra, as of course did I, again this lady is exceptionally humble, her work is beautiful, she has insecurities, but we all do at the beginning, I know what I was like, but the proof is back of camera, and Debra created some amazing work, she just needs to believe in herself a little bit more, because her photography is fabulous and she's a natural in the studio.

So Debra's third shoot at PoZers, was again, a big name in the industry, the stunning Anna Rose. This time Debra came to a workshop that we held at PoZers, especially for lighting, posing and creating images of dance, movement and fitness models, like Anna. This workshop was a 7 hour event, we went through ballet, gymnastics, movement, jumps and fitness during this session, and Debra was absolutely great at this. Debra nailed the movement shots, no trouble, she created some beautiful dance pose shots, jumps and some phenomenal gymnastic poses, that anyone would have been proud of. Movement and jumps aren't easy shots to take, timing is everything, and Debra nailed a very high percentage of the shots, and this isn't an easy task by anyone's experience in studio's. I absolutely love working with Debra, shes a lovely, kind and caring person, shes very very respectful of the models at all times, she creates some stunning images and doesn't realise how good she truly is. I have absolutely loved being part of her photography journey, and can't recommend Debra enough to any studio, photography group, models etc. She's a beautiful soul, easy to get on with and her photography just gets better and better, every single shoot, and I am so proud of her, how far she's come in such a short time. If you get the chance to shoot with Debra, don't hesitate, I truly can't recommend her enough, shes worked with four top named models here on PurplePort now, and everyone loved her, including me. Thank you Debra, for being such a dream to work with, and I am honoured to be a part of your studio photography journey, and I can't wait to see the path your following and watch your story unfold in the future.

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