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Ellis and I had our first shoot together, it was a long time in the planning, but well worth the wait. Pre shoot comms were excellent, as was the actual shoot itself. Ellis is a pleasure to work with, her unique style sets her apart from most models and has added a bit of diversity to my portfolio. I cannot recommend Ellis highly enough and would certainly encourage any photographer who is looking for a talented, professional model with a warm smile and a wonderful personality to book her asap.

Thank you Ellis for a great shoot.

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I shot with Ellis today and really enjoyed shooting with her. She came well prepared with lots of props and costumes and with Dena, her own PA/MUA and both were delightful to work with.

Ellis has a lovely personality, and is able to pull off different looks with ease. And she has such beautiful eyes!

Would highly recommend her to work with. Great model. Thanks Ellis!


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I arranged a shoot with Ellis at the lovely Rutland House Studio in response to a casting she put out. Pre shoot communications were perfect, we shared lots of ideas. At the last minute I asked if my friend (and fabulous photographer), who was at a bit of a loose end, could join us - Ellis was so laid back and happy to go with the flow...

Ellis arrived with Dena (her partner, stylist and MUA) and quickly got ready to shoot. We had a good laugh, got some great images, and the time just flew by. Ellis is a beautiful girl, just smiling her way through the shoot, she certainly knows how to pose and constantly offered up ideas.

Will definitely shoot with her again (if of course she will have me) :)

Highly recommended. Thanks Ellis (and Dena)..... hope to see you again soon, and hope you like the images we captured XX

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ScarlotRose Photography

I had a great shoot with Ellis today! She arrived fully prepared with plenty of accessories/clothing to change up her look throughout the shoot. The look I asked for was 'androgynous' and Ellis pulled it off perfectly, I loved her hair and makeup. Her poses were strong and confident and she posed freely without direction.

Most of the shoot was a duo with Delta Topaz and the two work wonderfully together! Loads of fun and very productive :)

Highly Recommended!

Scarlot :)

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My husband & I did a shoot @ Woolton Hall Liverpool on 4th March. Ellis was one of several models available that day.

Ellis looked absolutely stunning in a black bridal outfit - very edgy; she engaged with us immediately and was very easy to get along with and had a great personality.

Ellis posed extremely well with very little direction from us and we got some great images.

No hesitation at all in recommending Ellis to other photographers and MUAs - she was a pleasure to work with.

Thanks again for a great shoot and we will be uploading a selection of those images very soon.


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Makeup Box

Had the pleasure of working with Ellis today. She was a joy to work with very friendly and easy to work with. She turned up on time and ready to work and was fantastic at posing. Would be more than happy work with her again.

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Petrie's Photography

Had the pleasure of working with Ellis, She was a joy to work with, very friendly and can pose without direction. She turned up on time and ready to work. worth considering for your projects and creative ideas. Until next time Ellis :D

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Becky Hall

I worked with Ellis a few months back for my first assessment on my makeup course. We did two looks one vintage bridal the other creative. Ellis was very happy for me to create whatever look I wanted. She was very good to work with 😁

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Rob Woollhouse Photography1

Worked with Ellis a couple of week back.

Great communication pre shoot.

Punctual and professional throughout the shoot.

Little direction needed.

Contributed ideas and suggestions to make the shoot free flowing and relaxing.

Plans in place to work with Ellis again in the future

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spenj said...

Another great fun shoot with Em yesterday evening making some really cool images once again.


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Jonathan Wootton

Had a shoot with Emilie this week, was a very quickly arranged shoot, but comms were excellent, we discussed the idea of the shoot (Gelled light shoot) - she arrived packed with goodies. Dena did the makeup. we had a good shoot and got some great gel results, which I personally have struggled to get results I liked until this shoot.

Highly recommended - Jonathan

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Good to meet an enthusiastic and game for anything model. Was good fun and nothing phased her. We found out the hard way paint stings the eyes, when I say we, I mean Miss Duke as it was her eyes, yet she still carried on regardless.

Was a delight to work with her, hope to work again with her again sometime.

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spenj said...

A long awaited fantastic shoot today with Ellis, great fun to hang out with and we've created some really cool images together.

Fab and recommended!

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The Boudoir Studio

Emillie approached me for a boudoir shoot as this was a style she was keen to explore and include in her portfolio. She arrived with her lovely partner Dena for moral support and assistance and we all got along wonderfully. We tried a variety of sets and Em contributed ideas and came with gorgeous lingerie and jewellery. It really was a great day and we've been pleased with the results. Emillie is a lovely person to talk to and work with and her enthusiasm for modelling is infectious. Highly recommended :)

Thanks for the shoot Em x

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I can’t thank Emilie & Dena enough for the commitment they showed to this shoot.

They came the day after completing a 10k obstacle run! answering my casting call to help me practice with new gear & location. They even assisted me by carrying some of my gear around.

As Models they both have a unique look which is not all that easy to find here on PP and both are keen to continue to find and incorporate new styles into their work.

They where great to work with being friendly, chatty and totally involved with the process of making the images.

I would HIGHLY recommend them to any photographer.

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Steve Stenson

Had a great shoot with Dena & Em, excellent pre shoot comms, they organised MUA and had a vast array of outfits a pleasure to work with and look forward to another shoot Smile

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Eames Photography

Delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Emilie today. Androgyny was the theme for the afternoon and Em fell straight into it with a professional and patient approach. Em forms part of a modelling family with her partner Dena and her wonderfully polite 8 year old son Elliot. This modelling trio are awesome, full of fun and energy. You guys can come here anytime you like. ;)xx

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