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Rachelle Summers

Another fabulous shoot with Mark this morning!

He had a super cool idea behind the shoot and we experimented with different poses and props and really collaborated together to produce some wonderful images :)

Always a pleasure working together and can more than happily recommend him!

Hope to see him again next time :)

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Eli Zah

Had a great shoot with Mark at his studio recently. I have worked with Mark before and loved it and this shoot was no different. As a person, Mark is well organised, calm and collected (and still maintained this even though my hovercraft was very late to arrive) and approaches a shoot with a clear idea of what he wants to achieve. This helps create both a chilled and creative atmosphere, and a clear focus for both model and photographer - perfect combo for beautiful images. :) He is also really easy to get along with, respectful and considerate of a models comfort and levels.

As a photofrapher, mark is super versatile, covering many different styles, but the end result is always classy, refined and stunning.

We whipped through some fitness style images, some art nude, some experiments with cream and honey, and finishing with soft boudoir, all in a short space of time while maintaining that chilled vibe. From the first set we got some absolute crackers, and I fell in love with what I saw on the back of the camera and will be planning the next shoot soon - thanks Mark!

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Rachelle Summers

It has been a while since I've been over to the Isle of Wight so was really glad when Mark suggested getting me over to Studio 2 again!

We had 3 lovely photographers come in throughout the day, all of whom were very respectful and friendly. We ended the studio day working together and Mark had some ideas in mind using 2 beautiful doors he had in the studio. We worked our way through a few different complimenting outfits and from what I saw got some lovely images :D

Thanks for having me back Mark and hopefully not leave it so long next time!

Happily recommended both as a photographer and a studio owner!

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Elle Beth

Another wonderful studio day hosted by Mark at his Studio, Studio2 on the Isle of Wight. Mark is a lovely host, organising my travel and planning the days with the photographers on the Island, I didn't get a chance to shoot with Mark this time which was a shame! but if you do I highly recommend it!


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Helen Diaz

I worked with Mark during my trip to The Isle of Wight and had such a lovely time at his studio (Studio2) We only had an hour together but Mark creates stunning lighting set ups and really knows his angles to get the very best out of the model!

I absolutely loved the images we achieved together and really look forward to the uploads!

Mark was also very kind to arrange a studio day for me during my travels and was a great host. Recommended to all and hope to work with you in the future. Thankyou for all of your effort into the organisation of the Studio day,

Helen Diaz x

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Not sure how many visits this is now to studio 2 well equiped, tea and coffee as needed and mark on hand as needed to untangle leads and generally give advice. Recommended highly, already got next visit booked

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Was my third time at studio 2 and I really enjoyed it once again!

Mark has very good pre coms, organises the day to ensure photographers get plenty of lighting setup time which is a really nice little touch.

He is extremely helpful, considering carefully what each photographer wants and very conscious of making sure everyone is happy.

He was incredibly hospitable, offering snacks, cold and hot drinks throughout the day which is always highly appreciated from a model's perspective.

As a photographer he is excellent too, specifying exactly what he wants prior the shoot so I'm prepared. (this helps me so much)

He really puts positive and great energy into the shoot too, giving plenty of encouragement and showing back of camera results so I can give feedback too.

He's brilliant with lighting, paying attention to every detail, resulting in some gorgeous images.

Highly recommended by me as both a studio owner and photographer and can't wait to venture to the isle of Wight again!!


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CherP said...

Mark contacted me after putting a casting out for the south and I was so happy he did. His comms were very detailed and professional from the start and after arranging a shoot we decided to make a studio day while I was coming to his studio in the isle of wyte.

He kindly met me at the hovercraft and helped me with me extremely large and heavy case which I really appreciate, he had the studio nice and warm for me arriving and had a mood board ready of what he wanted to shoot and we very efficiently and successfully covered from fashion and pin up to classic nude..

Mark is a pleasure to work with and made me full comfortable through out the shoot and looked after me throughout the day.

I had a fully booked day thanks to mark advertising the day for me and I look forward to coming back down

I Highly recommend Mark to models both amateur and professional and also to photographers looking to learn more in lighting and photography skills.

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Keira Lavelle

Mark is a ledge!!! :D

We had been in touch for soooooo long about working together, my previous tours of the South never quite matched up Mark's availability before... We would try for it each time I toured and than, BANG! We had a date booked at the stupendously awesome photoshoot happened at last, and was worth every minute of the wait! It's tricky when you're a few hundred miles and then a boat ride away from one another, but honestly: if you've been chatting to Mark about a shoot and the dates always seem to disappoint by not matching, DO NOT GIVE UP! He is such a wonderful photographer to work with and I cannot stress how much I look forward to working with him again. :)

Mark was super helpful in the pre communications... he gave a good description about where to take the car to park and listed ideas of what to bring so that I could get organised with all my shooting gear. When I arrived at the studio he was literally there to help me drag my (usual) insane amounts of gear down into the studio, and as we got in he had the kettle rattling pronto. What a star! He pulls all the shots to make a models visit to the studio as comfortable as possible. It really was a wonderful highlight for my first ever visit to the Isle of Wight. :) The studio is nice and warm with good makeup areas and sets, the whole building is really cute and artsy so you get wonderful creative vibes from the minute you walk in.

We cracked on shooting at a perfect pace: Mark is super easy going and non-pressured and the best way to be! The material we bagged felt like a days worth given the quality of it... Looking through the back of the camera I was literally like "wow, did we really shoot for half a day?" Because we hit off an epic rapport which just kept the ideas flowing yet at no point did it feel like we were rushing. The perfect shoot environment, Mark knows it and I guarantee all models that are coming to shoot with him will have a really pleasant shoot. He's respectful at all times of the models and super lovely/chatty. It makes so much difference when the people you shoot with are genuinely nice company. Marks got a heart of gold and I really cannot express how highly I recommend him in my book.

So each and every set had something gorgeous and unique: Mark uses great creative versatility when he shoots which means that in a single session you get such range with the results, he certainly knows his lighting! The visuals he had and then how he transferred into imagery using, what can only be described as, epic technical know-how was pure fabulousness! :D He also tethered the images to the laptop as we shot so admittedly I did probably break his ceiling and floor with bouncing up and down with excitement upon seeing the images in larger full glory as we reviewed.

What a cracking shoot - that is all!

Roll on the next time! Thank you soo much Mark!

Keira x

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Had my 1st shoot with Mark in his studio in Ryde - He was really clear about the ideas that he had and had planned well. He was very encouraging, giving good direction, Mark is very creative and talented, also professional, friendly and a great host.

Thanks! Highly recommended.

Izzy x

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Amelie Alden.

Had an amazing time shooting at Studio 2 recently, and stayed with Mark overnight. He and his partner are just lovely, so welcoming, and I had a really nice and comfortable stay. Mark is a brilliant photographer but also he is a great host and organiser of a location day, which went really well. Definitely highly recommended! x

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Amelie Alden.

Had a brilliant second shoot with mark yesterday this time on location. We ran in to a bit of trouble in terms of locations - one of those days that every one we tried was busy! But mark didn't stress and stayed focused and was really adaptive in the process of improvising and found a good spot despite difficulties. We had a short but really energy infused shoot using his amazing bike - mark was efficient, professional and as you can see by his work he is super talented. Thanks again mark :)

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Amelie Alden.

Had a wonderful day at Studio 2 in Ryde, shooting with Mark and other photographers. Firstly his correspondence is spot on especially on the day of the shoot where he practically had to guide me onto the Isle of Wight hovercraft (lol). As a person, he is really just a genuinely nice guy - I got a good vibe from him, he was respectful, chilled and easy to chat to and he made sure I was comfortable throughout the day. The studio space is great and I loved working in it, its tidy, clean and warm (big plus!) and no photographers had any trouble getting good results especially with Mark helping out along the way. My shoot with Mark himself was also super cool, he is obviously very talented and in no time at all we were getting stuning images. He wasn't afraid to think out of the box either, especially when did some really great takes on the classic art nude on chair :) Really enjoyed the day and hope to come back soon!

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Elle Beth

My second trip to the Isle of Wight hosted by Mark, I really enjoyed my time over there and don't believe I left it so long since my first trip a few years ago.

The shoot with Mark was very enjoyable and we captured some really stunning images! Mark as always is creative, professional, great to talk to and is a brilliant host.

I hope to be back over there soon and highly recommended Mark to any models looking to travel to the Isle of Wight!

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I had so much fun on my first shoot with Mark last week. The time managed to fly by and with each look we did Mark stopped to show me the back of the camera so I could see what we had captured. Mark had a great technical ability and really knows what hes doing, even when experimenting. Throughout the shoot Mark kept very professional and upbeat. I really look forward to working with Mark again as we had so much fun on our first shoot.

See you soon


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Sophia West

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Mark today at his studio, Studio2.

The studio is immaculate and such a lovely place to work in. The way Mark was able to use the lights was just incredible.

Mark is such a lovely, genuine man who makes you feel comfortable from the word go.

Mark is brilliant at directing and also at explaining how the lighting is falling on the model, just the slightest movement can make such a huge difference. It was a productive shoot and a huge learning experience for me in regards to the lighting.

Thank you Mark :)

Highly recommended!!!

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I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with Mark in his Photographic Studio, Studio2 while visiting the Isle of Wight. His studio is set up so well that suits to shoot any style; spacious, clean, warm, well equipped, with plenty of props to use and totally recommended for everyone to shoot in!

Mark is a very talented photographer and a truly amazing person to work with. He's very professional, thoughtful, considerate, respectful, polite, patient and kind. Also, he is very easy to work with, relaxed and fun; with excellent communication before and during the shoot. He has a natural eye for composure and his execution of an idea is spot on.

I can't recommend Mark highly enough to all and I can't wait to work with him again! Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable shoot! Best wishes, Franka xx

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Had a studio day at Marks studio which I enjoyed thoroughly :)

His pre communications were absolutely excellent so I was well prepared for the studio day.

We worked together for the last slot and created some really awesome images. He was so down to earth and easy to work with, friendly and professional :)

Already planning my next trip to his studio, very much looking forward to it!


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What a great photographer Mark is! On my second trip to Isle of Wight we finally got to shoot together on the beach BBQ group shoot organised by himself (Studio2) .

Mark is very social and friendly and kept everyone happy throughout the day

He came up with good ideas to shoot and we got some brilliant images!

Highly recommended

Camy xx

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Helen Diaz

It was my first trip to the Island (can you believe it, my first trip to the Isle of Wight!) and I had SUCH an enjoyable few days! In this time I worked with the lovely Mark at his fantastic studo "Studio 2" and had such a great shoot! It was our first time working together and I am always a little nervous, especialley working in a new studio far away from home, but needn't have been as Mark was instantly very down to earth, friendly and great to natter to!

He also deserves a medal for putting up with my Christmas song addiction and was kind enough to put on a Christmas album for me during our shoot together! :P Marks photography is beautiful, he is a very creative and talented photographer and also lets the model go with the flow which I really appreciate and it is how I work best!

The studio was a fantastic space, with all of the facilities you could need and lots of refreshments on tap. Plus Marks many boxes of props and clothing were ACE! If only every studio had this- I really enjoyed wearing them! Mark is very respectful to work with, professional but fun, was a great host for the day working with other photographers and is highly recommended! I really hope to work together again on a future trip! Thankyou so much for a lovely, memorable day!

Helen x

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