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Marc Gascoigne

I photographed Daisy in a studio in London a few weeks ago. We didn't have very long on the day but she worked quickly to put the shot together and we managed to get a lot done in the time. Her Halloween inspired makeup was really well done and the images are looking great. Pre-shoot comms were good and she was easy to get along with on the day. Thank you Daisy, hopefully work with you again soon!

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Had a photoshoot today with Daisy pre comms were good . I met her at the train station she was on time kept me informed about her journey times ect . When we met she looked stunning and had a big case full of different outfits . We drove to some locations near the seaside and decided where to shoot and what outfits to wear she is very bubbly and talkative and from the moment we met we got on really well she is so easy to get on with and on the shoot she has great ideas and knows exactly what movements an shots i wanted we used a few locations in my area and she really seemed to enjoy her day with her stunning range of outfit . She is such a great experienced model to work with and i really enjoyed working with her . I would recommend anyone to work with Daisy if you already havent book her shes a fab girl and thank you Daisy for today i really enjoed our location shoot we are looking to do another shoot in December Thank you Daisy xx

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Working with Daisy was a pleasant and very professional experience. In a very short time, we managed to do everything we imagined. Daisy actively participated with ideas to make great lifestyle photos.

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Paol Foto

Had a thoroughly delightful late evening walkabout shoot with Daisy. It was a late notice casting to take advantage of the recent glorious evening sunlight, Daisy arrived perfectly on time at the arranged meeting spot and we went from there. A most charming lady to work with, it was a fashion event in a public place but Daisy enjoyed the limelight (literally).

Daisy came fully made up for the shoot along with a superb supply of outfits and had listened perfectly to the pre-shoot outline by bringing clothes suitable for getting to the shoot location as well as outfits to wear once there.

Really enjoyed working with Daisy, highly recommended.

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Stephen Roissy

I have shot with Daisy previously and this time she invited me to shoot at her new home as she wanted to capture some images inside and out! Pre-shoot communication gave us some ideas of what we might do. On arrival Daisy had a number of suitable outfits to choose from and between us we agreed on a selection. We shot in the living room and ventured out to shoot in the garden. Daisy has good ideas of what to shoot and between us we made the most of available spaces. Daisy poses with confident and we did some poses free flow. Our time together passed quickly and we were very happy with what we had achieved in the time available. Her new home has plenty of potential so we may well shoot there again (it's 2 minutes walk from the station). Highly recommended.

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This was shoot number 4 together and as always it was a fun and very productive.

Daisy remains a reliable creative and professional model to shoot with, she is relaxed, gets into the essence of what you are trying to achieve and works with you to achieve it. Book her soon.

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I recently booked Daisy for a shoot at our studio and I'd highly recommend working with her. She was super professional, great to work with and as she is an accomplished MUA she was able to prepare her look exactly to the brief. Her comms are excellent and can't wait to work with her again!

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I have just had another excellent shoot with Daisy, it took place at her home over the course of a weekend.

A shoot with Daisy is a collaborative experience from first communication to final image and that partnership makes the whole creative process all the more engaging.

As always it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work together again and produce some wonderful images.

Overall, an amazing, kind person and I thoroughly recommend shooting with her if you get the opportunity.

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Today I had a pleasure to meet Daisy first time while our shoot where she was a mua. She showed up with a big smile and good mood. Her make up is amazing, I think it suited me very good, we used 2 different looks and they work really great. Pre-communication was good and Daisy was a good companion during all shoot. She is chatty and easy-going to come along with. Daisy enhanced our photos with new vibes and colours, and I hope to work with Daisy again

Highly recommended, 100%

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Stephen Roissy

Wow what a great time we had shooting in a studio in Rayleigh. Experimenting with lighting, outfits and poses we created some great images. We used different backdrops to create different scenes and shot in colour and mono. We worked well together to get the images we wanted. Daisy brought an extensive range of outfits so there was plenty of choice (and trust me we only used a few)! Daisy is an experienced MUA so her make up was done to a high standard. Daisy posed with confidence responding well to direction where offered. She was happy to experiment with some wacky ideas too! Oh and pre shoot communication was effective and focused. Our time together passed quickly but we had a great time. My first shoot with Daisy had been an hour on a studio night so it was good to be able to spend more time together being creative! Highly recommended to other photographers. Thanks Daisy for a great evening!

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Great from start of communication.

And we come up with a great idea. So went for it

As for the shoot I was late sorry again daisy.

But we cracked on and was a great shoot.

She is good left on her own but also was good at taking direction.

Her skills as a MAU is great as well was well done can’t wait to show off some of the images.

Would happily recommend to anyone

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Daisey is a brilliant model. Works hard. A very beautiful lady with loads of ideas.

Works well to produce that special image, with or without direction.

Makeup Artist. Plenty of kit.

Very Highley recommended, and I will be using Daisy again soon.

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Rich-Tones Photographic

Took part in a model shoot night at JB Studios in Benfleet, Daisy was our model for the evening and everyone went away with amazing images. Daisy is like her name, Bright and bubbly, obviously takes her modelling seriously but makes it fun as well.

I like to shoot sheer and Daisy looked amazing in the items I had brought with me, her body lines creating really attractive curves. She worked effortlessly with each photographer and adapted to their style with ease.

Daisy is a very gifted and natural classical art nude model, if that is your style, you just have to book her, you will not be sorry.

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Chas Merry

I shot with Daisy for the first time at J B Studios. She was bright and bubbly and very easy to work with. She had many changes of outfits with her so plenty of sets could be done.

Very professional with little need for direction, but took direction if given.

A pleasure to work with.

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Stephen Roissy

Wow just had my first shoot with Daisy and we had fun and created some great images together! This was part of a model night at JB Studios in Benfleet Essex. We had an hour together. Daisy offered plenty of choices of outfits including some lovely new lingerie. Between us we chose some different sets. Daisy poses with ease and with confidence even occasionally preempting what I was going to suggest. She is easy to work with and our time together passed too quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending her to photographer’s of all levels! Great fun!

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Had a brilliant full day shoot with Daisy as MUA and model.

I wanted to do two full make up transitions, involving a number of looks across two different themes. Pre-comms were great with Daisy providing mood boards across four different themes for me to chose from. On the day, time just flew by, for a relaxed, creative, and very productive shoot. Daisy is extraordinarily talented as an MUA, and as a model too. I am so pleased with the shots we created together, as well as having a fun and chilled day. Would absolutely recommend Daisy both as an MUA and as a model, and will definitely be calling on her services in both departments again!

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Lovely simple boudoir shoot with Daisy. 200+ references weren't wrong. Great comms, great attitude and SO relaxed.

Cant wait to work on the images.

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Yes I would recommend Daisy. 100%

Always a pleasure to work with, Daisy turns up on time, minimum fuss, and works well with the photographer to achieve the desired vision.

Did a shoot on location, where Daisy was using her fire breathing skills. For this time Daisy was The Fire Goddess, Hestia, and she was perfect.

Daisy and I have worked together a few times now and I'm looking forward to working with her many more times. Daisy has an abundance of creative energy which shows in her work.

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Danny B

Had a great location shoot with Daisy in the Worcestershire countryside.

Precomms were excellent and Daisy brought along a great selection of outfits.

Daisy is a fun model to work with but is also very professional and poses with ease. I had selected several locations but in reality we only made it to the first as we worked in various sets in that one place.

We first shoot in the woods, Daisy was great and not disturbed by the amount of flies and remained professional through-out.

We did a few art nude sets near the river where Daisy was willing to climb rocks to get in the best position to shoot.

Time flew by and I look forward to our next shoot, where hopefully we can find more locations to work in.

I would of course recommend Daisy for anyone who wants to work with a professional but chatty and funny model.

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Shooting with Daisy is a relaxing rewarding and highly recommended experience. She is cheerful, easy to communicate with and can offer her own good ideas too. We shot in her studio, Daisy was a charming host and I felt most welcome, also there is street parking within walking distance, a bit of a bonus in London if you ask me. As I said, highly recommended and hopefully we will work together again before too long. Thanks again Daisy.

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