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I had the great opportunity to meet and work with Daisy on a studio shoot at Fareham studios. Wonderful person and eager to help you get the right shot, worked tirelessly all afternoon and was still happy and charming after a long shoot. Thoroughly recommended and I will be hoping to work with her again soon.

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It was great to work with Daisy on a shoot yesterday, she's a lovely character and I couldn't help but jump in and get a few shots with her in the end! She's full of energy and a very capable model, fingers crossed i'll see her again in the future!

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Great shoot with Daisy, who is a true professional while also being fun and easy to work with.

We had a great location with stunning views for a duo shoot and it was both productive and enjoyable.

Already booked again!

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Button Moon

Had the pleasure of working with Daisy back in April. We'd been wanting to shoot together for quite some time, but our diaries never seemed to match!

After lots of date flinging, and bouncing of ideas, we finally got to have our Girly day of shootiness fun n shizzles.......

Daisy is fantastic to work with. So easy to get along with, and is more than capable of bringing her own ideas to the table. Love working with creative people like this; it makes my life so much easier, and takes the pressure off having to come up with ideas all by myself.

An absolute gem to work with.

Round 2 already in motion, and I can't wait :-D

Thanks for being a total Star xxx

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Well Daisy returned for her second visit to the studio much sooner than expected but this time as an MUA for a shoot with Jenni. Once again I cannot praise her to highly.

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Had a great introductory shoot with Celia in March, where we used her make-up skills to do something I had always wanted to do... trying to produce the same effect (in a simple portrait shot) using either make-up or lighting alone. I'll post the results in due course. A very successful day due to Daisy grasping the challenge and running with it. Daisy will be back soon.

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John Herm

Daisy is a very nice girl to work ... She's beautiful and professional. And very reliable.

Pre communication was also very satisfactory

She thinks with you during the shoot and will do "everything" to achieve your goal ...

Pleasant in communicatieon and it's fun to work with her ...

I now have cooperated three times with Daisy ... and that's not for nothing.

Strongly recommended!

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nudeworkshop - Arjan Groot

We had a great collaboration with Daisy and a lot of fun by the shoot, see is easy going as model and we hope working together next time when see visit the Netherlands.

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I had a wonderfull shoot with Daisy last month.

Besides the fact that she' a gorgeous girl she's also

a pro with high selfposing skills. It makes a shoot

so much easier.

Anyway I have a lot of ideas for a new shoot with

her. So....see you again!

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First time I'd worked with Daisy although I'd seen her port previously and knew she had bags of experience. I had a plan for an unusual shoot and needed someone who had previous experience with creative shoots and might be able to add a twist or two to this one. Daisy is thoroughly professional, great comms and brings creative input to the shoot. When shoots are complex and I really need reliable support with the modelling skills to go with it then I'll look to work with Daisy again

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Daisy did my make up for a vintage shoot and it brought my face alive with colourful character, perfect for the Retro look. Daisy is always punctual, polite and professional, with a beautiful make up kit of the most effective products to begin transformation of the blank canvas to the finished polished look required. A godsend for any occasion and an asset to any team

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Retro Rob

Well what a professional MUA Dasiy is watching her transform my collaboration partner today Fitnude was a work of art!

Punctual professional and lovely friendly character that's Daisy Bright!

Rob :-{>

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Had my first creative collaborative shoot with Daisy, pre-shoot comms were excellent and she arrived (no mean task with a rail strike) ready to go and full of enthusiasm and energy.

great fun day, would recommend to all.

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Badwolf said...

Had various shoots with the lovely daisy.. Very pro.. A lot of fun.. Very creative and easy to get on with highly recommended *****

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Had an enjoyable shoot with Daisy yesterday. She was genuinely interested in my concept and got the idea from the get go even though I was a bit vague myself - no mood board. Her artistic background means she can provide her own input to help the shoot go well. She's an interesting person to talk with, very easy going and comfortable to be around. At the same time very professional and well organised.

Thanks Daisy for a great shoot!

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Had a most enjoyable and productive first shoot with Daisy last Thursday at Joel Hicks Photographic and can highly recommend. Daisy is a lovely girl, very friendly, easy to talk to and full of creative ideas offering some great poses / expressions and really contributes to ensure that all images produced are of the highest quality. Pre shoot communication was very good with the result that I have a lot of lovely images to edit and sort. Look forward to working with Daisy again in the near future and using the grounds at the studio to do some natural light work. Thank you, Daisy.

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F said...

Have just had a great shoot with Daisy.

She communicated well beforehand, came prepared and was immaculately groomed.

During the shoot she both took direction well and made good suggestions.

Most importantly she was great fun and it shows in the picture.

Looking forward to my next shoot with her already.

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Brendan Cullen

Recently I had a photoshoot with Daisy. It was a pleasure meeting her and she arrived spot on time. She was able to do her own hair and make-up and was ready to go very quickly. She is a great model with lots of experience which was apparent. Being very fit and having a dance background, she was well capable of executing any pose required of her. She has a wonderful personality and was really easy to work with. The shoot was very enjoyable and efficient. I got all the shots I was looking and more besides. She exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Daisy anytime. She is a great asset to the modelling scene and is a very decent professional person with a great sense of humour. I look forward to shooting with her again. Highly Recommended.

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spencer rushton

Had an amazing shoot with Daisy last night on location in London, pre comms were excellent and Daisy turned up on time and was ready to shoot. the location and weather was challenging but Daisy took it all in her stride.

I would recommend that you should work with Daisy.

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Marc Prior Photography

I had my first shoot with Daisy today, I had originally asked her along for her makeup skills, to assist along side another MUA. As it happened one of my models pulled out, so I asked Daisy if she would be willing to act as model as well as makeup... Well, I was thrilled when she agreed!

Coms were great so bringing her up to speed in a few weeks, on a shoot what was planned for a year was easy. On the day, Daisy arrived on time and was raring to go!

Throughout the shoot Daisy added makeup to suit the themes brilliantly, posed well, and followed directions perfectly... especially when using the Samurai Swords, which were rather sharp!

I would highly recommend Daisy for anyone looking to shoot a versatile model and genuinely lovely person. I hope to work with her again soon.

Thank you so much Daisy!

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