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Done my first ever photo shoot with John today and I can honestly say I’ve never felt so comfortable around someone with a camera I can’t wait to do another shoot with him! Definitely recommend him to beginners or experienced!

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I've had two shoots with John now and honestly cannot wait until the next one... and the ones after that!

He is absolutely full of artistic ideas and really has a keen eye for alternative images. I got a little peak at his sketchbook too and WOW. The images he is trying to capture through photohraphy are just incredible.

He is professional about his work but also lots of banter and fun to work with! Again, he was great with direction and communication beforehand so I knew what he wanted to achieve.

Couldn't reccommend him anymore- especially to any alternative ladies - you would love his ideas!!

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What a fun day! Very professional and mannerly whilst being alot of banter. Very relaxed atmosphere in the studio - which is full of the most amazing things! Full of ideas and the day just flowed so easily. It was my second shoot and I wanted to be nude, which was a tad nerve racking - I was made to feel at ease very much, the banter just kept flowing and all boundaries/ levels of work discussed were respected. Hope to work with John again in the future, what a wonderful creative soul!

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Shoot number four now - it is going to be double digits with us soon i'm sure! Brilliant to work with - knows what he wants out of shots while giving some free reign to preffered poses etc. Highly recommended for creative individuals and new models alike.

I was with model LaurenLouise1 also, which was her very first solo shoot - John was brilliant in directing with poses and helped create a new natural to the scene.

Highly recommended - as he always will be! 😊

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I had a great time shooting today.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and comfortable and we chatted well whilst shooting with the wonderful variety of props around the studio.

I look forward to working with him again.

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I had such a wonderful time shooting in Johns studio space, which was full of crazy and interesting things meaning there was always something to make a shot interesting!

He was very professional and yet the shoot was so relaxed and we chatted the whole way through getting to know each other!

I am excited for the prospect of future projects together!

Highly recommend!!

Erin:) x

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This was my second shoot with John and I'm really happy to have gotten a second shoot.

Great pre-shoot communication. Happy to work with me whilst deciding on outfits and shoot ideas. Professional manner but still fun and friendly.

Relaxed easy going shoot that has resulted in some great photos :)

Recommended :D

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CherP said...

I had another shoot today with John at his studio in Dundee. Each time I go there he has some really unique objects and jewellery style items to use for shooting and he really is creative, imaginative and talented when it comes to his work. Each time we shoot it's always productive but easy going and we probably chat too much which is only a good sign that we are both relaxed and enjoying the shoot :-)

I am looking forward to another shoot hopefully in the next few months and I highly recommended John to all models. He's professional with excellent comms, straight to the point on what he wants from the shoot and above all..he is always guaranteed to make you laugh :-)


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I found the studio easily with Johns directions, i had a great shoot and would recommend John to do photographs with. I am looking forward to working with him again.

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I had a lovely morning shooting all sorts of custom, handmade items in Clarknotclarkson's quirky studio!

Conversation was easy, the atmosphere was most comfortable and I am looking forward to future shoots with this great human being! Big thanks for making me feel at ease.


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I was so inspired working in Johns studio space, all the wonderful materials at my fingertips to create something wacky and wonderful! We worked great as a team !

the 3 hours flew by! I am so tired after haha was so excited and enthused!

Would work with again in a heart beat ! This was our first shoot and i believe our best work together as a team hasnt been touched yet

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Had my first shoot with John fairly recently in his studio space in Dundee. He is lovely guy, great fun to work with and kept me well topped on tea throughout the shoot. His studio space is amazing, full of all sorts of weird and wonderful things, which I could have spent hours looking at. I would very happily work with him again :)

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Had a great shoot with John recently. I'd had to reschedule slightly and he was very understanding about that :)

He was very welcoming and provided a much-needed cup of tea on my arrival. The studio is a really interesting space and I loved all his art-work, very cool stuff indeed. It was good fun trying out all the different accessories :) I enjoyed the shoot, it was relaxed and we were chatting away the whole time. I also enjoyed meeting his rather unusual pets! The images we produced are something quite different for me, which is what attracted me in the first place :) and I am very pleased with the results!

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Ivy Lee

I had such a great shoot with 'clarknotclarkson' on Tuesday. It was a fabulous way to start off my Scottish tour. I loved modelling his weird and wonderful art works and found his work really cool and interesting (as well as a bit creepy, but in a good way).

We spend a lot of time laughing, joking, chatting and the banter game was strong. We also drank lots of tea.

He was so easy to work with, minimal direction was needed. We covered many different materials and I can only imagine what he will turn them into. I also modelled pieces that were finished, which were really cool pieces of art, I love his style!

Top shoot, top bloke. Highly recommend and would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Thanks mate. :)

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Honey Suckle

Had a great shoot today with clarknotclarkson. He is a very imaginative and artistic guy and we used many of his hand crafted sculptures/props from the studio to create our fetish/bondage theme .. it worked really well. Clarknotclarkson is a very down to earth guy , we had a few tea breaks in between some shots and laughed at pretty much most things we were trying out. A comfortable and enjoyable shoot. Highly recommended.

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CherP said...

I have worked with Clarknotclarkson many times over the years ( since 2009 ) on various different projects including Modelling the sculptures, jewlerry and other peices of work that he produces. He is a very talented person and makes some amazing pieces of work and is always lots of fun, straight to the point and organised with the shoots that we do as he knows what he needs to get in terms of images each time. He always makes me laugh on every shoot and I always look forward to working with him

Highly recommended

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Missy kink

What can I say!? A truly fantastic artist and inspiring collaborator!

I loved the shoot and wanted to model absolutely all of the wonderful art I the studio. Really professional, friendly and imaginative.

I would highly recommend and will definitely hope to shoot again soon.

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Great communication, very friendly and enthusiastic. Really enjoyed working with him and he was very helpful as it was only my second official shoot. Looking forward to working with him again.

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Anna Johansson

I had a shoot with clarknotclarkson last week and and I enjoyed it a lot. He is a very good, careful, fun and nice photographer and I recommend him warmly. I hope to get the opportunity to shoot with him soon again =)

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Britpop Princess

What an absolute joy to work with this VERY talented individual!

I was in awe looking at all his unique and vigorously worked curio pieces , sculptures and cockroaches!!!

Along with this, John was full of great ideas and was also very chatty and friendly something that is key in a professional attitude

All in all a fantastic time and i have no hesitation in working with him again very soon

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