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John is a fantastic photographer!

His energy was brilliant, and he had loads of great ideas that complimented my own.

He was very respectful, listened to my ideas and was really encouraging. The chat was great too!

I’m looking forward to working with him again in the future.

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Had a great shoot with John yesterday. He was very communicative before the shoot and very clear on his ideas. When I arrived he was extremely welcoming and friendly. The shoot flew by and I had alot of fun during also! John was very chatty and made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout. I would definitely recommend working with him and hope to shoot again!

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Had a lovely time shooting with 'Clarknotclarkson' today! He has a lovely little studio close to the centre of Dundee so was very easy to find while relying on public transport.

He also has a brilliant variety of props which can be incorporated into pictures, there is great versatility in the props provided.

As a photographer, he is very easy going, laid back, and has some great chat! He's also very creative and has a great eye for a good image!

Enjoyed my time in the studio today and look forward to collaborating again in future!

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Lovely guy who made me feel very comfortable. I got a little light headed during the shoot and he was patient and kind whilst waiting for me to feel better again! Would recommend:)

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Suzanne S.

It was a pleasure to shoot with John. This was my first shoot with him but I know it won’t be my last! There was great communication between us. He was very organised and kept great timing. We worked collaboratively on creating what we wanted which was so fun. He is friendly and was flexible towards what worked for me for the shoot. Thank you John!

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Yet another fantastic shoot! Allows me to work on times that suit me. Really has helped me blossom as John would say.

Always giggling and yet, never a dull moment. I always look forward to our shoots and love the ideas. Really testing my boundaries, and still think we've got more to explore! Definitely worth the travel 100%.

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Fantastic first shoot with John. Ever so friendly and made me feel at ease immediately. Quick and concise work with great results. Looking forward to working with him again!

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Second shoot was another great success.

Never have a dull moment, and certainly was more giggles this time. Always feel comfortable with John and the communication is amazing. Makes me feel so good about myself and as always, such a lovely man. Can't wait for the next one.

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Had the greatest time! Was such a pleasure to have John be my first for my photo shoot. Made me feel very comfortable and it was so much fun.

Such a lovely guy and perfect to work with. Can't wait to work with him again.

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Yet another amazing and fun shoot. Couldn't ask for a better photographer to work with and have a good laugh at the same time. I'm always made to feel super comfortable and the photos always turn out great

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Where to start! The shoot was amazing and I was made to feel so comfortable. This was my first shoot and I couldn't of asked for a better one. He even excepted my chocolate bribe as an apology for not making it to our initial first shoot!

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Veronica Lee

I met john today after my last shoot with him 5 years ago. Today was an awesome shoot we got some really nice shots we werw both creatively working together to utilise any props he had at his studio which itself is strange and unusual with so much to use! He made me feel comfortable and we chatted away like old friends. I will be continuing to work with him to hopefully produce more wonderful photos. I highly recommend John he is amazing. Thank you for today

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first shoot in near 3 years and I am glad it was with John. very comfortable as always, both of us chatty and I felt very relaxed, such a good laugh with great ideas 😁. cant wait to do more shoots. x

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I had a great shoot with John, I can highly recommend him and I can’t wait until our next shoot! Thanks for a great shoot


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KatyB (Katex)

I had a shoot with John at his studio in Dundee, we hd been trying to get to work together for ages so it was great when we both found we had time to finally make it happen. His pre comms were abolsutely spot on and he was really helpful, gave me directions and happily met me outside a museum close t ohis studio (Made it easy for me!). He made me feel at home in his studio, with silly conversations and a hot cuppa tea!

I was cracking up the whole time, it was bloody hard to not be laughing in all the shots.. it wasnt the theme we were going for! haha.

This was an incredibly enjoyable shoot and he defintely brightened up my Scotland tour.

He has so many cool props and things he has created for us to shoot with, which makes my job alot more interesting and tests me.

It was throroughly enjoyable and i wouknt hesititate to work with him again!

Cant wait unril i come back and work together again, cheers John!


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D Geneveive

John and I had an absolutely amazing shoot today, he was welcoming from the moment we met and throughout our time together. John has a wonderful array of props and unique hand made (by the man himself) pieces that worked so well with our shoot. The time flew in so quickly as we were having such a good time chatting away, and trying new styles of creating really awesome unique images. Professional and punctual, John has a great sense of what he wants from a model and I’m very excited to see our images. Looking forward to working with you again soon, John and thanks again :)

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Kissed By Fire

Had a great shoot with John yesterday, he has so many ideas and props to use! Great communication before & during the shoot, very professional and respectful. Music on and great conversation throughout the shoot. Would happily work with John again & I recommend other models to do the same!

Thanks John!

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I had my first shoot with John and it was great. Pre comms were good and the whole shoot went to plan! I felt very comfortable with him and I loved the props he used which were all made by him. I am looking forward to us working together again, definitely recommend.

Thanks for a great shoot!


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I highly, highly reccomend John to models of all levels. He works with nude but in the most natural and empowering sense. We have worked together numerous times and even time he is extremely welcoming and friendly. A very professional man who knows how to also have a laugh and make a shoot run smoothly.

He has such an array of props - this time - I had plenty of my own too so we used a mix of both to capture two hours worth of images!

He had a lovely house which was used for shooting in so we varied sets between the living space, bathroom, bedroom and even the garden which had some lovely natural lighting.

John is very keen at what he does and never once has made me feel uncomfortable or pushed any levels and boundaries - which any model who works to nude knows is important.

I adore working with John and I know other models will too!

Thanks for another fun filled few hours John ♥

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Ava Nicholson

I had a successful shoot with John he gave good directions while shooting and was very professional.John had lots of amazing props which i used while shooting

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