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Mrs Miller

Had my first ever shoot with Darren and it was such a good start to my modeling journey!

His precomms were very good and he took the time to explain exactly how he works and what the expectations of both of us are.

He was very professional and respectful and made me feel totally comfortable.

I look foward to working together in the future. Thank you Darren.

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Kelly Hathaway

I had another fantastic shoot with Darren yesterday, and this time it was at his studio. Darren is such a lovely gentleman who is always so respectful, complimentary and just an absolute pleasure to shoot with and spend time with. Darren had a big suitcase full of beautiful dresses and clothing so I had a field day trying loads on and we managed to fit in loads of different looks. He had set up the lights perfectly and he gave me great direction but also allowed me to pose freely. The photos I've seen are incredible! We had such a laugh as always and I am really looking forward to our next shoot :D

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Gemma Power

I had a first shoot with Darren at his studio and really enjoyed myself. I was nervous before but Darren made me feel comfortable and confident.

We discussed some ideas before and during the shoot we worked together really well and have created some wonderful pictures.

Thank you Darren :)

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It's always such a great pleasure working with Darren, it's just like hanging out with a really good friend now and we certainly always have a great laugh throughout. This time, after a few postponements due to the unpredictable weather we were blessed with possibly the best weather yet this year and so it was definitely worth the wait!

We shot at the Ouse Valley Viaduct and the time just honestly flew by as it always does, and we got some fantastic shots so like usual it's going to be hard to choose my faves that's for sure!

I would always highly recommend Darren to work with, such a professional and very talented photographer.

Until next time!! :D

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Yesterday I had an incredible shoot with Darren at Fareham Studio. He was amazing to work with, very friendly and extremely creative! Absolutely incredible communication, he made sure I was comfortable and was very supportive! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Darren to anyone, I hope we can do more shoots in the future!

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I had a brilliant first shoot with Darren at my place today. Pre comms were great and Darren was confident with using the space to achieve some great lighting.

Darren is creative and fun to work with, as well being fantastic company with great humour 😊

All in all a fantastic time, can’t wait till our next shoot!

Thank you

Alisha x

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Kelly Hathaway

I had my third shoot with Darren recently at my home. Darren is always a pleasure to work with - we always have such a good laugh and a natter throughout. We worked at a relaxed pace and managed to fit in several different looks. Not only does Darren produce some amazing images, but he's friendly, fun and professional! I would definitely recommend working with him and I look forward to the next one :D

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Abbey A

What can I say? Such a top shoot with Darren, our second!

Great to use the studio and make some very amazing sensual and soft shots, as well as him being absolutely game for shooting a huge robe I brought along.

We had a proper laugh, a good boogie to the music and made some awesome stuff.

Comms top notch as always, contact sheet returned swiftly, the only issue was being able to whittle down a top 10 as they were epic!!

100 percent recommended. Shoot with him if you get the chance!!!!

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Yet again a brilliant shoot with Darren recently, this time we used a barbers he has the use of which made it different and quirky and it was interesting using a barbers chair - which that black and white is now honestly one of my favourite photos I've ever done!!

I say it every time but honestly is such a pleasure working with Darren, we have grown a brilliant working friendship and therefore each shoot keeps topping the one before and I honestly don't know how we do it but every shoot we just get such awesome photos each time!

Highly recommend working with Darren, and I'm already planning more with him and looking forward to working together again soon hopefully.

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Kelly Hathaway

I had my second shoot with Darren recently at my home and it was fantastic! Darren is super friendly, professional and respectful and has a great sense of humour. We managed to fit in many different 'looks' and 'sets' and the photos are amazing! Darren takes a lot of care in ensuring he is happy with the lighting and composition of his photos and the shoot was at a relaxed yet highly productive pace. We had many giggles throughout and it was great fun! I look forward to our next shoot :D

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Fab shoot with Darren yesterday at my home studio.

Darren and I have worked a few times together and it’s always in a laugh, images always look great.

Darren Is a great photographer and a joy to work with, thank you so much for booking!

Until next time D xx

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Had my first shoot with Darren on a very early sunrise shoot.

Totally amazing!!

Spoke to Darren before the shoot and found him very professional.

I look forward to shooting with him very soon.

Highly recommended🙂

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Charlie Scott

I worked with Darren for some portraits and it was brilliant! He is such a friendly person but also professional and respectful. The imagery was beautiful and he was really able to capture who I am.

I absolutely recommend him to anyone and I really look forward to working with him again!

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Got in touch with Darren as I had a free day and fancied a shoot, we’ve worked together a few times now and always create such great work so it’s nice to be able to call upon him if I have any ideas or just fancy a shoot! :D

We always have great banter throughout our shoots, and there’s never a dull moment! This time round we didn’t really have much of a plan but spoke a bit before about outfits etc and we found a location and from that we both began getting creative and the ideas just flowed from one to another so well.

Honestly such a great laugh to be around, whilst also being professional and respecting my comfort throughout.

As always I highly recommend working with him and already excited for our next shoot, we have a few we have discussed already!! :D

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I'm very happy I had my first photo shoot with Darren, who was so helpful and patient with me. Thank you!

We met for coffee beforehand to discuss ideas etc and that helped me a lot to feel more relaxed on the shoot day.

All very professional!

I can only but recommend working with Darren

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Had my 4th shoot with the wonderful Darren in our first studio shoot together. All arrange professionally and thoroughly beforehand. He is a pure pleasure to work with and the perfect gentleman. I always feel safe and respected with Darren. We got such stunning images (as always) I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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Abbey A

What can I say?

Having met up a month prior to chat and have a coffee, this shoot was definitely one I was looking forward to

Top notch pre comms, punctual, polite and respectful, well equipped with backdrops/lights/props and cossies

Fab playlist

Epic banter

And an all round top bloke.

Proofs sent that night. Wow.

Highly recommend. 😊

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Helen Saunders

A long time in the planning, the day finally arrived when Darren and I would get to shoot together. Having admired his work for some time, I had a feeling our styles would be compatible, but the experience of working with Darren was even better than I'd imagined. He's respectful, considerate, easy going yet professional, funny, and very easy to talk to. He's skilled when it comes to lighting and has a talent and a gift for composition and angles. I'm very much looking forward to our next shoot together.

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Honey Dew

I would absolutely recommend working with Darren. All communications were brilliant and he was very understanding and empathetic to my views on what I wanted to achieve. He made me feel comfortable throughout and was professional from start to finish during the shoot. I really look forward to working with him again and creating some great art.

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Each shoot together just gets better and better and I love it, we can bounce ideas off one another, have lots of banter and laughs throughout and the time just flies by!!

This time we went down to Camber Sands for a brief shoot in the sand dunes, and the weather held out for us once again which was fab! I absolutely LOVE the images I have seen already and can’t wait to see more, honestly can’t express how chuffed I am with the results.

Darren is always respectful of me and checks that I’m happy with various poses and always shows me on the back of the camera if in doubt which I really appreciate. He has a great eye for detail and I’m already excited for our next shoots together!!

Until next time :D x

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