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Helen Diaz

I worked with Brendan for the first time recently on tour and had such a lovely time! Brandan was super kind to book me for a couple of hours at the stunning Sandon Studio and we had an absolute blast! It was my first time working with Brendan during my tour, so I am always a little nervous but from the offset Brendan was professional, kind and super creative!

We explored the vast rooms, themes and sets that Sandon had to offer and I had such fun exploring the vintage gowns, costumes and accessories that I had packed for the shoot.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting on film and using available light. I wish more photographers used film... its so intensely atmospheric, grainy and magical.

Its so exciting to shoot with someone who appreciates film and the older methods of photography, so its always very memorable for me. It was a total pleasure shooting with Brendan, hes fantastic company and gives great direction also.

I really look forward to seeing the edits and hope we can work together again in the future (I may be back in the spring of 2020! :) ) Super highly recommended to all, Helen x

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Mia Liberum

This was my second time shooting with Brendan, and like before it was an absolute pleasure! He's very easy to work with, and very respectful. He has a beautiful style of photography, and I always know when I work with him that I'm in good hands. I'm excited to see the photos!

I'd happily work with him again any time. Thanks again for a great shoot Brendan :)

Highly recommended!

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Grace Emily Official

Has the pleasure of shooting with this chap at Sandon Studio recently. Brendon is a cut above the rest with a cool temperament and is the absolute master of his equipment. He brought along lots of old lenses and cameras so we got to shoot in film and Polaroid which certainly changed the pace a little but for the better I’d say! This photographer steers away from the obvious tacky glamour and leans towards a more sophiscated style of photographer which I love and it was just so refreshing. I felt safe and at ease at all times and would happily work with you again dude. So looking forward to seeing the images :)

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Rebecca Tun

I had a really nice shoot with Brendan at a Sandon Studio weekend. Brendan was working with film cameras so the pace was relaxed, and Brendan is very easy to work with - friendly and considerate and very professional. I enjoyed our session and love some of the pictures we made. I look forward to working with Brendan aqain and highly recommend him to other models.

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Nicky Model

Great shoot with Brendan in Sandon studio on Saturday. I was surprised to notice that we have similar tastes in photography, this is always a perfect starting point as you know that the photos will look great!

Brendan was really professional and we've been chatting a lot during the shoot. I had a really enjoyable day and thank you very much!

Nicole G

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Monika Lara Smith

I had my first shoot with Brendan when I was touring in Birmingham and he was absolutely fantastic to work with!

Our shoot was really exciting and interesting as Brendan asked me to look totally naturally and as easy as it might sound .. well it was pretty challenging which I loved ! It took me a while but it made me feel really creative and I loved the feeling of posing in a completely different way than I always tend to do.

Brendan was really patient and easy to work with. He had a plenty of great ideas but at the same time he let me pose freely without any directions, that's a great combination! He is a really lovely person to work with, really funny and chatty. Shoot was absolutely laid back and comfortable. I love our erotic black and white images, amazing!

I would love to recommend Brendan to every model and looking forward to work with him again :)

Thank you!

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Holly Alexander

Shooting with Brendan was such a pleasure! We arranged a shoot at my home, pre communications were great and he sent over a moodboard which really helped me select outfits and styling.

A lovely person, and I adore it when photograhers shoot on film!

Highly recommended from me and look forward to working together again :)

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I had the pleasure of working with Brendan at New Mills studio this summer, and would recommend him to all. He was easy and engaging to talk to, and incredibly understanding of me having to disappear mid-shoot to take a call from a plumber. In addition to being an all round lovely guy, he is an incredibly talented photographer. As you can see from his portfolio, his use of film, natural light and creative taste means his work has a signature style making him stand out from the rest.

Cannot wait to work with him again!

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Heather May Corvid

I had a really amazing shoot with Brendan at Sandon studio. His style is so cool. We shot in film, which only makes the results all the more exciting. On top of Brendan's obvious skill and taste, he's a lovely guy, very easy to get along with, and very easygoing. I'd recommend Brendan to anyone.

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Lizzie Bayliss

I worked with Brendan a few months ago at Sandon Studio. I really enjoyed working with this creative and friendly photographer. Brendan works in a creative way, incorporating emotion, motion and unique themes in his work. Brendan made me feel very relaxed and involved during the shoot, meaning he got the best results from our shoot.

I highly recommend him to all, and hope to work with him again soon.



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Far Forest Studio

We were pleased to welcome Brendan to our studio for his first visit today.

His pre communication with the booking ahead of the shoot was first class even though he was on the other side of the world when he booked it.

It was a pleasure to have him here and watch him work his magic in the old film way, using the natural light. Great conversationalist and an all round nice guy. We would highly recommend him to any model or studio. Hopefully it won't be long before we see him here again.

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Had an awesome shoot with Brendan this week. He turned up on time, ready to go, with ideas and a smile on his face. Such a lovely, nteresting person who obviously has a huge passion for photography.

We worked with natural light which i love doing and is so challenging, but he made it look easy and made the whole shoot pass like a dream.

Really cant wait to see the images, even though it may be a while haha!

Thanks so much, Highly recommended!


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Carla Monaco

Brendan came to my home for a half a day shoot last wednesday. It was a pure pleasure working with him, really easy going, down to earth and professional throughout. I really love Brendan's style and I can't wait to see the results from the shoot.

I can only highly recommend Brendan to any model out there, thank you for a great shoot.

Carla :)

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Mia Liberum

Brendan was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was really respectful and made me feel really comfortable, and gave me little breaks throughout the shoot. He has a beautiful style of shooting, his photography really stands out on Purpleport. I was very excited to work with him, and I'm looking forward to seeing the results! :) I'd definitely recommend him

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Ivory Flame

I've worked with Brendan a number of times now over the years, he is a true photographic artist, and a pleasure to shoot with. This time was at my apartment, all on film, I was so excited to do the shoot and his results do not disappoint, there are always such evocative moods and stories in his imagery.

Brendan had supplied great inspirations, and as a model he gives you the space to let yourself unravel for the camera, so it becomes a very real, rewarding collaboration. I can recommend him 100% and it's always an honour to work together.

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I had a great time shooting with Brendan! He was really professional, I felt comfortable working to nude throughout the shoot! He was considerate and allowed little breaks and I liked his creativity - the images are fab! Nice to work on something different. Highly recommended

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Artemis Fauna

I had another brilliant shoot with Brendan last week at my place. Three years had passed since our last shoot in Cheltenham...Time truly flies.

Despite that we just picked up from where we left off and had a super fun and productive shoot. I really enjoy working with Brendan, it's totally random, fluid and creative. I am so, so excited to see the results and hopefully work with Brendan again.

Thank you Brendan- lets not leave it three years again! ;)

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Had a little shoot with Brendan recently and highly recommend him. He has a casual style and makes people feel at ease. His work speaks for itself - he definitely has an artist's approach to shooting with quite a clear vision.

He's professional, friendly, and makes interesting conversation - wonderful to work with.

- Ariel

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Kimi Frances said...

Had a great shoot with Brendan on Wednesday! He was VERY professional and organised :) I was very at ease working with him. I can't wait to see the pics but I think it'll be safe to say we got a few gems!

I really hope we can work together again. And on a personal note a very interesting and lovely guy! If you get the chance to work with Brendan then take it :D

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Saracen House Studio

A real gentleman and a true creative photographer - had some fascinating concepts that were well mapped out and shares a real passion for his photography with those who he's working with.

A pleasure to welcome to Saracen House and most welcome any time.

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