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Bexs returned to Paintbox for another studio evening and once again we were not disappointed. She brought a variety of outfits and her creativity made the evening a success. We can't wait to welcome her back again.

Highly recommended model.

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Aperture photography

What can i say about Bexscs she was excellant to work and fun she had great time doing this christmas style shoot with a twist , becscs has refuel my interested back in photography

once again its was a pleasure to work with her and i look forward to work with her again soon

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woodwose photography

Shot with bex at last nights paintbox media meet , where do I start beautiful , talented , funny , and an absolute joy to work with highly recommended .

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Booked Bex for a studio evening tonight and I can't recommend her enough. My clients were happy, I was happy. She attended with a wide range of outfits and was super easy to work with. I look forward to booking her again.


Sally @Paintbox

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I had a very quick photo session with Bex earlier this year and despite only having a few minutes of shooting time due to the format of the day and 30 models for me to get through Bex stood out as a very professional model to work with. She poses really well, can take direction or just go for it by herself. I got loads of great shots one after the other so would highly recommend her and would love to shoot with her again when I have more time to do a proper set. If you are thinking about booking her go for it you wont regret it. I was really impressed.

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martyn: ImageWales

After freezing December we thought a June date for an open air shoot would be good. WRONG it was cold and wet, so we went to the beach!!

Once again Bex was well prepared and ready to go. She was not put off by the cold and damp conditions and really came up with the goods. Recommended.


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Finally had a chance to shoot with Bex yesterday and it was fantastic.Absolutely loved working with Bex what an incredible model to work with!Great pre-coms and she arrived with outstanding outfit choices and impeccable makeup and hair!I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with Bex at the weekend. She has a beautifully pensive and unique look that makes her stand out from other models I've photographed.Bex got on with the job never complained had a lovely smile perfecting every pose.Hopefully we can shoot again in better weather in the future where I'm sure our shots will be even better!

Higly recommended!!!

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martyn: ImageWales

On a damp and positively freezing cold day in December Bex turned up in Cardiff prepared and raring to go.

Advance communication had been positive, confident and professional - we both knew what we wanted to achieve ~ namely fashion and lifestyle images using the Christmas setting of the city centre as a backdrop.

Bex was unfazed by the bustling shoppers passing by watching us as we worked. She was already made up to perfection and had brought a broad range of outfits to change into and bring variety to the images.

With her positivity and confidence Bex should do well and I only hope I get the opportunity to work with her again.


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Lovely lady, very striking eyes and will go far given the right work. Highly recommended and good fun too.

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Had my first shoot today . Went really good,photos came out really good . Hoping to work with her again soon

Highly recommend

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