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A.N. Photography

Another awesome shoot with Isabella like every other time we have worked together she came fully prepared with the perfect outfit for our Halloween theme and throughout the shoot we had a great laugh along with awesome images we have created.

Always recommend her to other creatives do not miss any chance you get to work with her..:-)

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We have worked in many projects so far and always it has been a great pleasure, with fun and laugh while working professionally. She has been my model for a competition too. She is always really positive and openmind to every idea. In the last shoot we used a lot of spots and she supported me keeping the work a bit easier.Well done!I can't stop to thank her!

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I worked with Isabella three times for 3 different looks. Every time she showed a professional attitude and she was very friendly. The communication was good and she had a great sense of humour.I look forward to work with you again

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Loved working with her! Great personality, professional attitude and really good at her job. Always gives 100% in what she does. Dream to work with! Would defo recommend her to everyone wiling to have a great pictures and fun time! ❤️

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A.N. Photography

Isabella is truly a dream to work with! we have worked together on mutliple occassions now and just like every time It was a blast working with her again, she is so easy to direct and so quick to pickup the mood and style of the shoot, her communications are always very professional and pleasant and she is a very down to earth girl with lots of talent and a great sense of humour, so totally an amiable person, thank you for a great shoot! and I highly recommend her and cant wait to work with her again in the near future..:-)

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A.N. Photography

It was a delight to be able to work with Isabella again as we have worked on numerous occasions now and like always she has been a blast and a breath of fresh air in the studio with her lovely sense of humour, we had a lovely shoot with some very interesting images and as always it was a big success.

Wish her all the best always and looking forward to work with her again soon.:-) Highly recommend her.

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A.N. Photography

Had another blast with Isabella as always pre comms were excellent she came fully prepared, it was a location shoot she organised with another male model and we shot with a theme of 1920's to 1950's styled atmosphere and attire which was really fun, creative and a good laugh at the same time, cannot recommend her enough.

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Great shoot with Efi. Pre-shoot communication was great, she arrived well prepared and was enthusiastic throughout the shoot. Highly recommended.

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A.N. Photography

We continued the theme we was working on and as always Efi was magnificient, hardworking and very focused, we had a blast like every time we have worked together and created some very lovely shots, so I thank Efi for her time and collaboration and wish her all best and looking forward to work with her again very soon..:-)

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I would like to say "thank you" to Efi for being available on such short notice! Efi was very professional during our "Portraiture and Subject" themed shoot. She needed no direction and was clearly comfortable and skillful in her approach to the required subjects. Her pre-communications was excellent, and her friendly attitude made the assignment pleasurable. I wish you all the very best on your journey Efi! "Thank you" once again!

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Second shoot with Efi today. She is a very hard-working model, who has a very clear idea of her objectives and works tirelessly to achieve them.

However, she is very open to direction and suggestion, within these parameters. Pre- shoot communications were exemplary, and she arrived on time, fully prepared.

In summary, I thoroughly enjoyed our shoot, look forward to working with her in future and have no hesitation in recommending her to other creatives seeking a reliable, thoughtful model.

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A.N. Photography

Had a third shoot with Efi and as always it was a blast, She is such a great model and a really good laugh with great sense of humour along with being so impressively professional and hard working. We shot for almost 7 hours non stop with 4 different looks and she showed and proved the kind of energetic girl she is. A Smashing girl to work with and we have planned our next collaboration already and would be shooting with her again very soon. Very highly recommended.

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BANNERWORX Photography

Efi was great to work with, our shoot was a very crowded outdoor shoot, and we made the best of it. Her communication was on point, and ready to shoo ton arrival. i look forward to working with Efi again on another shoot.

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A.N. Photography

So it was our second shoot together and as expected it was awesome, Efi came fully prepared with lots of stuff to be used in the image as we were working on a theme which is yet to be finished as it involves 7 different looks but we managed to create some awesome images for the first few of them looks.

She is always a breath of fresh air on the set and honestly time flies when you are working with Efi as she is such a lively person yet so focused and professional at the same time, we already have decided what we are doing next so hopefully would be seeing and working with her again very soon, wish her all the best and happiness and recommend her whole heartedly.

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Efi was totally amazing, she was open to the looks I wanted to create for my portfolio, and I must admit I was very impressed with her. She was very professional and the photos taken have come out really well, would truly recommend her. She was so easy to get along with and we had a good laugh. I would definitely work with her again, she is a true Gem, you wouldn’t think she has just started her journey as a model, seemed like her had been doing it for ages.

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A.N. Photography

I worked with Efi for the first time today but it felt like we have known each other for a long time as it was so comfortable to work with her and she came fully prepared with clothes and props and is one of the most creative models I've worked with, we have created some very lovely images together and I am already looking forward to work with her again in the near future, she is professional a lovely person to have around with a very good sense of humour.

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Dino Dinoulis

I had a really great shoot with Efi today.

Despite being relatively new to modelling, Efi was relaxed, confident and professional. She posed well, worked hard to get some great shots and was fun to shoot with.

I would definitely recommend Efi and hope to work with her again soon.


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Efi is one of those rare individuals who can be both very focused and laid back at the same time. She answered a TF casting call I'd put out for a model to cover a hotel room shoot. As I knew there would be a bath in the room, and as Efi has wanted to do a "milk bath" set, the fit was perfect.

Pre-shoots comms were excellent, with Efi sending me examples of the types of images she would like to recreate. Unfortunately, through no fault of either of us, the hotel bathroom turned out to be less than ideal. However, Efi was brilliant, she adapted to the changed environment with ease and we got some great images.

Efi is an absolute joy to work with and, frankly, an absolute joy to be around. She's completely focused and professional, but also, as others have said, someone you will instantly feel you've known for ages. I really hope we work together a lot in 2019.

Just book her. You won't regret it.

Thanks Efi

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I shot with Efi with a 6:30am meet!! She braved the cold on the millennium bridge (London, UK) in a harsh pair of ballet shoes.

Efi was prepared to do what was needed to get the shot of the day!!

Thanks again Efi, hope you like out images


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Efi brought a fresh air to the shoot. She brought the perfect outfits for the shooting, with little details we discussed before the shooting.

During the shooting, Efi is very creative and active during the shoot. She has a great talent posing and acting.

Efi can work with less direction. She is very professional and really fun to work with her. She brings a fresh, and high professional result to your shooting.

I really recommend her, to any shooting, for her easy, fun, and professional way to work with her.


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