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Brook Logan

I had yet another fabulous shoot with Peter yesterday, always enjoy working with Peter, very friendly and lets you get on with your own posing, but also full of his own ideas. The shoots are always very relaxed but we always get lots done, which is always good :) Peter is a very genuine chap, i could work with him all day and every day! Very Chatty, which is great when your flowing through a shoot. I highly recommend Peter to all models!!

Thanks again for another brilliant shoot

Brook Logan Xx

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Peter booked me for a 8 hour shoot and Pozers Studio, and boy I am so glad he did, we had a ball and time just flew.

Peter is a absolute gentleman, genuinely lovely, really down to earth and very respectful of my levels. I loved the fact we had little breaks to sit down and look through the images so I could number down my favourites.

Peter has a wonderful sense of humour and I would highly recommend him.

Thank you & I look forward to working with you again soon.

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Rebecca Rose94

I shot with Peter yesterday, and what an absolute genuine gentleman he is!

We had a great connection and he took some lovely shots, I was very impressed.

Pre comms were excellent and I knew exactly what to expect.

Peter knows exactly what he wants and is particularly great at portrait shots.

We had a lovely time shooting and had a good laugh together which made everything feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Peter is a legend in my eyes and I look forward to shooting with him again!

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Eli Zah

After 4 long years shot with Peter again at poZers studio yesterday and he's still got it! Peter is relaxed, takes a quality over quantity approach with shoots. He clearly has a true passion for photography and is interested in capturing beauty rather than just 'boobs and bums'. He is especially good with capturing faces.

Peter is a lovely guy, genuine, and down to earth. His pre comms were great, he made sure I was paid prior to the shoot even commencing, and we had a lovely relaxed shoot.

Have worked with Peter multiple times before and wouldn't hesitate to work with him again - we are planning the next one already. Thanks for a nice shoot peter!

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Keira Lavelle

It’s been a good while since Peter and I worked together last, but during a recent tour I embarked on through Milton Keynes... Our paths crossed once more for a lovely half day shoot at Saracen House studio! :)

Peter is extremely passionate about his portraits. He has a huge amount of appreciation for emotion, expressiveness and pretty styling which he has always had a great vision for and this protrudes throughout his portfolio as he always strives to capture heart and soul in his pictures. He knows where his visions are taking him from the early stages of arranging a shoot, then on the day he is bursting with no end of suggestions and ideas from set to set. He has a great eye for giving direction when he’s creating his shots, but also does appreciate the work from a models side and allows for flowing throughout poses as well as input from the models to create a lovely balance in a working rapport. It’s always really nice going through the various images being produced during the regular breaks we have because he seizes some utterly fabulous work simply in-camera! He spots moments of magic instantaneously and communicates well to work with the model and work on a particular shot which he may have just picked up on from the simple change of a pose or body position. He is incredibly good at seeing these things/bouncing off the model and quite often: one style just nailed will create new ideas in his head right “in-moment” which then leads to yet another lush set. :D With the help of Andrew at the studio on the lighting side of things - we most definitely bagged some corkers. Just like last time!

The time went by incredibly quick: one minute I was arriving at the studio, the next we were saying our goodbyes and departing! Of course it certainly helps when you are getting on super well and chatting considerably between taking pictures. :D It was the very same positive model-photographer working harmony that I recall from working with Peter before. He was very sweet, easy-going and respectful towards me at all times... He showed fine etiquette, but we were still able to have a good old laugh and chuckle on-the-job and that’s the formula to a highly positive shoot! :D

His pre-shoot communications were brilliant which I am always so very grateful for because I’m usually running around like a mad woman before a tour in a bid to be as organised as possible!! So Peters clear and concise emails went down very well indeed and I cannot thank him enough for that. :)

Thank you all-round for another cracking shoot Peter!


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What a charming gentleman!

Peter and I organised this shoot a month or so ago and I'm so glad we did.

We shot at the lovely @SaracenHouseStudio in Milton Keynes today and the time just flew by! After every set we would review the images from the back of the Camera (Thank you for this Peter)

Great pre comms, we both knew exactly what we were aiming for today.

I am so grateful to have worked with him today, I would highly recommend anyone to work with Peter.

Thank you so much for having me & looking forward to see some of the images xxx

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I had another great shoot with Peter on Monday at the fabulous PoZers studio.

As always he had plenty of ideas and is a total sweetheart!

I always enjoy my shoots with Peter as we have a laugh and its very relaxed

We work so well together and its nice to see the images on the back of the camera as we work...

Thank you Peter for an amazing shoot!

Don't leave it as long next time :)

HIGHLY Recommended

Thank you :) x

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Peter booked a four hour shoot with me on 27 May and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He is a true sweetheart and such a joy to be around. 

Peter was very respectful of my levels, constantly checking that I was happy with everything, and made me feel comfortable from the very start to finish.

During the shoot we had a few little breaks to go through the images and I must say there were a lot of great shots.

Peter has an awesome sense of humour, we had so much fun shooting together. Time flew by and we could have shot for much longer. 

Highly recommended.

Peter, thank you so much for a great shoot and see you soon.

Aneta xx 

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I had a shoot recently with Peter, it was the first time we had worked together in many years. He was very sweet and complimentary. Peter knew the type of images he was after and it was easy to work with him to achieve these. We worked through a selection of portrait, lingerie and nude images. Everything was kept tasteful and my levels were fully respected at all times. I enjoyed our shoot together and look forward to future shoots working together.

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

Shot with Peter at Saracens House...To sum up Peter he is excitable, friendly, fun, chatty and you know when you have nailed a good image together by his expressions haha...Peter loves his model to look at the images from the back of the camera and as he words it he says lets have a shufti...I enjoyed Peter's company and time went by quickly...Peter is very good at editing and I cannot wait to see our results...we worked very well together and you could see that showed in our images...

Peter it was a pleasure to have met you and I hope you have a lovely evening :-)

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Lena HK

Had my third shoot with Peter last week and I believe it was our best! We have created so many lovely portraits and the 4 hours went by so quickly! I would highly recommend him and hopefully will get to work together again soon!

Much Love


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Helen Diaz

I worked with the lovely Peter again- this time at Pozers studio with the sensational Carla Monaco! I was extremely happy to work with such a lovely group of people and over the moon that Peter had booked myself and Carla together!

Peter is such a colourful character- SO fun, creative and mischievous! We modelled a range of dresses and art nude on the day and I absolutely LOVED the duo work with Carla. Peter created some beautiful shots of us both and the contrast between Dark Brunette and Blonde was really beautiful.

Peter also gave great direction and we went through a variety of lighting set ups. We had a delicious lunch half way through the shoot, courtesy of Alley at Pozers studio and it was such an enjoyable day.

I look forward to the uploads and would love to work together again! Thankyou Peter, I had such a wonderful day and went away smiling,

Helen x

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Elegant Eve

I had the pleasure of working with Peter yesterday at Saracen House Studio. Peter is a delight to work with. He has a great sense of humour and is so easy to get along with.

His preshoot comms were fantastic which made it very easy to prepare and also to locate the studio.

The time flew by too quickly working through the various sets. Peter was brilliant in having a "shoofty" (look at the back of the cam) throughout the shoot and the images looked incredible. So excited to see a few of the final images when they appear.

Peter gave great direction but allowed the shoot to flow too - he knew exactly what he was looking for in each set.

I would certainly recommend Peter to other models and would love to work with Peter again. Highly recommended.

Eve x

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Twinkle Nose (Hannah Aisling)

Pete and I decided to shoot at Pozers Studio in Swindon and it was great! We made a connection straight away and achieved some great images. Peter is a lovely, cheeky, friendly old boy and once you get used to his style of direction, it's quite easy to follow. He regularly showed me the back of camera and deleted any that I wasn't happy with there and then. His clear pre-comms meant I knew what I was expecting from the shoot. He is brilliant at creating beautiful portraits! His kindness shows through in the everything he does. I would be happy to work with him again:)

Twinkle x

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Jamie Jones Model

Had a lovely shoot with Peter at Saracen House Studio :) Communication prior to the shoot was clear and to the point, and so was the direction of the shoot when we met as the studio and discussed the plan before we started working! Peter is both great fun and friendly. I’d be very happy to work with him again and hope to do so soon! Thank you Peter :)

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tropical rose

Second time shooting with Peter... getting on set totally set the shoot by demanding more clothes to be worn! **I gasp**

Nevertheless Peter shot fantastic shots each time, Peter was great with direction and knew exactly what he wanted from each set and I highly recommend him to all models.

Looking forward to the next shoot 😁

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Luci Jones

Had my second shoot with Peter the other day at Saracen house in Milton Keynes. Shoot went well, and I would recommend peter as a photographer. Easy to work with, and produces great images. Until next time, Luci x

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Ashleigh Rae

I had my first shoot with Peter, would kindly made the trip to Stafford to work with me.

Great communication leading up to the shoot, with a clear vision of the end goal.

Thank you again Peter

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Second shoot with Peter, and what a trooper he was travelling to the studio and getting up the awkward stairs! I'm very grateful for the effort he made to shoot with me :)

Peter was open to suggestions and created some beautiful portraits

Thank you so much again!


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Brook Logan

I had a brilliant studio shoot today with Peter at Saracen House. Peter is so lovely and very easy to work with! He is full of lots of his own ideas, and even lets you get on with your own posing and ideas. I felt totally relaxed through out the whole shoot, and we really did have a giggle along the way! I really enjoyed working with Peter!! Cannot wait for shoot number 2!! :D


Thanks again for a fabulous and fun shoot, See you soon!

Brook Logan Xx

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