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Today was the second day I shot with Andrew. What an easy going chap! It’s so nice to find a photographer you instantly get along with who you can be your silly self with! Absolute joy as always. Suggested a beautiful spot near his home town and it was perfect. Especially cause we ending up shooting around the golden hour ;)

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had my first shoot with andrew today and what a lovily down to earth guy he is i was lucky enough to find his casting while scrolling though and he local to me so it worked out fine round my busy scadural and manged to fit in a shoot

he knew what images he wanted and so did i so worked wonders

defo would reccomed to anyone and hope to work with him again

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I had a really good shoot with Andrew yesterday! It's been a while since I've done modelling work but he immediately made me feel at ease. Am really happy to have worked with him. He was really professional throughout and showed me the shots as we went along which looked fantastic!

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I had a shoot with Andrew yesterday. He made me feel very comfortable, gave clear directions and was very well organised. I am looking forward to doing more work in the future with Andrew.

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Andrew had offered some headshot and portrait sessions to he agency I am signed with, and by coincidence I had already spotted him on here and had planned on contacting him, so of course I gladly booked one of slots.

This was a short session, however Andrews experience and knowledge really shows as we got some beautiful images in record time, everything was planned and executed brilliantly and the lighting set up was lovely, everything was done very professionially.

Andrew is so easy to get on with, despite the short slot we managed to have a lovely chat and I felt very comfortable around him.

I do hope we get to shoot together again as I would love to try out some creative work with Andrew!

Highly recommend to any model. Thanks Andrew! :)

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Had my first shoot with Andrew yesterday- WOW WOW WOW! One of my favourite shoots yet as he made it so enjoyable!

He is a very easy going, talkative and friendly and made me feel very at ease. I am new to modelling and he gave me the most fantastic guidance in order to get the perfect shot.

His pre-communications were fantastic and he had obviously planned very well as the shoot flowed easily and was very well managed.

I would most certainly recommend Andrew and hope we have the chance to work together again in the future.

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Alexa Allure

This was my second shoot with Andrew, albeit a short one but really enjoyable nonetheless.

Andrew gives direction well and gave me some tips to improve poses which was greatly received.

He is a lovely guy and really easy to get on with. His photography skills just get better and better and I believe we have only scratched the surface of his talents.

A great shoot and great Photographer, highly recommended!

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Lady Molly

I met Andrew for a brief headshot and portrait session very local to me after he put up a casting.

The session was short and sweet but Andrew was very professional and efficient and knew exactly what he wanted to achieve.

I would be interested in working with Andrew again in the future, and recommend him to anyone.

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I had my first shoot with Andrew on Sunday.

I bought my partner to do a few couple images - we both had a great time and Andrew was really easy to get along with and the shoot went really well.

The pictures are looking amazing already and I would like to work with Andrew again in the future.

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Alexa Allure

Andrew and I arranged a spring shoot on location. Precomms were great and he researched the location and style of shoot.

Andrew is really easy to get on with, chatty and polite with a good sense of humour. He has a natural talent for photography and his images are lovely and natural which I loved.

A nice guy and lovely photographer. Would definitely recommend To others without hesitation

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Andrew was very easy to get on with from the start and gives great direction. I would love to work with him again and recommend him to anyone.

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Andrew was a very knowledgeable photographer who managed to create a lot of amazing photos from our shoot. I would definitely recommend Andrew and use him again for future shoots.

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