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I had my first shoot with Adrian yesterday, he is a very nice person and very easy to work with,well prepared and professional. We had lots of fun ,Adrian had lots of ideas..i am sure we took a lot of great pictures.I will definitely shoot with Adrian again!!

Highly recommended! Xx

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Adrian came to my Xmas group shoot yesterday and we had so much fun! He is a joy to work with and we got some brilliant images! Very social and friendly with all the people on the shoot.

Can't wait to shoot with Adrian again!

Highly recommended as usual!

Camy xxx

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I had a lovely shoot with Adrian when I was on tour in Gloucester.

We got on amazingly well, had a lovely shoot (which produced some amazing images) and he even had time to teach me how to use my camera!

I would definitely recommend him to other models and hope to work with him again soon!!

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Ivy Lee

I had a fantastic shoot with Adrian at Eyebox studio Bristol.

Even though the shoot was short, I feel me and Adrian worked well together and got to know each other a little bit.

I am really happy with the images that I've seen!

110% recommend and I would love to work with him again :)

Thanks Adrian!!!

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Roswell Ivory

I had a lovely photoshoot with Adrian at a woodland park last weekend. He's friendly, interesting to talk to and once we got the car parked (busy weekend!) it was a chilled out two hours in a beautiful location. :D I wish you all the best Adrian and look forward to working together again one day.

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I worked with Adrian last Sunday and it was really great! Our shoot was a little bit spontaneous as we haven't got enough time to discuss all the details, but I think we managed to create some beautiful photos anyway ;) Adrian knows many amazing locations - for example old graveyard and poppy field. I really enjoyed our shoot, Adrian is professional, nice and easy to work with and creative. I'd love to work together again. Highly recommended! :)

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theresa louise

Just had an awesome 5 days in Cyprus working with a group of photographers, Adrian being one of them. Adrian was definitely entertainment for the week. He has got to be one of the funniest people I've met whilst doing this job. He kept spirits high and always has a joke or two to tell. We had a fricking awesome time working together and created some stunning images.

Would highly recommend to any model.

Thank you Darling! Lol! X

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Elle Black

I spent a wonderful time in Cyprus with Adrian and others in a big group. We were sat together on the plane there and back and I couldn't ask for a better plane buddy. He's a great and flattering photographer as well as a truly lovely man. We had some fantastic chats both deep and serious as well as hilarious. Absolutely totally recommended should you be lucky enough to get the chance to work with him or even simply to chat to him at any point in your life!

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The lovely Adrian! he attended the photography event in Cyprus, such a great photographer and at the same time an amazing chef- cooked a lovely bbq for everyone!

We had a great laugh during out shoot, very chilled and relaxed day with lovely results!

I would definitely work with Adrian again! Highly recommended!

Camy xx

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What can I say about Adrian... :)

He definitely made the trip what an awesome sense of humor, you will always be smiling and laughing when you are around him that's for sure :)

We went to 2 amazing locations for our shoot and the pictures are awesome so happy with them!

I'm so glad we finally got to shoot and I hope we do again

100% Professional and a great guy! And loves cats like me :D

Thanks xx

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I worked with A.Falconer several times and it was really worth it ! I am very happy of the result, so good pictures and easy working in the team. Two words describe him totally : Fun And Professionalism. He definitely knows what he is doing. Had really wonderful time laughing and shooting at the same time. Would love to work with him again and i hotly recommend him! If u want to have perfect pictures fast and easy with professional quality, he wont waste you time! :)

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Had a great shoot yesterday on my studio day.

some great idea's!

Photos look great and can't wait to see the rest.

lovely relaxed photographer to work with.

highly recommended.

Thanks Tara

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Had a great shoot with Adrian last week at my studio day at Eyebox Studio.

He was really friendly and enthusiastic, really easy going and was happy to listen to some of my ideas as well as try his own.

We only had an hour which just flew by but he got some great shots and i really enjoyed working with him.

would highly recommend to other Models and i look forward to working with him again soon ! :)

thank you!

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Revdesigncouk said...

Adrian came to a group shoot that I organized and it was great because of the people involved, he is professional and relaxed and the images speak for themselves. I hope to be involve in another shoot with him in the future.


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Holly Alexander

Adrian was on of the photographers on a recent model day I did at a fantastic location. Had a great time, and I'm already seeing some brilliant images from the day.

Very friendly and professional, highly recommended from me :)

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Maria Camila said...

I'm not the only model shooting with Adrian btw :), as you can see from his port , but it seems that the others are not on here on pp.. Anyway , I will still leave my feedback for the 10th shoot ever with the amazing Adrian !! :) I went up to Bristol and shooting around the docks and on the Matthew boat was as exciting as ever !! As usual, Adrian is a professional and gentle person , communicating efficiently and coming with plenty ideas during the shoot .. I love working with him and for me will always be like a mentor who's always there very supportive and a motivator . We got some great images again and looking forward to upload to our ports soon . Thank you for yet another great shoot Adrian :) Mona x

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Maria Camila said...

Another shoot with the amazing Adrian!! Excited and so pleased with the results... this time our shoot was a lot different than what we usually do. We had a lingerie shoot, but expressed in a very artistic way. We have used all props around us in the room, and lots of ideas just came through our minds during the shoot. Adrian is a professional, respectful at all times.. He had to become my best friend shooting now for the 9th time! Highly recommended by me. Thank you so much once again :) Mona x

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Lizzie Bayliss

A big thank you to Adrian for attending my Bristol lighting masterclass. Adrian is a lovely guy with a friendly and creative personality, who worked well with everyone, and was great to work with. He was punctual, well prepared and very helpful getting involved in the shoot and communicating well with Angelique.

It was a pleasure, and I hope to work with Adrian again soon. Fully recommended!

Lizzie xx


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Maria Camila said...

Guess what??! Our 8th shoot together and it feels like we know each other for ages! Adrian is a very friendly photographer, with a very good sense of humour and high level of professionalism. I went up to Bristol this time, and our day shoot was all around those beautiful areas.. Adrian arranged everything with so much care for detail, and the day just flew by! He had loads of ideas, he even bought some red material to go nice in our shots on the beach, which I loved playing with it.. such a shame sometimes been waiting for the wind to blow it up for ages haha!! We got some great images again, which I am so looking forward to see them all nice and edited, as Adrian is a master in Photoshop too !! :) Thank you so much for everything and you know already how much I appreciate. I obviously highly recommend him to anyone. Mona x

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Maria Camila said...

Got to shoot with my amazing Adrian again. He is just fabulous! Going round and finding new places to shoot on location, what a beautiful day yesterday! Adrian has so many brilliant ideas, I just love shooting together. He always turns up on time, fully prepared with everything needed. He is a real gentleman and a best friend. We will shoot again soon :) Can't recommend him enough x

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