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B R I N G E R / Model Abigail Taylor / Uploaded 30th January 2018 @ 08:31 PM

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"The Silver Hoof"

From Scandinavian folklore, a creature seen only once per year around the time of Yule will walk through the snow leaving jewels, glitter and treasures in their wake.

This was our take on that tale.

Bodypaint took over 6 hours to complete, with the props amassing around another 80+ hours of work. I stood over 7' tall when completed. I

Bodypaint artist was the one and only June Waller (not on PurplePort)

Photography by Natasha Quarmby (not on PurplePort)

Tony WareTony Ware said, 1523089437

Love this :-)

Lilibeth Lilibeth said, 1517350010

Cool shot