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Geotag removal when uploading images


By @vishpateluk, 1515514420

Not sure how easy something like this would be but just a idea. I've noticed that lots of new members (mainly models) upload images straight from their iPhones which contain embedded GPS info.

I can't help but think people shouldn't be making their home address publicly available, so maybe a premium feature to strip that info when adding images or for everyone. 

I can imagine most people are quite naive and don't even think about it, with websites like Facebook removing meta info.

Or could maybe a notice be added to the 'Add image' page to highlight the fact GPS data doesn't get removed just to warn people.

© said, 1515516646

Any automatic system would have to a assume that the member wanted the data stripping in the first place.

The notice seems like a good idea so +1 on that

Eray said, 1515516810

Big +1.

warning message for GPS info on image upload page