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One Month to Rescue any Creativity from this Year

Degsy is looking for a model to fill this collaboration casting. The casting is only open to female models. It's based around Southampton, United Kingdom Added 1606262666.

This casting starts on Wednesday, December 2nd 2020.

Well, I think this year is going to be one to remember probably for all the wrong reasons, except that Trump has gone, so maybe that was the silver lining part!??  

Anyway - the casting! I don't have anything specific to shoot. I still have my oversized sparklers for something dusk ish and I still have a good lighting set up and backdrops and access to a few different spaces, so I am up for fashion, a little something risqué but that you would be happy to show your Grandmother, and I have no dates. Listen, it's a collab, but there'll be travel expenses and of course a little something extra thrown on top, and if the images are good, your email box will start to fill up. 

If we shoot inside, we'll open the windows, and do everything to keep us both safe. Any questions, let me know? Thanks for reading.


I am a full time photographer and have more than 13 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Southampton, United Kingdom. Map