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Exotic pet owners for wildlife documentary series

Natasha.B is looking for a photographer or a model or a make-up artist or a photoshop wizard or a stylist or a tutor or a hair stylist or a artist/painter or a designer to fill this collaboration casting. It's based around Southend-on-Sea SS0, UK Added 1590598388.

Are you interested In having an appearance in our wildlife documentary?
Do you have exotic/potentially dangerous animals as a member of your family? We would love to hear from you!

The idea would be to film within your household so there is no travelling involved. We are interested to film about your beautiful relationships with your unusual creatures and educate on the animals themselves, for example;  their typical diets, animal behaviors, general up-keeping of your pets, how you have come to build a trust/bond, and generally showing their individual beauty etc.

We are looking for exotic animals of all kinds including:

-Snakes (including venomous), Boa's, Pythons, Anaconda's etc.
-Lizards of all kinds such as Komodo Dragons, Frilled Lizards, Monitor Lizards, Rhinoceros iguana, Gila monsters.
-Exotic Birds, including Pelicans, Peacocks, Flamingos, Emu, ostrich, Cranes, Ravens, Kookaburra, Owls, Vultures, Falcons, Eagles, Hawks and so on.
-Tortoises and turtles
-Aquatic Exotic animals, Shark's, Sting Rays, Giant Fish, Piranha's  
-Mammals such as Meerkat's, Raccoon's, Sugar gliders, Armadillos, Skunks, Lemurs, Monkeys, Gibbons
-Crocodiles, Alligators, Caiman
-Even including potentially more dangerous including unusual cats like Caracal's,  Serval's, Rusty spotted cat, or even larger big cats; Puma's, Lion's, Tiger's, Cheetah's etc.

-Also Bears, Bison, Wild Cattle, Deer, Moose, Giraffe, foxes, etc.
and the list goes on!

Please do share with anyone else you may know who would be interested in this casting. If you would like to hear more please contact us.
We will be looking forward to your applications.
This is currently on a voluntary basis.

Thank you, Kind Regards

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I'm a 21yr old Female, part time model and have around a year experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Southend-on-Sea SS0, UK. Map