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Fancy a seaside holiday? - NSFW

Russ FTL is looking for a model to fill this collaboration casting. The casting is only open to female models. It's based around Rhyl LL18, UK Added 1568151112.

This casting starts on Sunday, September 15th and expires on Tuesday, December 31st.

No one can resist a seaside holiday right?  Yay for clickbait
We are actually right by the sea and often put models up for studio days or colabs, so I wasn't lying either.  My studio can be found at SplashPointPhoto where the majority of models listed for studio days in the album there have taken advantage of our hosting capabilities, so by all means drop them a message etc should we arrange a shoot and you fancy the convenience of not travelling the same morning/evening, assuming you're not local or course.


I have a couple of projects on the go

They are my main focus at the moment in terms of my own work for colabs while is still push forward with my new studio space and any commercial work that comes my way.  The projects are not for everyone as they are both quirky and implied.

They could both be done easily in a hour or two (assuming we don't get really complicated with props for the pop arty one), so we could collaborate on something else too potentially. 

Lets start with this one as i've recently ordered in some more material for it.  I think I have 5 potential new variants i've not utilised before:
Sharon / Photography by Russ FTL, Model Sharon Jade, Makeup by Sharon Jade, Taken at SplashPointPhoto / Uploaded 28th August 2019 @ 07:33 PM

On going abstract project. / Photography by Russ FTL / Uploaded 11th February 2019 @ 10:25 PM

Completely implied, altho i have done it many times with g strings etc as they're usually quite easy to cover, so no actual nudity is required, in fact i'd consider it a distraction.  The aim of this project is to use the skin to break up a busy pattern, so tattoos aren't ideal but it is something i've done before... and the mirrors to protect ones modesty while creating an often eye bending illusion abstract vibe - in reality it's a really simple if not a little fiddily as you can't see what the mirror are doing and are trying to create something fresh pose-wise.



This one's a lil more risque in both innuendo and execution

Triptych -  on going project / Photography by Russ FTL / Uploaded 11th February 2019 @ 10:35 PM
The key here is to create a pop arty bold complimentary triptych using the consistent three colour drops.  By complimentary I mean they all relate in terms of the prop, potentially even telling a story between the three or they all play on complimentary colours often relating to the background colours.


   Again I like the diversity of different bodies for this one, so tattoos are completely encouraged, otherwise I could just use the same person over and over again.  I could do with some dark skinned ladies if any fancy it?  I've said it in the past, but you can remain completely anon for this if you have no id'ing features... just bare in mind if we then collab on something else that people will probably jump to conclusions.  You are completely encouraged to also get in involved in the ideas process in terms of props.

I'm open to other collabs outside of these with strong models.
I tend to find people a muse, ideas aside I will see something that tells me I need to work with someone, then introducing any ideas into the mix, I may work with someone who totally fits that vibe I may not have otherwise consider in general.  Everyone has a vibe!  You can make a decent image out of nearly anyone and any location if you just want to see something in it and make it work with concept and lighting, which is completely subjective to peoples choice and styles equally, so don't be offended if the chemistry isn't there and i'm not feeling it... that's just my vibe!

Russ FTLPhotographer

I am a part time photographer and have more than 7 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Rhyl LL18, UK. Map