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AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE: Slideshow videos to promote your work, for pay or trade

Andrew Clifton is looking to be paid by a photographer or a model or a make-up artist or a photoshop wizard or a stylist or a studio or a hair stylist or a artist/painter or a designer for this casting. Added 1526476333.

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Would you like to have a custom-made, expertly crafted slideshow video, created for you?

It's an amazing way to present a set of images from your portfolio - and if you actively promote your work on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc., you'll know that videos can easily get 100 times more reach and engagement than photos alone! Whether your a model, a photographer, a MUA or retoucher, or any other kind of creative - slideshow videos could be a great way to present and promote your work online.

Take a look at this short slideshow video I've just created for Bristol model Monika L using images from our recent shoot.

This was created in ProShow Producer 9 - the most sophisticated, professional (and eye-wateringly expensive!) slideshow editing suite available today. It's a very complex and powerful program, which takes a lot of time and practice to truly master - but I think the countless hours I've spent learning to use it are a worthwhile investment! Incidentally, the soundtrack to this video is sourced from a royalty free music library, so it's perfectly safe to post online.


I can create a top-quality slideshow video for you, using a set of images you provide... And of course, we don't need to meet - you can be anywhere in the world, this can all be arranged and delivered online.


There is one strict condition: you must either own copyright of all the images used, or ask the copyright owner to contact me and give permission to use them.

  • If you're a photographer, you automatically own the copyright on all of your own images - so that's simple! You can go ahead and book a slideshow.
  • If you're a model, or a MUA or a retoucher etc., you may have plenty photos in your port you'd like to use... But you'll need to get permission from the photographer(s), to use them in a slideshow. Keep in mind, this usually won't be a problem as most photographers won't mind - especially if they get a credit!
  • Royalty-free music: I'm afraid I can't just use your favourite song as a soundtrack - as copyright violations lead to take-down notices on YouTube etc., so it's bad news for you as well as me! However, I can give you a set of royalty-free soundtrack options to choose from - and that'll be copyright-safe.


With special effects and transitions to configure and customise every few seconds, creating short slideshow videos takes quite a bit of time and effort!

  • My pricing for slideshow work is just £10 per image or title-slide. For example, Monika's slideshow includes nine photos, plus the 'credits' title slide at the end - so my price for creating this video would be £100. A very reasonable rate, I think - for several hours' work!
  • Online review and editing. When I've created your slideshow, I'll upload it to Dropbox and send you a link. If you want me to make any changes - the order of slides, slide effects and transitions, music selection, titles and credits etc. - I'll carry out ONE set of amends free of charge, so try to tell me everything you want done! Any further editing iterations are £50 each.
  • Payment terms: This is very simple: 30 per cent in advance, 70 per cent on completion - by paypal or bank transfer.


If you are a "pay only" pro model, you might want to consider having a slideshow video created free of charge, as payment in kind. This would be a great marketing move, from your point of view - especially if you already have a strong following on social media.


If you'd like me produce a series of slideshows for you to post on social media on a regular basis, I'll be happy to discuss special terms for this. Let me know if you'd like to consider this option.


If you're interested in this service and have any questions, I can't wait to hear from you!   Keep in mind, I only have a certain amount of time for this - as professional portrait work is my main priority right now - and if I get a lot of interest in slideshow work I may soon have no choice but to raise my prices...

So, contact me now, while I'm available - and cheap! :)

Best wishes,


Andrew CliftonPhotographer

I am a full time photographer and have more than 11 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Bradford-on-Avon, UK. Map