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THIS WEEKEND. WATER. Pre-Raphaelite style. Looking for female model, assistants, makeup artist.

Maria.Mirage.Photography is looking for a photographer or a model or a make-up artist to fill this collaboration casting. It's based around Fleet, Hampshire GU52, UK Added 1525087184.

This casting has expired.

TF-CASTING. THIS WEEKEND. WATER. Pre-Raphaelite style.

Looking for: Female model. Assistant. Makeup artist

Location: Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire. My private garden studio, inflatable pool.

This is spontaneous casting as I just noticed temperature this weekend will be +21 and I still have a lot of camellias in my garden. I have been thinking to shoot with camellias in the water for years :-)

This is implied nude shoot in water(inflatable pool with warm clean water decorated to see like a pond) in my private garden cover by sheer fabrics, flowers and leaves. I want to create fine-art images in pre-Raphaelite style.

Please read with attention requirements of the casting:

Requirements "Must"

  • You should be able to get to my studio (Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire), and help me to collect branches in the forest prior the shoot. So if you have car it is a plus.
  • Prior shoot you will sign model release.
  • You have to be comfortable to pose nude. The final images will be quite modest implied nude (pre-raphaelite, dreamy painterly look, genitals will not by visible at all, nipples may be visible through sheer fabrics or covered by flowers/leaves/jewellery), but during the shoot you will be naked. You can see examples of what I want to achieve in "Reverie" series.

 Additional requirements, which will be nice to have but not necessary or "Plus"

  • If you can bring an assistant and makeup-artist it is a big plus
  • Can bring someone who shoot/edit decent behind the scene video even bigger plus
  • Can bring a lot of flowers is a plus ("a lot" means a lot like couples of buckets)


  • Size: between 6-8 size top, can be 10 size at bottom, any height
  • Skin colour: any
  • Hair: Naturally long (Longer than shoulder blades, have good volume) or willing to wear wig.
  • No fake-tan
  • No long/decorated/bright colour nails, it have to be natural looking hand/toe nails
  • No piercings, if you have piercing it have to be removed prior the shoot
  • Tattoo: For this shoot I prefer no tattoo. However if you all covered in dragons, snakes, leaves or patterns like Maori or other ethic tattoos I will change the theme :-) I have love-hate relationship with tattoo. I do not tend to shoot models with modern looking tattoos for my personal projects as it does not fit with my timeless style. However I adore tattoo if  it look like it comes from another time and feel it is enhance the image.
  • Features I am specially looking so plus if you have it but not necessary for this casting: super long hair, red hair + a lot of freckles, curly hair, long fingers and narrow palms, hourglass figure, long neck,  strong jaw-line, big blue/green eyes, albino, very dark skin, covering whole body snake tattoo.  :-)

To apply:

You can apply via PurplePort, however I prefer you apply via facebook as I like to have all entries together and I am the most active opn facebook currently. Facebook casting https://www.facebook.com/maria.mirage.photography/posts/2038863083021108 

Examples of my photography

See how I work in behind the scene videos

Book me outside of this the casting

Of cause you can book me for your personal photo session with the theme of your choosing :-)

If you would like to have photo session in water or not in water and this casting is not for you - please feel welcome to inquire about my photography services. PM me and I will send you presentation what I have to offer to my client.

You do not have to have any special looks or experience to book me as I have plenty of experience working with women all level of experience, I have huge collection of costumes in big range of sizes to 6-18. Strict and picky requirements are only for TF-castings :-)


I am a part time photographer and have more than 17 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Fleet, Hampshire GU52, UK. Map