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  • Part time Photographer
  • More than 19 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel or work from home
  • See message reply rate [?]

Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Cosplay, Dance, Fashion, Nude, Portrait and Topless


Hi Everyone,  My name is Maria Mirage

Most part of my work on my website and at the Facebook page, here you can see an only a tiny fraction of it.

Maria Mirage Photography [link removed]

Current status 

TF-Casting open for - Women of Colour

  • https://[url removed] [link removed] 

TF-Casting open for - Asian Women

  • https://[url removed] [link removed] 


I am a female photographer inspired by fairytales and pre-raphaelite paintings. I love creating dark whimsical romantic pictures with a textured look, dominated by strong colours. My goal is to find a speck of magic in every woman and turn it into a bonfire to light a beautiful vessel of the human body from within. 

Connection with nature and its elements is the driving force behind my art as much as a desire to bring dreams to reality. Photography is an art of illusion and I employ every special effect available to me to breathe in life to fantasies.

Read testimonials https://[url removed] [link removed]

Book me

  • If you are a model you can book a shoot with me as a photographer or rent my studio, hire me as a stylist and bring your photographer. You can organize studio days in my studio.
  • If you are a photographer you can rent my studio and hire me as a stylist/assistant. I am available for individual/small group workshops as well. 

Send me a message  and you can receive a presentation about my photography/studio services


If you want to inquire about anything, propose a collaboration or just want to talk to me about photography you are welcome! Send me a message on my Facebook page - This is my preferred method of communication. I book shoots via PurplePort, use its references system, can confirm all shoot details as well. I do not often log in to PP, so if you want a quick reply DO USE my preferred methods of communication :-)

Where to find me online 

My most active social media now is my facebook - page [url removed] [link removed]

Instagram: [url removed]agram/[url removed]ography

Visit my website https://[url removed] [link removed]

Send me email [url removed]ography @ [url removed]

About TF

I am always looking for Filmmakers, MUAs, henna & bodyart & hair artists and designers to collaborate, message me with your ideas. I am particularly looking for collaboration with mermaid tails and fairy wings designers.

To models:

This is a long read but if you read prior contacting me it will save your and my time.

To describe my TF photo sessions, I decided to introduce a new terminology "not-model-centred” photo-session 😊 despite I mainly photograph people. Before going into details, I want to say I do have a deep respect for models as it hard and very demanding profession (I have done a lot of modelling myself) However I want to write a public explanation of my view so I can refer to models when I get contacted. 

I am a very experienced photographer & stylist with my own studio full of costumes/special effects/props; I provide photography services to all women(and men sometimes). So most of the time I am not looking for models to shoot TF, I just do fantasy/fairytale makeover photo session for my clients.

However, I still do TF from time to time. I usually don't shoot TF something well established by me,  something I already do commercially — my TF something riskier, more difficult & challenging, something new. I like to do group shoots as TF with 2-4 models.  As well, sometimes, I do sponsored photo sessions by brands/designers. Usually, my TF-shoot starts from a concept/visual idea, progresses into the preparation stage; obtaining some resources, making/getting costumes, planning travel on locations, putting the team together (videographer, MUA, assistant, designer) and only at the end I will open casting and find models who fit the concept.

 So if you want to be photographed by me, there are four ways:

  • Be a Client; This is the easiest but costly way. You tell me your dream theme, we arrange the date, and I execute your vision. You only need to walk into my studio; I will be organising everything myself.
  • Be a Model with looks/skills I am already looking for; so I will organise the photo session around you (See the list of who I am looking for below) or apply on my castings 
  • Be a Model and a Partner; Join on "stage zero" when the concept is forged. Contribute something beyond modelling to help to organise the shoot; find the team members, provide resources, transportation, etc. The easiest way to arrange a collaboration with me now is to find professional videographer as having good quality behind the scene videos is on top of my list.  See the list of my ideas below or let me know your idea. Note “I want to be Ophelia, Mermaid, nude in your pool, or medieval/pre-raphaelite princess/fairy/queen or gothic/Victorian in your studio” is not an idea but a client inquiry; this is what I do as a service on a regular basis. 
  • Be a Model only; This means you will be joining me at the last stage and competing with other models in the casting call. Approximately I do between 8-15 TF shoots per year, the usual number of applications per castings 20-120 persons depend on location/theme/conditions. I post casting on my Facebook page and sometimes repeat it on PurplePort/Instagram and Facebook groups. Follow me on PurplePort add my Facebook page to "see post first"  and you will get notifications.  Wait for casting which fit your looks/skills/location. 

What is the best way to apply to my TF-castings?

Apply via Facebook with all required info (usually you will be required to reply on 6-12 questions).  Why via Facebook? Firstly I spend on Facebook a lot more time than on any other platforms as most parts of my clients come from Facebook. As well I found out that having casting as a post and all applications as comments making my task handling big volume significantly easy;  I have one entry to the casting, I can do group announcement, I can easily come back to casting after many weeks, it is easy to read all conversations.  Woking through the casting via PP-messages is much slower ☹ try to find someone you spotted amongst many persons after a few weeks is a pain(I remember the face but not the name for example so I have to re-open all messages..). So first I will handle all facebook applications and after move one to my other media channels (PP, Instagram, Facebook messages, emails, etc). Additionally, you can apply on a closed Facebook casting call. I tend to come back to my old casting call when I need models with similar looks again and message models directly to ask them if they are available for other castings.

Note: My TF-shoots can be the last moment call (for example I have a cancellation and decided to execute some of my pre-planned concepts then I may only post to Facebook for speed)  

List of ideas & models looks I am looking for TF-shoots:

  • Would love to shoot identical twins
  • Redhaired sisters with freckles and naturally curly hair - (and I mean sisters or twins or 2 very similar looking models)
  • Albino models
  • Family(or group looking alike) of three women, different age (14-18, 30-40, 50-90) for "generations" or "triple goddess" shoot. The oldest woman must have long grey hair.
  • Very long thick natural hair preferable red ("Very long" is around the knee) for "Rapunzel" project
  • Can bring snakes & other animals to my garden studio
  • Can arrange to shoot with a horse
  • Have a koi fish or can arrange to shoot with them.
  • Have a lot of flowers you are willing to contribute to a shoot (a lot mean A LOT and measure in buckets)
  • With access and transport to awesome locations 
  • Native American models
  • Very tall women of colour 6-8 size
  • Mermaids with silicone/scaled tails and transport to get to the seaside (Dorset, Kent, Swansea, another cool seaside)
  • Model with access to underwater(water tank, pool) facilities to shoot
  • Fire dancers who can perform in my garden studio
  • Aerial artist who can perform in the forest
  • People covered my ethical tattoos; like Maori, Aztec, Celtic, etc
  • Japanese model who has proper silk kimono and do Japanese traditional makeup
  • I have many more ideas but it is already too long list :-) Have interesting idea and resources to execute it? Message me

My plan for TF shoots for the next few years:

  • Mermaids
    • Frozen & SnowQueen mermaid
    • Halloween mermaid
    • Fairy & Rainbow mermaid
    • Seaside (Durdle Door, Botany bay, Wales, Egypt, etc)
    • Underwater
    • In water tank
  • Special effects
    • Wind
    • Rain
    • Snow
    • Bubbles
    • Fire
    • Dry ice

About my mermaid work:

Recently I got a lot of questions about my mermaid work, write some answers here:

  • You don't have to have anything to become a mermaid for a day. I have 14 tails, 20 top, countless wigs and accessories to transform you into a beautiful siren of the sea in the comfort of my private studio in warm water when you book a photo session with me as a client. You just walk into my studio and I do the magic :-)
  • No mermaid/swimming/modelling experience required.
  • I build shallow pools in different sizes (3x4m) in my garden studio which I fill with warm water for shoots
  • I have a special giant oval shape bath in the garden for shoots
  • I shoot at sea-sides also (Kent, Dorset, Wales, sometimes Scotland. Cornwall)
  • I am creating mermaid accessories myself as well.
  • If you photographer you can rent my studio and hire me as a stylist/wardrobe. I set up a pool for you and dress models as mermaids. I do not do makeup but can recommend my makeup artists who work for me. Last year I run two group mermaid shoots seaside (Wales, Scotlands) as stylist/wardrobe/organizer


Thank you for reading and have a great time on front or behind the camera! 

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Maria.Mirage.Photography has 47 references; 47 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellation and 0 no-show.


TF - Women of colour - Fantasy - Fairy tales - Boudoir - Shoots in Garden, bath, pool

Fleet from Friday, April 23rd to Wednesday, June 30th.
TF - Asian models - Fantasy - Fairy tales - Boudoir - Shoots in Garden, bath, pool

Fleet from Saturday, April 24th to Wednesday, June 30th.
Mermaid in bath. TF. Silicone scales prosthetic

Fleet from Friday, April 16th to Wednesday, June 30th.


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