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Hands on virtual backdrop workshop with Sarah Elizabeth

Hangleton Lane Studio is looking to be paid by a photographer or a model or a make-up artist or a stylist or a hair stylist or a designer for this casting. Added 1523428918.

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This casting has expired.

An opportunity to get hands-on experience with Hangleton Lane Studio's new digital virtual backdrop system, with the support of model Sara Elizabeth, from (approx) 1.30 pm - 5.30 pm Saturday 28 April 2018.

Complete instruction on how to use the system and the opportunity to try it out for yourself.  Limited to a maximum of six attendees.  Fee £60 per person.  Attendees automatically get a very substantial discount on hiring the system in the future as you will, once you have attended the workshop, be able to use the system without a trained operator needing to be present.

Although aimed primarily at photographers, the workshop is extended to models, stylists and others wishing to learn about the system with their own projects in mind.

What the course covers:

  • The "do's and don'ts" of handling the backdrop and the background image generator;
  • Installing and aligning a camera to the system;
  • Light level and exposure settings;
  • Connecting the camera to the live-view computer;
  • Safety considerations;
  • Stills and video use, including recording video against a video background;
  • Practical experience with Sarah Elizabeth;
  • An ongoing Q&A while we work..

You will ideally need:

  • A DSLR camera with:
    • a mid range zoom lens covering 40mm - 120mm with a filter size of between 58mm and 82mm;
    • standard hot shoe flash release;
    • manual shutter release setting with a 1/125 - 1/160 second shutter speed;
    • bio-metric facial recognition AF focus setting;
    • optional cable or radio shutter release socket;
  • Your camera should ideally have a mini-USB output socket and a RAW + small JPG output setting so you can use the live-view tethering facility at the highest possible display speed.


  • A constant supply of traditional and herbal teas, coffee, light snacks and (of course) chocolate Hobnobs.

Sarah will be covering levels from clothed glamour and up to topless and discrete fine art nude.  Minimum age for attendees - 18 years,


Future models already lined up:

Future workshops will normally be on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening, or on a Saturday


The studio has been open for more than 12 years.

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