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Dreadlocked faerie in Cambridge for a tenner

Inzeckt is looking to be paid by a photographer or a photoshop wizard or a studio or a artist/painter for this casting. It's based around Cambridge, UK Added 1483887274.

This casting has expired.

Dear artists,

I'm on my way back to Cambs in a few weeks and I would love to kick up some creative dust! I will bring a suitcase of whacky dresses, leotards and smoke bombs and weird up your work. I can also bring a pint of fake blood if you like the darker art. We can shoot in town, the botanical garden, the surrounding natural scenery or in the museums. I'm not shy to look strange and/or pose in front of crowds so throw me some ideas and 95% of the time, I am game. I've also mastered the ginger hair and pink eyebrow look recently if you want a little unicorn colour splash.

I'm only asking for £10ph. A few hours is preferred Smile

Stephanie Pearl



I'm a 28yr old Female, part time model and have more than 8 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Brixton, Lambeth, United Kingdom. Map