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Why is it important to use PurplePort for all shoot communications?

By Russ Freeman, written 1406738374

Below is a brief list of some of the reasons we ask you to keep all communications on PurplePort. Sending replies via PurplePort costs nothing and even if you have a free account it doesn't affect your "new message" quota. There is no reason to take communications off PurplePort.

Resolving disputes

Sometimes things go wrong on a shoot. We don't take sides. Instead, we look at the evidence we have in front of us and make a decision.

If shoot communications have been taken off-site then we have no verifiable evidence to look into. This makes it devilishly difficult to resolve disputes.

Inappropriate requests

Sometimes you'll receive an inappropriate request and if it's in email or somewhere beyond PurplePort then we'll need to see screengrabs of them, which you can upload to a support ticket.

If it's in a message on PurplePort then we can act on it immediately. Please report any messages you find inappropriate.


Should someone you have arranged a shoot with not show up and all of the communications are on PurplePort then leaving a no-show reference is fine. Should the other person dispute it then we have the evidence right here on PurplePort.

When this happens and shoot communications have gone off-site then we will have no alternative but to delete the reference. Without evidence of a booked shoot, we are powerless to say there ever was one.


Q: What if I want to send images to someone that are not on PurplePort?
A: There are plenty of places you can host images. DropBox has a generous free allowance and you can send a sharing link to anyone even if they don't have a Dropbox account.

Q: What should I do if someone insists they want to use email, phone, text or chat on Facebook?
A: Tell them that you like to keep all shoot communications, especially pre-shoot, to PurplePort as it's your main hub for arranging shoots. Say that it's confusing to have stuff scattered over many services. 

Q: What if they ask for a phone number just in case I get lost?
A: This should only happen after a shoot is arranged, not in order to arrange a shoot. Use a cheap pay-as-you-go phone and insist they don't use that for arranging shoots. Since most people travel to me I will always give out my full contact details including my phone number. I don't need theirs though, they will call me if lost or late.

Q: Isn't this just a way to make us upgrade to VIP membership?
A: Not at all. Replies to messages DO NOT count towards your free account message quota.

Q: I have a free account. Can I still reply to messages?
A: Yes you can. A free account is NOT restricted by how many messages you can send.

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