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Why PurplePort is a better choice than ModelMayhem

By Russ Freeman, written 1489420267

PurplePort is not number one so we work harder for our customers. PurplePort is growing fast but this doesn’t make us complacent. Here are some reasons to choose PurplePort instead of ModelMayhem.

The owners and developers also use it daily

We are owned, developed and operated by models and photographers so we have a unique perspective on the needs and desires of the community. Every feature we add is designed to help you achieve your goals and make your life easier.

PurplePort has been designed from the ground up with the single purpose of bringing models, photographers, studios and related creatives together. Features are integrated such that you can book a shoot in the diary right from an inbox message, when you leave references we take a look for the last shoot date and automatically use that, you can see someone’s availability or travel notice when you view their profile or their group posts, and much more.

Modern and fresh

It’s a modern design and it has been built embracing modern web technologies, adapting to your device size to give the best possible experience whether on a mobile phone, tablet device, or a large desktop computer.

It’s a fresh site that is constantly being developed, with fixes and updates daily, by a dedicated team of 4 full-time software developers who have many decades of experience in both making fabulous websites and of course model based photography.

Fewer restrictions

There are none of the restrictions that ModelMayhem places on you such as not being able to message people outside of your friend's list or only being able to upload a small number of images even with their most expensive tier. On PurplePort we have a free account that is better than their starter account and we have a VIP membership where things like the number of images, casting calls, daily messages etc. are in fact unlimited. If you live in the USA you get PurplePort free for at least a year.

A real community

The community is vibrant and pulsing with life. Members of the community help with the general running of the site, answering questions and offering advice. We have two teams of community members as well as admins so whenever you need help someone is always available.

We have 100’s of member created groups/forums where people get together to discuss and share images, tips, tricks etc. on a wide variety of topics. We also have an events system where the community can post links to meet-up style social events, exhibitions, group shoots, model days and more.

We had references and credited images long before ModelMayhem but we also allow negative references and late cancellations because we know, from our own experience, that these are just as important as glowing references.

We have an easily accessible “message reply rate” so that you can see whether it’s really worth messaging someone.

The fully customisable home page lets you have exactly what you want when you log into PurplePort, complete with image collections, group images, random images, shoutbox, casting calls and events, site activity and many more.

More images, image search, albums and more

Because we allow unlimited images we also allow you to put your images into easily organised and accessible albums. Albums can be fully public, members-only, or private. Private albums can be shared with other members either forever or until a date.

Finding inspiring images on ModelMayhem is painful at best. On PurplePort you can search for images using image keywords. On ModelMayhem you can have lists, on PurplePort you can have public and private image collections, as many as you want!

Marketing and integration with Twitter and Facebook

On PurplePort we know that your marketing is important to you so not only do we provide stats and daily graphs for your profile, images, events and casting calls but we also allow you to integrate google analytics so you can properly track and drill down into your visitors and content.

Your social network is also important so we allow you to connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts so when you create a casting call or event, or when you upload an image, you can optionally and automatically post it to Twitter or Facebook. We can even auto-post your competition entries to Facebook when the competition opens for votes (yes we allow touting for votes).

Messaging, finding work and making contact

With messaging, you can have multi-recipient messages making organising the model, studio and makeup artist even easier. You can also easily see all of your previous messages between you and anyone else. If you read a message and don’t want to reply, but also don’t want to forget about it, you can request a follow-up reminder to reply later. This is fabulous for models on the move who wish to wait until they return before messaging.

If you are a little shy you can use our “want to work with list” feature where you can add someone to this list and they will be notified. We even show this when you view someone’s profile, and doubly so if you both want to work with each other.

Search, international stats, sizes and measurements

The search integrates lots of other site-wide features too. So, for example, you can search for people you have not messaged in the last month and who are on your want to work with list, and who have also added you to their want to work with a list...and this on top of all of the usual search parameters such as height, weight, dress size etc.

Which leads nicely to the fact that PurplePort displays such things as height, weight, distances, dress sizes and more in whatever regional way you like. So in the USA weight is in pounds but in Europe, it’s in kilograms. This includes dress sizes and shoe sizes of course. This is fully automatic and all you need to do is select the right sizes for you wherever you are in the world. On ModelMayhem someone in the UK looking at an American dress size 4 model will be disappointed to find the dress he purchased doesn’t fit her!

Privacy, blocking, and dead accounts

Your privacy is important to us so you can make your profile, or individual images viewable by members only. You can also block members from messaging you, collecting your images, commenting on your images and many more things right up to stopping them from seeing your profile.

On ModelMayhem, there are around 870,000 accounts that are inactive.


PurplePort is cheaper than ModelMayhem and you get so much more in every way.

Finally...if you recommend people to PurplePort and they are active then we'll thank you by giving you a reward of $5 or a month of VIP membership for free, your choice. Simply put a link to your account, or images, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or other model/photographer sites such as Model Mayhem and when someone clicks a link we'll associate their referral with you. Simple as that! 

For more information check out Easily use PurplePort VIP for FREE!


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