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How do I upgrade my account?

By Laura SJ FD, written 1487858823.

Not sure about whether to upgrade or not? Check out our VIP Benefits page for information about the benefits of purchasing a subscription on PurplePort and how much it will cost.

There are two ways which you can pay to upgrade your account: PayPal or debit/credit card. This article will explain how to upgrade using both (and also a third option where you can upgrade for absolutely FREE!).

Now, there are two different lengths of subscription you can purchase:

  • one month
  • 12 months

We also provide you with invoices for all of your subscription purchases. You can view these at the bottom of your Subscription page under the heading Transaction Log


Using PayPal you can make the following types of payment:

  • one-off payment
  • recurring payment (using auto-renewal)

From the purple cog, choose Manage your account and then click Subscription details. You can either make a one-off payment using PayPal or choose a recurring payment for one month or 12 months. Choosing a recurring payment means that PayPal will automatically renew your subscription for you.

When you've chosen the length of subscription you require, click the Upgrade button. This will take you to PayPal where you can log in and follow instructions for making payment.

Do I have a recurring subscription payment setup?

The Subscription details page will tell you (near the top) whether or not you have a recurring subscription setup using auto-renewal. If you don't have this setup it will state: 

You do not currently have a recurring subscription enabled.

The option Subscribe with auto-renewal payments.† is automatically selected on this page ready for when you choose to upgrade your account. Don't worry, if you don't want to create a recurring subscription payment then you can simply untick this option when you decide to upgrade your account. This option does not affect your subscription until you upgrade your account. 

How do I cancel a recurring subscription payment?

If you ever want to cancel a recurring subscription payment you can do this via the Subscription details page by clicking Cancel (or you can contact us directly via support ticket and ask for assistance). You can avoid an unexpected payment being made by cancelling your recurring subscription payment before the next payment is due to be made. 

Debit/credit card

Using a debit/credit card you can make the following types of payment:

  • one-off payment

Pay without creating a PayPal account by following the instructions below:

  1. From the purple cog, choose Manage your account and then click Subscription details. Under the heading Upgrade select the length of subscription you would like to make a one-off payment for from the drop-down list (e.g. 1 month or 12 months) and then un-tick the box for Subscribe with auto-renewal payments.†.

  2. Next, click Upgrade. This will take you to a page asking you to check and then confirm the payment amount. 

  3. Then, click Continue to PayPal.This will take you to the PayPal website.

  4. Scroll down and then click Pay by direct debit or credit card.

  5. Then, fill in card details and click Pay now  at the bottom of the page.

Give a gift subscription

All PurplePort members can purchase VIP membership for other members by gifting a subscription for either one month or 12 months. All gift subscriptions are one-off payments which can be purchased using your PayPal account or a credit/debit card. When you give someone a gift subscription give they will be notified. 

To gift a subscription view the member's account that you want to purchase VIP membership for, and from the grey cog (top right) choose Give a Gift Subscription. Then select the subscription length you want to purchase and click Upgrade. You will then be redirected to the PayPal website where you can pay using your PayPal account or a credit/debit card. 

Other ways to upgrade (for FREE!)

Believe it or not, you can upgrade your membership for absolutely FREE!

Whenever you tell anyone about PurplePort, whether it's linking to an image, a portfolio, casting call or group post always add the text ?referrer=. You can see how this is done, and with something you can copy/paste, from the Sharing Tools found on the grey Cog on the right-hand side of the main page.

When you share a link like that ANYONE visiting it and then going on to create a PurplePort account (that is accepted) will be attributed to you forever. When they create their account and have been active we'll give you a referral gift.

The referral gift is a choice between either 30 days of PurplePort VIP membership or a $5 referral fee, both of which can only be redeemed once that member has signed up and been an active member for 3 months.

  • 30 days of PurplePort VIP membership can be redeemed as soon as the referred member has signed up and been an active member for 3 months.
  • $5 referral fee can be redeemed once you reach a total of $50. An option will then be available to request a transfer the funds and once this is done we'll transfer it for you.

Once you have chosen which type of referral gift you want, this cannot be changed.

We've made it easy to make it happen by adding a bunch of sharing tools you can use to generate code and links, complete with graphics, you can then put in various places like Flickr, DeviantArt, or 500px.

We will also give you a Bonus referral gift every time someone you have referred to PurplePort purchases more than 1 month VIP membership which means that you will automatically receive 30 days VIP membership too!

Check out the articles How to get PurplePort VIP for free! and Easily use PurplePort VIP for FREE! for more information.

What happens if I get additional VIP membership?

Recurring subscription payments will continue to take payment until you instruct them to stop. They don't take into account how much VIP membership you may already have (e.g. 1 month, 20 years, etc), or whether you receive any additional VIP membership in the meantime.

If you receive free VIP membership (e.g. from a competition win, referral gift, etc) then the expiry date on your existing VIP membership will be extended by the amount of free VIP membership you receive.

Example: Let's say the expiry date on your VIP membership is 20/01/2019 and you receive 1 year free VIP membership. The expiry date on your membership will now be extended to 20/01/2020.

If you have a recurring subscription payment due to take payment on 20/02/2019 then this will still be taken unless you cancel the recurring subscription payment before the payment date on 20/02/2019.

The same is true if you purchase additional VIP membership before your existing VIP membership has expired. The expiry date on your VIP membership will be extended by the amount of additional VIP membership you have just purchased. 

You can always cancel recurring subscription payments via your Subscription page and then purchase VIP membership again once your existing VIP membership has expired. This can be done by either creating a new recurring subscription payment or making a one-off payment.


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