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PurplePort guide to image albums

By Russ Freeman, written 1385586068

What are Albums?

Albums are a tool you can use to better organise your portfolio and to show off more of your work without cluttering up your portfolio page. 

Use of albums is only available to version 2 portfolios but is entirely optional. You can use albums or not and if you later change your mind then just delete the albums you have created :-) 

Images can be in more than one album or none at all. 

Images can be hidden from your portfolio and included in albums. 

You can have as many albums as you like or none at all, and albums can contain as many images as you like. 

Why use albums?

Your portfolio page really needs to be a concentrated collection of the very best images you have but it's also nice to show variety.

Albums allows you the best of both worlds; Have your beautiful and amazing images in a concentrated portfolio plus upload your other work to show some variety and skill into albums.

Creating an album and album options

To create an album, view your portfolio and choose Create a new album from the grey cog OR scroll down to see the image management section and click Create a new album from there.

You will then be prompted to enter a title and description for your album. A title is required but a description is optional. 

Note: Empty albums will be displayed for you when you view your portfolio but no-one else will see empty albums. 

You will also see a choice of album privacy...

Visible to everyone

This is the default option and is visible to members of PurplePort and non-members.

Visible to members only

Choosing this option means your album will only be visible to members of PurplePort

Images added to a members-only album will also not be visible to non-members.

Hidden until shared with someone

This album type allows you to upload casting-style shots that you don’t wish to have on your every-day portfolio, but do wish to share with others on PurplePort. The album and its contained images are invisible on PurplePort until you share the album with someone. More on that later. Note that images added to private albums lose their FPI status and are removed from any collections they are in.

When you select to save the album you will be transported to the album page. 

Adding images to albums

There are several ways to add images to albums:

  • View the album and click the Add images button near top right.
  • View the album and click the Upload... button near top right.
  • View the image and near where the tags are you will see you can Edit albums and add your image to one or more albums at a time.
  • Upload a new image through the normal mechanism and select an album at the same time as you add people, places and keywords etc. Please note that adding an image to an album at this point will also hide it from your portfolio.

When viewing the album and using the Add images button, you will see you can either "Move images…" or "Add images…". Adding images just puts them in the album, but doesn't change their "hide from portfolio" status. Moving images adds them to the current Album and also hides them from your portfolio. 

You’ll also see a few ways to filter images within the Add images… popup.

Removing images from albums

You can remove images from albums a couple of ways:

  • View the image and choose the Edit link next to the albums listed, deselect the albums you want to remove the image from and click Save.
  • View the album, move the mouse cursor over the image and select Remove from this album.

Removing an image from an album does not remove the image from PurplePort and it will not change the "hidden from portfolio" status of the image.

Sharing a private album

To control who sees your hidden album, view the album and click the Shares button near top right. 

You can share an album for any length of time and if you don’t choose a date the album will be shared forever. 

If you add a share and then visit the shares popup again you will see that you can also delete any existing shares too.

Arranging albums and images within them

Arranging your albums is straight forward and similar to arranging images on your portfolio. Simply view your portfolio and drag and drop your albums into the order you would like. 

Similarly, to arrange the images in an album view the album and drag and drop the images into the order you would like them.

Best practices

Now that you can have albums your portfolio images should be reduced to the very best examples of your work. If you are a model it might be wise to show a variety of your work and styles you shoot. For photographers it might be good to show images that you currently want to shoot.

You should also aim for a full row of images. To see your portfolio as someone else either log our or choose the View as someone else option from the grey cog when viewing your own portfolio. It's not perfect but it's pretty close :-)

Now is also a good time to review your portfolio notes. Are you using the rich formatting options PurplePort provides? Do your portfolio notes rant on or are they concise and simple to read. Keep it short and sweet!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can member-only images be used as the album cover image?
A: Sorry no they can't.

Q: How can I change the cover image for the album?
A: View the album and move the mouse cursor over the image and select to use it as the cover image.

Q: What happens if I delete an image from an album?
A: It's removed from the album. If it's hidden from your portfolio then it remains hidden.

Q: What happens if I delete an album?
A: It's removed from PurplePort. All images remain. If they were only in that album then they will remain hidden from your portfolio. See here for how to hide/show images.

Q: Can images be in multiple albums?
A: Yes, one of the annoyances with other implementations was that a "fashion nude" image didn't belong in a fashion category nor a nude category. On PurplePort you can have a fashion album and a nude album with the same image within each album.

Q: I added an image to a private album and now it won't show in my portfolio
A: Images in private albums cannot be viewed anywhere except within that private album. If you wish to have an image in your portfolio then you will need to either make the album visible or remove the image from the private album. 
Note that images added to private albums lose their FPI status and are removed from any collections they are in.

Q: If I share an album with someone can anyone else see it?
A: No. It's shared with that person only.


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