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Shoot Styles - Work Preferences

By Russ Freeman, written 1359830625

This isn't exhaustive and may still leave a lot open to interpretation, so please do confirm exactly what you are expecting and is expected of you before arranging a shoot.

Also, see our Glossary of terms for more information.


This can be anything from posing suggestively nude or in a state of undress through to interactions with others in the shoot. This predominantly means it will be explicit and sexual, mostly pornographic, and can include open leg. Always confirm what is expected!


Typically this means something a bit gothic, lots of tattoos, just something out of the ordinary really.


Mainly referring to highly polished headshots. Mostly there will be a stylist, and make-up artist present too.

Body Paint

Mostly you will be nude or semi-nude, and someone, preferably a makeup artist, will apply bodypaint in some way. You'll then be photographed.


Tied up somehow in various states of believability, preferably using an experienced rigger. Always best to confirm who will be doing it and what is expected of you.


Shots for sale in publications and on the web. Think magazine adverts.


Posing suggestively, not necessarily explicit, but quite likely. Again, confirm what is required.


Fashion mostly isn't nude but can have some nudity. Mostly there will be a stylist, and make-up artist present too.


Fetishes vary greatly, and one person's fetish is another person's odd behaviour. Always confirm beforehand what is expected of you.


It's all running around in lycra, looking fit and toned.


Posing suggestively, hopefully in glamorous surroundings, can be nude, topless, lingerie, and clothed. Best to confirm what is expected beforehand.


Just beautiful pictures of the landscape.

Life Drawing

Drawing the human form, usually with the model holding different poses for periods of time. The model could be required to be nude, so it's always worth double-checking what level these shoots may involve. 


You are portraying real-life situations, bright lights and happy smiling shots usually used for magazine advertising.


Pants and bra, stockings, suspenders, corsets etc. It can be artful or glamorous.


It can be anything from fully nude to partial or concealed. If you only shoot implied nude - that is, you are wearing clothes, but you look nude, then don't choose this option.


Cheeky, fun shots aiming to be stuck on the inside of lockers everywhere.


Images that capture the expression, personality, and mood of the subject.


Typically posing with products of some kind so a company can use them in their brochures.


A remote shoot means you are shooting with another person without being in the same room (or even country) as them. It can be done in different ways, but mainly it refers to tethered shooting  (i.e. the photographer controls the camera via a computer). Anyone on the receiving end of the camera (e.g. a model) usually selects this shooting style if they have the appropriate setup and equipment to accommodate a tethered shoot. 


You are shooting in anything sheer or semi-transparent. Ideally, you'll be okay shooting nude or topless.


Posing in your swimmers.


Typically this will mean with nipples showing. It's best to confirm before agreeing to a shoot.


Shooting as though it's a wedding. Photographers may use models to pose as the bride to promote themselves on their websites.

Need to change the shoot styles listed on your account?

You can do this by going to Manage your account and clicking Work PreferencesUn-tick the shoot styles you do not need (or select the ones you do need) and then click Update your work preferences at the bottom of the page to save your preferences. 

The Adult option is only available to those who also choose any of the following shoot styles:

  • Fetish
  • Erotic
  • Promotional
  • Bondage

This is to make sure that there is no confusion for those selecting adult levels with an adult. If someone chooses any of the above shoot styles then we know they are more than likely to intend selecting the shoot style Adult.

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