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Terms of use for PurplePort

By Russ Freeman, written 1363428962

Here's our terms of use in simple English. These are to be read as social guidelines such that stepping beyond them may result in some kind of loss or punishment. No-one wants that!

Site Guidelines

Below is a list of site guidelines in clear English.

  1. Please do not post an image, write or do anything that is abusive or threatening or needs the police or a lawyer.
  2. A cooling off period or immediate removal from the site is a possibility for bad, strange or dubious behaviour.
  3. Only use images on your portfolio that are your own and you have authority to use.
  4. Only post casting calls for yourself. Others can manage just fine posting casting calls for themselves.
  5. Please be responsible, considerate and courteous to others. Unless exceptionally inappropriate sort problems out privately between members and not publicly.
  6. Never soapbox, rant or name-and-shame as it is tedious and awkward to untangle and both sides can end up feeling aggrieved.
  7. Please do not be petty, a bore or test anyone’s patience.
  8. Keep to the facts, be honest and fair including on your profile.
  9. If you feel inclined to be rude or use bad language log off until you have cooled down.
  10. If you spot a flaw in the site please report it.  Attempts on the site or degrading the service will be treated seriously.
  11. Respect one another’s privacy and human rights.
  12. Image Comments, Groups and Lists – be constructive and considerate. If you have nothing good to say then leave alone. Private lists should not embarrass anyone if made public. Image Comments are not for critiques nor for asking people to contact you. Do not post sleazy comments or create sleazy lists.
  13. Unsolicited critique is unwelcome. You may lose the ability to post in groups for a time, or permanently, if you do it.
  14. How someone runs their own group is up to them as long as they stick within the rules of the site.
  15. We may have to remove or edit postings, comments, groups or anything if it is thought appropriate.
  16. Be professional, focused and enjoy.
  17. Classify images sensibly.
  18. You accept responsibility for your own actions and will not blame others. You will pay everyone’s bills for clearing up your mess.
  19. PurplePort holds minimal personal information and only for as long as you have an account and/or the law or our business requires. Your postings and images may live forever somewhere on this site or the internet. We do not share your personal account information outside Purpleport and its professional advisors. Passwords are your responsibility and we never get to see them.
  20. Be truthful about your age.
  21. You exclusively agree to English law in English Courts.
  22. If you need our help be concise and keep to the point. We are not a free advice service nor aim to resolve disputes or disagreements. You agree to be reasonable and not pick a fight with us otherwise we get upset.
  23. We might provide hints or FAQ or links on a variety of subjects. Any reliance on that information is your responsibility. Free help is exactly that, no obligation on either side.
  24. Sometimes we allow you to open multiple accounts. We ask you to ask us if it's okay first. You must not use these accounts to mislead people in any way.
  25. Third party access to accounts is not permitted. Do not allow other individuals to access your account and act on your behalf, this is not permitted on PurplePort and you will also be held accountable for their actions. This includes managers, agents, partners etc...
  26. Posting of castings or work based events (such as studio days, workshops etc...) on behalf of other individuals is not permitted.
  27. The requesting or offering of sexual services either in the form of POV or otherwise is not permitted on PurplePort. Individuals found doing so will be removed from the site without further warning.

We also have Terms and Conditions for your enjoyment: https://purpleport.com/terms/

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