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References system & rules explained

By Chris Cook, written 1477500984

A quick introduction to the reference system

The PurplePort reference system is a way of sharing your experience when organising and working with another member on the site. It also uses standard options and messages so to help keep things clear and concise, as well as prevent issues when things weren't as great as you'd have liked.

Other members can then read the positive feedback or other references and make a decision on whether to work with that member. Like an internal nod of approval to other members.  References are also ordered by date of the shoot, so it's a great way of seeing the progress of a member over time. When adding a reference, if it was booked in the calendar, the date will auto-select to that date, but be sure to check, just in case.

Don't forget to check out How do I leave a reference? for information about how to add a reference.

Confirmed bookings

References can only be left for confirmed bookings. If a reference is disputed and there is no evidence that the booking was confirmed, the reference will be deleted by the PurplePort Admin Team. It's important to make sure that all bookings are confirmed should you need to leave a reference (this is especially true if you need to leave a negative reference). 

All confirmed bookings require an agreed and confirmed date and time.

Most bookings also require a location, but there are some cases where a booking doesn't require a location:

  • Confirmed bookings with a location - All parties involved must agree and confirm the date, time and location for the booking. The location must be a specific location that someone can physically show up to. Examples of bookings with a location include any shoots where those involved must physically meet at a location. 
  • Confirmed bookings without a location - All parties involved must agree and confirm the date and time for the shoot. Examples of bookings without a location may include remote shoots, booking a Photoshop wizard to edit images, etc. 

Details for confirmed bookings must be agreed and confirmed between those involved via either:

  • Written communications (e.g. using the PurplePort messaging system)
  • A booking made using the PurplePort Calendar.

If you discuss details regarding a confirmed booking over the phone or in person, make sure you repeat these details via written communications between those involved in the booking and that those details are re-agreed. This will mean that you have evidence should the reference be disputed.

In the event of a reference dispute, we can accept written communications from offsite (e.g. screenshots of those communications) as evidence of a confirmed booking (or to prove that the booking was not confirmed). 

If someone cancels within 72 hours of the shoot 

Well, that's annoying! ... if this is the case, for whatever reason, select this option and the appropriate message will display in the reference.

We added this option to help stop people cancelling at very annoying times, different to a no-show reference, this one is to possibly highlight those that may be unreliable for one reason or another. Of course it's all subjective, but good, clear communication is always the best idea.

If someone cancels within 24 hours of the shoot or no-shows on the day of the shoot

Well, that's enough to make your blood boil and turn purple.  Sometimes the reasons are very legitimate, but it often makes it impossible to re-arrange or get a replacement, and often leaving people at a loss financially, or even taking a day-off work for no reason; it's just not cool.

Note: A no-show is deemed as less than 24 hrs notice to cancel the shoot. This is not a flexible time scale and does not matter if any financial loss has occurred and cannot be extended outside the 24 hours. This is rigidly and fairly enforced at all times.

If someone shows up and made for a bad shooting experience

They turned up, yay! ... but you are really unhappy with the experience of working with the member.

Leaving a negative reference is a good way forward. Do not use it as a place to rant about the other person. Simply select Showed up and No for Would you recommend.

Anyone seeing a profile with negative references will make their own decision about whether it's worth booking them.

A Did not show up reference is a bad thing and it ought to be your aim to neither have any or leave any. Both can be avoided by finding the right people to work with and being committed to any shoots you have booked.

If someone shows up and was just plain awesome!  Woohoo!

Go team! ... you all showed up as agreed and made some awesome happen, that is the bees-knees!

This is the best kind of reference, select that the member turned up and that you recommend them, then allow yourself to write your own reference about the member and the shoot.  Make them feel amazing for the great job they did in working with you and spread the good vibes!

Note:  Please only leave this reference when you have received payment for the shoot (whether that was cash, images etc).

Also, this isn't a place for writing negative comments or ranting. Those abusing the system by leaving negative feedback into a positive reference submission will find their abilities to leave future references removed - we don't like this.


What NOT to do if someone no-shows or late cancels your shoot

  • Do not go into the groups or on Facebook/twitter etc. and rant about being let down. It makes you look unprofessional and will only harm your reputation and on-line persona too!
  • Do not name and shame. There is no need. A negative reference is all that is needed.
  • Do not leave a rant reference. Stick to the facts. Less is more!
  • Do not argue with the other person. Accept their view, leave a reference and move on. No good will come of arguing. 
  • Do not attempt to use any previous positive references as leverage to have a negative one removed. Anyone found to be using references to blackmail others will be dealt with in the strongest possible terms. If anyone receives any threats in order to remove a negative reference, then please contact us as this will not be tolerated.

If you get a negative reference...

If someone leaves you a negative reference and you think it's unfair then please contact us via support ticket.

We'll review the evidence and make a decision. If all shoot communications take place on PurplePort then it will be a fairly simple task - especially if you have used the calendar functions to book the shoot through PP. If you have gone to email, Facebook, Whatsapp or some other method then everything gets a bit yucky.

Do not leave a reprisal negative reference. If you do then you just make things worse. If you abuse the reference system then we'll either suspend your ability to leave references or we will ban you from leaving references altogether. Yes, you may be angry but it really won't help.

It's not the end of the world. Everyone loves to have a 100% good record but sometimes it's simply not possible. If you do need to cancel and have been deeply apologetic then it's likely the other party won't leave a negative reference anyway and if they do then just accept that they felt compelled to and leave it at that.


For current advice on short notice cancellations due to Covid-19 related reasons, please see the information in the article How do I leave a reference? under the heading Short notice cancellations due to Covid-19.

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