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Got a question to ask in the groups? Check this list first!

By Starglider Photography, written 1436209969


  • Fake tan - Generally no it's not a good idea to use it. It's a marmite thing, some photographers don't mind it, some do, but you tend to find that those who do like it are very much in the minority. 
  • Chaperones - Pretty much the same as fake tans. Some photographers don't mind, many won't allow them. Remember though a chaperone isn't the same as someone who just gives you a lift to and from the shoot location - that's just a lift. If you're unsure, ask the photographer before even booking a shoot with them.
  • Bad shoot experience? Leave a negative reference. As long as you kept the communications on Purpleport you will have the backing of the admin team. The reference system is very helpful to others so do not fear to use it if you know you are in the right. If it's a particularly bad experience (extreme level pushing, inappropriate behaviour etc...) then report the person to admin.
  • Comms - Again, keep it on Purpleport at all times. Even if you text/call each other, type up a record of the conversation as a message. Admin cannot help you if you don't keep comms on-site.
  • Lingerie - Matching! It sounds silly but models have been turned away from shoots for not having matching lingerie. So if you work to those levels, make sure you have matching sets. Primark is your friend if you're on a budget. 
  • Travel expenses - If you wanting travel expenses covered, speak to the other party you are sorting a shoot with. Some will pay, others won't. Do not spring the charge on them during the shoot itself.
  • Rates, what should I charge/shall I start charging? - The simple answer is if you think you good enough to get paid, then start asking. How much? That's up to you. There's no right or wrong figure. If you don't get any bookings, lower your rates, if you get loads of bookings, see if raising them keeps them coming. At the end of the day, only you can decide your worth.
  • Thong caught in the heels shot - Okay, so there are many cliches in modelling; selective colour, thong caught in the heel of stilettos, guns/swords etc... and unless the photographer and model are stunningly brilliant at their job, it's a pose that has been done a billion times before. A simple search on the Purpleport groups for cliches will bring up many threads on the subject. The best thing to do is to try something new, or at the very least don't try to directly copy something that appears on these lists.
  • Tattoos, an issue or not? - This is no different to fake tans, chaperones and travel expenses. If you're not sure if it's an issue, ask the photographer you wish to work with. There's no point asking in a public forum because you'll get both positive and negative responses and you will not get anywhere. But what is important is making sure that all your tattoos are clearly pointed out on your portfolio. If you get any new ones (or more importantly about to get a new one), be sure to inform any photographers you have already booked shoots with. 
  • FPIs, you want one - Have a phenomenal photo on your portfolio and hope that one of the Purpleport selectors see it and think it's worthy. It's as simple as that. If you want to increase your chances, be more visible on site, use the social tools - the groups, the shout box, casting calls etc... 
  • FPIs, your primary goal as a member is to get one - Then I'm afraid you're on the site for all the wrong reasons. The FPI is a selling tool for the owners of the site. They deem the image worthy enough to show off for a short while for potential members. However fame is fleeting and although a winning entry gains a lot of views and loves for a time, after about a day the image has been pushed so far down the list that most people don't see it any more. And that's all you really get out of it for a time. What's more important is that you concentrate on making your next shoot better than the last, and learn new tricks to make your next photo even better. 
  • Someone being an arse - Then block them, simple as that.
  • Name and shame - This comes up from time to time. Let's say a model or photographer has let you down, or was being inappropriate on a shoot, or something that really has made your blood boil. You want payback. Others are nosey. But the simple law of Purpleport is naming and shaming the member (especially if they are a member) is not allowed on the site. If you have a particular issue, then block them. If it's really bad, then report them. Don't however post about it on the groups. More often than not it can cause backlash if the wrong thing is said, very rarely the wrong person could be named and cause issues for them. Keep it private. 
  • Payed work - The word is spelt 'paid', not 'payed'.
  • Someone has left me negative feedback - Really that is between you and the person who left you the feedback. If you think it unwarranted, then raise a support ticket with admin. But don't bother asking on the groups (see the name and shame above).
  • I've been blocked! - It happens. Unless someone specifically tells you that they have blocked you, or you happen to find out by some other method, you won't know and there's not exactly a lot you can do about it. Don't worry and move on. 
  • Be honest with your age - pretty self explanatory. Some jobs require a specific age range, but even though you might think you look the age range, to others you might not. Save unnecessary embarrassment by being up front about how old you are.
  • Don't be shy with a mobile number - the internet is a great communication tool, but should never be relied on for communications, especially when it comes to the actual shoot day. Do not be afraid to call the person. You cannot 100% guarantee a text will get to them in time so call the other party. And be sure to supply the number plenty of time before the shoot (but don't forget the advice regarding communications above). 
  • Y u no reply? - Many years ago on mobile phones, a user was restricted to 140 characters to write a message. So text speak was developed to maximise how much you could say in that space. However this is the 21st century and no such restriction exists any more. There is no excuse for it and many many people now refuse shoots if the comms is of such bad grammar and extensive use of text speak that it's just not worth doing it any more. 
  • Should I get a boob job? - It's entirely up to you. There's no right or wrong answer, but again don't bother asking on the groups as you'll get the same negative/positive response. But like tattoos, be sure to be up front on your portfolio, and if you are going to get them done/just had them done then inform any photographers that you have booked shoots with. 
  • I have just been offered $10,000 for a 1 hour shoot in the USA. Is this legit? - Okay, so $10,000 for one hour is very extreme, but there are many scammers who offer an incredible deal, really way too good to be true. If you consider that the most experienced model on here might earn £35 per hour for art nude, if there was really that sort of awesome work going on, they wouldn't be on here at an hourly rate. Trust your gut instinct. If it sounds too good to be true, it almost definitely is.
  • Should I model topless/nude? - Entirely up to you. You'll get photographers who will jump in and scream 'yes!', you'll get others who say 'no, you don't need to'. The simple answer is that only you can make that choice. But consider all the consequences; your family, loved ones, work, the future... 
  • TF shoots, what should I expect to get from it? - That's entirely down to you communicating with the other party beforehand. You should get out of a TF shoot exactly what was agreed beforehand. There is no set rule. But if you do a shoot and didn't discuss what you are to gain out of it beforehand, then there's not a lot anyone else can do about it if the other party doesn't deliver.
  • Why are there so many naked images on Purpleport? - Because there are. 
  • Why are there so many casting calls for nude levels? - Because the owner of the casting call wants nude levels. Like the question before, the simple fact of life is 'sex sells', and also take into account that there are considerably more photographers on Purpleport than there are models, so you will see a greater number of images and casting calls, and many photographers work to nude levels.
  • Pubic hair or shaved? - Totally up to you. But like all other things, be sure to tell everyone via your portfolio, and also inform any booked photographers if you plan to grow/shave or have done so.
  • Tog - short for photographer. Some don't mind it, many do. So probably best to not use the shortened version.
  • Good shoot, images/payment delivered - Then leave positive feedback. It's not nice having to chase up people to leave good feedback, and people do rely on updated feedback to show that they are very much active. So don't leave it forever to write it.
  • Should I give up modelling? - Up to you. If you no longer enjoy it then it's probably a good thing to do. If it's because you are not getting shoots, then look at why that's the case? Are you charging too much? Have you an updated portfolio? Do people even know you're alive because you've never been active on site?
  • Casting calls/Portfolio notes - Read them! Read them carefully! Read them in full. Once you've read them. Read them again! Don't be wasting everyones time by applying for a casting call requesting a 21 year old 6ft tall size 8 model with B-cup bust when you're a 3ft 6 inch tall dwarf with a beer belly and drawing on your pension. And portfolio notes will probably cover a lot of detail too.

    Also be sure to see if it's a paid/collaboration shoot too! Nothing worse than having to stop an applicant dead because they didn't bother to see if they were to be paid in money or images/goods.
  •  Model wants all photos removed from photographers portfolio  - Okay when it comes to this situation, there are two options for the photographer:

    1. Keep the photos online.
    2. Remove the photos.

    And that is quite literally it. If they didn't sign any contract giving away copyright of the images to the model then it's entirely down to the photographer what they do. Is the photographer bothered by the working relationship they have with the model? If so then consider 2 perhaps (and only if they want to stay friends/in contact with the model). If not, then option 1.

  • Photographer wants all photos removed from the models portfolio - Unless you signed a contract giving you (the model) full copyright/ownership of the photos, you are basically buggered. The photographer will in 99% of cases own the photos and will have every right to demand photos removed. Bit of a bitch, but that's the long and the short of it. Oh, there is a whole thing about licencing and all that, where a model might have some limited rights, but that's a whole different article. This part is to appease the white knights!


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