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PurplePort Guide to Member Created Groups

By Russ Freeman, written 1412344392

What are member created groups?

On most competitive web sites there are groups, or forums. These are generally all created by the site owners.

On PurplePort we allow you to create your own groups for your own discussion topics. You can join and leave groups, even site created ones, some groups can be entirely private, and some just for PurplePort members only. Groups can also include image collections. 

Finding new groups to join

Finding groups is fairly easy. Click and then click the "Find & Join" button. From there you can browse the groups or you can search for something specific.

Creating groups

Creating a new groups is pretty easy but you do need to consider a few things first. Don’t worry, you can always change most of it later.

Your groups can be about anything you like such as; Your studio, a local social model/photographer get together, photography techniques, a style of image or pretty much anything you like.

To create a new group; Click "Groups" at the top of any PurplePort page and from the grey cog select "Create a whole new group".

Group name

The group name is important because it will give casual browsers an idea of what the group is about. For example; If your group is about low light photography then calling it "Low light photography" will catch people’s attention more than “Into the darkness”.

Inviting people to your new group

If you want your group to have a vibrant community you’ll need to invite people. You can do this via the grey cog on the group page, button on the followers page to invite followers, or via the grey cog when viewing someone’s profile.

Group visibility

PurplePort groups come in several flavours and this controls who can see and join the group;

  • Public - Anyone, whether a PurplePort member or or not, can see the group and it’s contents. Any PurplePort member can join the group and any member can invite anyone else.
  • PurplePort only - Only PurplePort members can see the group. Any PurplePort member can join the group and any member can invite anyone else
  • Private - The group can be found when searching but to see the contents of the group you’ll need to request membership, which will need to be approved, or be invited to join by a moderator. This option is not currently available.
  • Invite only - This group is hidden from searches and members need to be invited to join by a moderator.

Groups with images

Images can be added to groups. Anyone that uses flickr will be familiar with the concept.

When viewing the group you’ll see several rows of images with a “more” button at the top of the group.

Possible uses would be to showcase a particular style of image or a particular processing technique, or to include images of a venue taken by a wide range of people. You could even use this to create your own version of the Front Page Image Collection. 

Groups can have an associated image collection in several ways;

  • No images - Images are not allowed in this group.
  • Images are invited by moderators - Only moderators can invite images. An invite notification is sent to the owner of the images and they can accept or decline the invite. Just view the image and select the invite option from the grey cog.
  • Images can be added by anyone but need approval - Any member of the group can add their own images to the group but moderators will need to approve the images. A notification is sent to the owner of the images when an image is accepted.
  • Anyone can add images and they appear instantly - Any member of the group can add their own images to the group.

Viewing pending images

If you are a moderator of a group that allows image submissions then you will see a button at the top of the group showing pending images.

Your image is in a group

If your image has been added to a group then, when you view the image, you’ll see the groups it’s in (where it shows who is in the image, and the albums). Clicking the little [x] next to the group name will remove the image from the group.

Removing images from the group collection

Moderators, and group owners, can remove images from the group either from the group page or from the “more” collection of images associated with the group. Simply move the mouse cursor over the image and click the X that appears.

Adding images from a group to the PurplePort homepage

We have a homepage gadget that allows you to use images from one of your groups instead of the usual popular, recently uploaded or front page image collections.

From the home page add the “Group image collection” gadget and select the group you want to use. Don’t forget you can drag and drop the gadgets on the homepage to move them where you want them.

At any time you can change the group you wish to use as well as customise the gadget to show as many rows as you like.


Adding moderators to the group is pretty easy. View the member list from the grey cog when viewing the group and select Group Members from the popup menu.

Moderator privileges

Moderators can do the following within a group;

  • Pin a post
  • Lock a post
  • Invite images
  • Remove images from the group
  • Invite people to the group 

Note: Only the owner of the group can promote moderators.

Group owner privileges

On top of normal moderator duties group owners can also suspend someone from the group or remove them from the group entirely.

Member created group rules

Whilst we are happy for you to create your own groups and manage them as you see fit there are some rules;

  • Don’t create groups to bash other members
  • Don’t post anything illegal
  • Always play nice. No-one should create a group just to be horrid.
  • Remember that one day there may be a bug in PP that allows your private group to be seen by everyone and no-one wants to be embarrassed by that. 

There are things you can do in your own groups that we don’t allow you to do in the site created groups;

  • Post your casting calls and events.
  • Bump your posts so they appear at the top of the recent discussions for anyone in the group - obviously this is somewhat antisocial and a good way to lose group members!
  • You can share photos that you might not want to post in single image critique, share a shoot or portfolio review.

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