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Image Upload Guidelines

By Russ Freeman, written 1357396880

All images uploaded to PurplePort must be per our image upload guidelines below. Before you upload an image, ensure that the image is permitted and that the image safety setting has been marked correctly. If an image does not adhere to our guidelines, it will either be deleted or have its safety setting changed (depending on which is appropriate). Anyone found to be consistently uploading inappropriate images or mismarking their images will have their ability to upload images suspended (either temporarily or permanently). 

Other websites, publications, and platforms may have their image guidelines to follow, and those guidelines may differ from our own. What is appropriate for one may not be appropriate for another. If you wish to upload images to PurplePort, you must adhere to our image upload guidelines. 

Copyright and common sense

You must have either taken the image yourself or permission to use it. In addition, common sense must be exercised when uploading images to your portfolio. Your PurplePort account is not a space to upload images of anything you like. Each account type should upload images relevant to that account type.

For the account types:

  • Photographer - You must be the photographer who took the image
  • Model - You must be the model in the image
  • Make-up Artist - You must have completed the make-up in the image
  • Photoshop Wizard (Retoucher) - You must have completed the editing work in the image
  • Shoot Stylist - You must have completed the styling in the image
  • Hair Stylist - You must have completed the hair styling in the image
  • Artist/Painter - You must be the artist who created the work in the image
  • Designer (Clothing Designer) - You must be the designer of the work in the image
  • Studio - The images must have been created in your studio
  • Tutor (Photography) - You must be the photographer who took the image

See What kind of work can I upload to my portfolio? For more information about this. 

General information for images

All images uploaded to PurplePort must be:

  • Size - 3MB maximum
  • File type - JPG/JPEG/PNG files only
  • 900 pixels wide maximum - Anything more than this will be resized, and anything less will not be resized
  • Minimum of 300x300 pixels - Anything smaller than this will be rejected
  • Colour space - sRGB colour space (anything else may or may not look great depending on the web browser of the viewer)

Links (URLs) to any websites must not be used in the title of your image. Please use the description of your image for this instead. 

Exif data

Exif data is the embedded technical metadata that all digital cameras store in an image file. It provides information about the image at the point of capture and may include (amongst other things):

  • camera make, model, and serial number
  • date, time, and GPS coordinates of image capture
  • shutter speed
  • aperture
  • copyright information
  • descriptions

Once an image is uploaded to the internet, anyone can view the Exif data using many online tools. This means removing any metadata from your images that you do not want to be shared with anyone else is essential.

For example, GPS coordinates of image capture will reveal the location of where the photograph was taken, which may not be something you wish to be made available. 

When an image is uploaded to PurplePort, the Exif data is not removed, so this is something you will need to remove yourself. The device you use to capture your images will depend on how you remove the Exif data. The best thing to do is search online for the appropriate method according to your device. 


Logos must not be added to Recent images (and will be removed if they are added). Any logos for other sites and services which obliterate images or are used to conceal nudity are primarily unacceptable. By all means, place your tag on your images, but try to exercise some moderation and common sense. There is no need to ruin your images.

About our image safety settings

Purpleport has three image safety settings that are applied to all images uploaded to the site, which are:

  • Suitable for Work (SFW)
  • Not Suitable for Work (NSFW)
  • Adult

The criteria for images marked as NSFW and Adult are listed below under Mark your images using the correct safety setting.

Images marked as NSFW or Adult will show as Image Filter Enabled until you enable NSFW or Adult images to be viewed. Images marked as SFW can be viewed all of the time.

To view NSFW or Adult images, go to the purple cog (top right), and under the heading Site Options, make sure the following are ticked (depending on which is appropriate for you):

  • Show NSFW images
  • Show adult images

To stop viewing NSFW or Adult images, untick the appropriate option. 

Mark your images using the correct safety setting

Please respect our younger members on-site and those of us that browse PurplePort in public places (e.g. at work, a public library) by marking your images correctly. If in doubt, mark your image as NSFW. We operate a 'safer than Facebook' policy. This may seem harsh, but it is not designed to hurt or inconvenience anyone. It is in place to protect them.

If you consistently mark your images as SFW or NSFW incorrectly, you are generating more work for us, risk inappropriate exposure to minors, and risk other people's jobs. Repeat offenders will have the ability to upload images suspended (either temporarily or permanently). 

Listed below are the criteria for images that should be marked as NSFW and Adult. 

Not suitable for work (NSFW) 

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any female topless image, regardless of whether you can see nipples or not (whether implied or real)
  • Any images showing exposed breasts (female)
  • Any nude image, regardless of whether there are nipples or genitals visible (whether implied or real)
  • Image showing any genitalia *
  • Any image showing bare buttocks
  • Anything related to fetish, regardless of whether it is clothed. (E.g. latex clothing when worn, someone bound but clothed)
  • Any hints of the pubic area
  • Anything too sexy, including (but not limited to) lingerie
  • Blood, gore, violence, depictions of drug use
  • Any sheer clothing that shows any of the above points
  • Bondage, whether clothed or nude. Anything depicting a fetish theme should be marked as NSFW
  • Erotica (titillating, but not full-on explicit)

* See notes under Adult


This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Closed leg images showing genitalia (applies to both males and females) from below or behind
  • Scenes of a sexual nature (including sex toys)
  • Any sexual activity (whether implied or real)
  • Scenes showing sexual arousal
  • Open leg images (applies to both male and female) ** 
  • Bondage of a dark/sexual/erotic/explicit nature **

** See notes under Images generally unwelcome on PurplePort 

Note: We understand that one man's art is another man's porn. However, there must be some artistic merit to the shot. The PurplePort Admin Team will ultimately decide upon this, and their decision is final. Marking sexually explicit or gratuitous images as Adult doesn't make it appropriate or acceptable for PurplePort. We don't want these images on here, nor does anyone else.

Images that are generally unwelcome on PurplePort (and may be removed)

Anything listed below may be removed, and your ability to upload new images could be suspended, so please take it seriously. If in doubt, contact us via support ticket and ask.

  • Mobile phone or Snapchat-style filters.  They don't show anyone what you really look like and generally give a terrible impression for a professional portfolio.
  • Spreading of genitalia or anus (applies to both males and females).
  • Spread legs (applies to both male and female) with everything on show, which is the central concept of the shot and is deemed gratuitous or sexually explicit without artistic merit, as deemed by a member of the admin team.
  • Erections, whether real or implied (if it fails the Mull of Kintyre test, please ask)
  • Ejaculation (applies to both males and females), whether real or implied.
  • Where the central concept of the image is genitalia.
  • Urination, whether real or implied.
  • Extreme bondage, whether real or implied.
  • Sexual penetration, whether real or implied, with either toys, hands, sexual organs or other objects.
  • Oral sex, whether implied or real.
  • Extreme gore, whether real or implied.
  • Photographer interaction with model - if any part of the photographer is in the image AND they are physically interacting with the model, then the image will be removed. Whether it is the photographer or not, the image will be removed if it looks like it is.
  • Scenes of cutting or dismemberment, whether real or implied.
  • Images that fall foul of the 'Coroners and Justice Act 2009', part 2 Criminal Offences, Chapter 2 Images of children (prohibited images), 65.Meaning of "image" and "child" (6) (a) and (b)
  • Images of children (e.g. who are nude/partially nude), whereby the image meets our criteria for NSFW and/or Adult images
  • Images of logos only, which have been added to Recent images.
  • Images advertising websites or services, or images with the sole intention of advertising other sites or services.
  • Images of flyers, posters, or adverts used for castings or events (use the Castings or Events features for this) or any other purpose. If you need to host an image for an event or to cast on-site, please upload the image, hide it from your portfolio and do not add it to Recent Images.

If you do shoot the above, then, by all means, upload it to other websites. More power to you for doing it. But it's unlikely something that we wish to see on PurplePort.

Machine generated images

Uploading images generated using services (such as Midjourney/DALL-E/Craiyon/Stable Diffusion/etc.), where you type a phrase or description of the desired image and a machine algorithm (often called A.I) creates an image for you, is banned from PurplePort.

You can use such images for backgrounds in the same way that commercial background images or textures might be used.

Attempting to deceive the community using such images will result in a permanent ban from our service.

Adding your images to Recent Images

The Recent Images page is a site-generated image collection. You can only add one of your images here every 15 minutes, so you may consider only adding the very best of your images. You can still upload other images as often as you like if you don't wish to add those images to Recent Images

The 15-minute rule allows a variety of members the chance to have their images appear here, and it prevents mass uploads from flooding the image collection. The rule is based on the upload time/date of the image (not when the image was published), which means that if you add an image to Recent Images, you cannot add any other image here that was either uploaded at the same time OR within 15 minutes of that image.

For example: If you bulk upload 10 images and add one of those images to Recent Images, you will not be able to add any of the other images here that were uploaded in the same bulk. You also won't be able to add any images to that image collection that were uploaded within 15 minutes of the bulk. 

Images added to Recent Images will only appear here according to the upload time/date of the image. If you upload an image right now and add it to Recent Images, it will most likely appear on page one. If you add an image to Recent Images that was uploaded ten months ago, it is likely to appear many pages back. 

To add an image to Recent Images:

  • View the image and click Edit
  • On the Edit Image page, scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Under the heading Extra options, make sure the option for Show on recent uploads is ticked
  • Click the Update image button to save any changes made

The following should not be added to Recent Images and will be removed (hidden) from the image collection if you add them here:

  • Images of flyers, posters, or adverts 
  • Images of a logo only

Can you appeal?

Of course, we're only human! And like every other human being, we do make mistakes. If you think we've made a mistake with a decision (e.g. removing your image from the site or marking it a higher safety setting than you believe it to be), please contact us via support ticket and make sure you include a link to the image (or images) where applicable.

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