Stats and sizes

  • 25yr old female model
  • Stats: 32C-25-35
  • Dress size 8
  • 5'3" tall
  • 7st 2lbs
  • Shoes size 4
  • Brown eyes
  • Very long dark brown hair
  • White skin

Shoots styles

Beauty, Erotic, Fashion, Fetish, Glamour, Lifestyle, Nude and Pinup

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Rebecca Tun

Model / Berlin, Germany. (Map)

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Currently based in/'out of': Berlin. (Sometimes I don't reply to messages for over a week. I'm not ignoring you - I just alternate between full-on travelling and full-on admin.) 

I have armpit hair

Sept 30-late Nov: Berlin (much availability)

late Nov-early Dec: UK see details taking shape below.

Nov 20. London (booked)
21. London (booked)
22. London (busy)
24. London (booked)
25. West Sussex (studio day)
27. West Sussex (studio day)
~Nov 28. - ~Dec 01. Bristol? (bookings dependent)
~Dec 01. - ~Dec 04. Cardiff? (some availability)
Dec 6. Newmarket (booked)

mid Dec: Paris for a few days (some availability)

mid Dec onwards: UK again (much availability)



Greetings. I'm a tree sprite who emerged from Great Britain and now darts around (mostly Northern) Europe providing the very important service of posing for artworks. I've quite some experience under my belt now, and my portfolio images here are henceforth ordered by year for your convenience. My style is eclectic and open-ended, so rather than try to sum it up in words I would just encourage you to have a quick skim through my pics. However, one or two statements can be made with certainty: Rebecca is not thrilled by lingerie, long silk gloves, or lying on grand pianos; she is easily thrilled by the challenge of depicting concepts, permission to jump into lakes, and clashing patterns.



~ Most of my work is in photographic modelling (digital and analogue), but I'm also available as a traditional artist's model: life classes, paintings, sketches, sculptures and the like. 

~ Moving images: I've done a handful of abstract/conceptual short videos. You'll find some on Vimeo. I'm willing to branch out and push my boundaries in this genre. N.B. behind all the (so far) silent imagery, there lurks a perfectly usable voice, mid-alto in pitch with a fine-grained timbre and BBC English ;-). 

~ Not all of my modelling is for aesthetic purposes! You might be surprised at the wide range of (very nerdy) scientific uses for a nude model. :-)


my skills:

~ I'm very sure footed and love to clamber.

~ water is my element and brings out the best in me - be it in a river, the sea, a bathtub or a cup.

~ I'm not afraid to play ugly or scary characters.

~ they have called me...versatile. They have called me...'hot and cool'.
I can be hard, soft, distant, present, dynamic, still, haughty, fun, neutral, expressive, engaging, introspective, Eastern, Western, sincere, ironic, classic, modern, boyish, girly, childish, womanly, hatched, unhatched, hinged, unhinged, and sometimes you even get the choice between angelic and monstrous.


my physical properties:

~ my mysteriously international looks can be put to a wide range of uses (can you guess my origins?)

~ my head hair is currently wavy ; I have pubic hair that comes and goes, and armpit hair that makes seasonal appearances. If you want something specific please consult me well in advance.

~ my physique has ranged from spindly to somewhat padded: it's currently at a happy medium ; prominent ribs are a permanent feature, body-fat notwithstanding.

~ I have notably googly eyes which can look at the camera from many different directions due to being largely outside my face.

~ both my face and my rear when viewed in profile are possessed of a satisfying if petite nubian grandeur, if I may say so myself (sadly the same can't be said for my arms, which frankly make me look like Gollum on a diet).

~ when I retreat into my cave I revert back into a gorilla and spend 80% of my free time engaged in painstaking hair-removal rituals. As a result I can never expect to have flawless skin, having regularly ravaged every fiendish follicle. Furthermore, I'm very prone to insect bites, bruises, sun rash and all manner of spectacular surface irritations when modelling in the great outdoors. But don't worry - wherever possible, working around my imperfections is my job, not the photographer's.

~ to end on a neutral note, I'm proud to present one feature that has never drawn positive or negative appraisal: my entirely nondescript nose. It really holds the rest of my face together.



~ anatomical explicitness: I don't shoot nudes. Only joking. I don't hide any of the outside of my body, and will adopt 'open leg' poses as and when I see fit (discussion in advance is recommended). Besides, one tends to get more than one bargained for when it comes to my so-called 'pudenda' because I've got, as I like to say, a fanny like a baboon on heat.

~ sexual explicitness: discuss with me.

~ 'messy' shoots: I do love mud, clay, paint and sand. I don't want to cover myself in foodstuffs.

~ notable inabilities: please note that I can't open my eyes under water, dive, drive, stand en pointe, cartwheel, quickly distinguish left from right, wink, whistle, yell, look angry, or look good in a swimming cap (I've got a weird head).


booking me:

- If possible, please send me information about the date, location and theme of the shoot and links to your work. 

- I really appreciate it when photographers send me informative (but concise), polite and businesslike communications, well in advance of the proposed shoot date.

- You need to be able to provide references if I'm working with you for the first time. 

- I will say no to TF work 99% of the time, but you can still propose. Things that will tempt me to TF: costumes, designers, hair stylists, high-end photomanipulation, publication. (I have a 'shoots for me wishlist' on Pinterest, which I can share on request.)

- Travel: if you'd like me to travel a long way to shoot with you, then instead of just saying 'if you're ever heading my way...' it would be productive to go ahead and book me for a particular date so that I can plan a trip around it. Every tour has to start with a booking.

- compensation: message me for rates. Travel and accommodation need to be covered.


And finally...

In this line of work I consider a model to be a type of artist, if I may shay sho myshelf. I'm deeply motivated by imagination and creativity, but also very technical in my approach. Through my career I get to learn so much from interesting people in different walks of life; every modelling experience I have contributes to making me a better and more understanding appreciator of art and its reasons. Nietzsche said that art is the proper task of life - I think I would agree if I knew the meaning of 'proper'.

In my role as a model I am particularly concerned (so far) with matters of - among other things - genre, motifs, allusions, conventions, myth, tropes, truth, accuracy, fiction, semiotics, surrealism, absurdity, authenticity, illusion, emotion, logic, intelligibility, mystery, mood, manner, morphology, modality, and voice. 

If you work with me you'll find that I'm creative, serious (I think I mean silly) and open-minded. If you have a vision that you think could involve me then - if I can - I would love to try and make it work.


P.S. Dear UK photographers, grieve not over my absence for I leave with you two new ambassadors of the Tun dynasty, the exquisitely elegant singer/model Elena Tun, and the astoundingly athletic bodybuilder/model Gabriel Tun, highly recommended and endorsed by me as a photographer. 


P.P.S. If you're curious...and even if you're not, I'm going to tell you this anyway: the strange titles of my pictures here...they're computer-generated.


More of my work on other portfolios