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schedule and rates


travel and events schedule


UK based until the end of the year (based near London).


Tours to be arranged. Including Berlin, Netherlands.



£50 per hour, £220 half day (5/6 hours - best value), and back to £50 per additional hour thereafter.

Contact me to discuss rates for studio days and multi-day trips.

Travel costs: I need travel costs (and accommodation if necessary) to be covered, but I'll discuss in each case in order to work out the fairest arrangement given the travel situation.

Alternative compensation: with enough advanced planning I can reduce or waive my fee in exchange for a number of days' accommodation, or in some cases the use of a location/studio for my own photography - preferably some combination of these things, so let's barter...

Cancellation fee: I do charge a cancellation fee as a safety measure for me. I'll ask that you pay between one hour's worth (minimum) or the full booked fee (optional maximum), at my full rates at the time of booking, in the case of your cancelling a paid or part-paid shoot (or series of consecutive shoots) within 72 hours of its (or their) start, which can then be deducted from our next shoot (if any). Likewise, in the unlikely case of my cancelling a shoot I'll reimburse any advance payments or travel costs.

Body hair: I now charge an additional fixed fee of £20 for any shoot requiring shaved pubic or armpit hair. This is to help cover the loss of earnings that inevitably ensues at some point down the line for about a month while I grow it back to an acceptable length. While multiple clients might book me in this way consecutively and it's no one person's sole responsibility, this is why the charge is only £20 and not more. Hope that makes sense!


Current hairstyle:


Thinking of booking me at a studio? Some of my favourites are:

Cre8-Image Studio, Cottenham Cambridge
eveproductions, Cambridge
Lofthouse Studio, Battersea London
LovePhoto Studio, Newmarket
Shoreditch Home Studio, Shoreditch London
The Factory, London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Thurston Lodge, Bury Saint Edmunds

including these ones which regularly do studio days with me:

Big Shot Studio, Leighton Buzzard
Joel Hicks Photographic, Hinckley Leicestershire
Photo39 / The Cottage Studio, West Sussex
Sandon Studio, Stafford
Studio Fifty Eight Ltd, Northampton
Wolfe Cottage Studio, Norfolk


Thinking of booking me together with another model? Here are some with whom I've worked before:

Elena Tun
Ella Rose
Ivory Flame
Lulu Lockhart
Lilith Etch
Chala Figue
Camille Alexander



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