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Models for Figure Nude style, contact me if you like my work.

If I've added you to this list then I've noticed you and I think you're suitable for the Artistic Nude, Figure Nude or Fine Art Nude photography that I do, the required level is always 'nude' but I'm far more interested in the shapes and lines of your body than any revealing details so 'implied' nude is usually acceptable if you're cautious of full nudity.

Experience is always preferred and is very important in this genre, but I'm used to working with people with zero prior experience.

If you like the work I do in this/these genre(s) then send me a message and we'll discuss a shoot, if you're not interested you can click the 'X' on yourself below to remove yourself from the list.

I'm best known as a Rope Bondage Artist and Bondage Photographer, and that area of my work has got more attention than other genres since I started back in 2004, however I consider myself an Artistic Nudes photographer primarily (I also cover Erotica & the aforementioned Bondage), this is the genre that feels like 'home' for me, creatively speaking, I am always looking for new and interesting models with whom I can capture the height of beauty in the human form.

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