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Models for Figure Nude style, contact me if you like my work.

Figure Nude, Fine-Art Nude & Artistic Nude are my favourite genre, although I'm better known as a bondage photographer I think of myself as an art-nude photographer.

If you are on this list then there is something about you that has caught my eye, I think I can make some beautiful images with you and your body.

If your levels prohibit nude levels then firstly you should reconsider based on the type and quality of my work, normally topless level is technically OK, I find that lingerie can really break-up the lines and shape of the body but there isn't usually a need for vulva in the compositions so you could be technically just topless. If you are uncomfortable with topless then there may be still something I can do with your body, especially if you are comfortable posing with your nipples concealed by lighting or posing. In both cases I would give you the opportunity to review the edited photos before they are used anywhere so that if you feel too much is revealed then those won't be used, I find this helps models feel comfortable to try working beyond their normal levels, and almost always like the results. 

My motivation with all of my work is artistic imagery, Figure Nude is about your body as a beautiful shape(s) and lines, Artistic Nude is more towards nude portraiture where you as a person become more relevant, Fine Art Nude is somewhere in between and can include bodyscapes (close-ups of parts of your body).

Regardless of the levels you advertise, if I have added you to this list and you like my nudes then contact me to discuss what we can do together.

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