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Models for Bondage, contact me if you like my work.

If I've added you to this list, it means I have seen your portfolio, I've looked at your photos, I've looked at your stats, and I think you're suitable for the Beautiful Bondage I create.

  • Take a look at the bondage work on my portfolio (and have a read through the info), and elsewhere if you have seen my work on other sites.
  • If you like what you see, please send me a message and we can discuss shooting together.
  • If you're not interested you can feel free to remove yourself from the list, just hover over 'you' and click the X.

In addition to being a professional photographer, I'm also a professional rope bondage artist. The bondage I do for most shoots has appropriate professional detachment, but is always 'real' bondage, you will be physically restrained with the expected vulnerabilities that come with that, check my references for feedback on that experience.


  • Yes, rope bondage is 'safe', there are aspects that have increased risks but I don't go near those with novices.
  • No the bondage doesn't hurt, most of the time it's comparable to tight clothing, corsetry at worst, ('Suspension' bondage, which I don't do with novices for my own shoots, is physically challenging, and could rightly be described as 'painful').
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