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Angel Black UK

I have worked with Eugene a few times now, this time I was assisting on a remote shoot for AshleyAshton222 in my home studio. Eugene arranged the shoot with me very quickly and his pre shoot communications were excellent.

During the shoot itself he was polite and professional.

Highly recommend him to other creatives.

Angel x

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This was a very quick remote shoot with Eugene at angels home studio, which was a shame as judging by his port, given more time i think wed have been able to be more creative in our engagement. Eugene is fun and knows what he wants from a shoot, and gave total direction . would love to attempt another shoot at some point , reflecting similar ideas to what he displays on his port.

Thanks for being productive and i hope you managed to get something worthy.



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Aurora Phoenix

Had a really good remote shoot over Christmas with the lovely Zhesphoto for the second time. Using canon utilities and screen sharing tools on zoom Eugene was able to control my canon camera and settings from his location. After the shoot I sent over the raw files for Eugene to edit via Dropbox.

Pre-communications were excellent and everything was so well explained and Eugene had come up with some really awesome themes and ideas for the shoot. On the day of shooting Eugene was there promptly on zoom. The shoot just flowed so well and I felt so Christmasssy and festive during the shoot in such lovely red lingerie with a Christmas hat on using candy canes. We shot such a variety of awesome sets and that included some lovely close ups and some truly fantastic portraits. Eugene was really good at giving instructions and helping me with the framing and where to point the lights etc. I was also blown away with the results as well as photography Eugene is really good at retouching.

Once again we had such a successful remote shoot and I was so pleased with the results! 110% recommended from me. :)

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I really loved working with him remotely when I was in India. He has got me thinking about going to his country now possibly in future. The shots we got, I really liked and how he directed the shoot was great. Nice ideas & awesome attitude. Thanks so much for the great session & discussion. I would love to work with him remotely as well as in person. Kind regards & all the best.

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Awesome shoot today with zhesphoto creation crystal clear coms from start to finish made to feel very comfortable and welcome zhes was perfectly clear on what he wanted so it made it so much easier to do all round fun shoot got some amazing photos! i would highly highly highly recommend zhesphoto for a photoshoot can not wait to work with him again in the future

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Eva ray

Had my first shoot with Eugene in Manchester today. He is a great photographer i love the photos! It was amazing to work with him! I can highly recommend him to other models

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Savannah Sapphire

Eugene was great to work with

He is highly organised, with an interesting mood board prepared. He also clearly thought about how each image could be created within the specific space available.

He is energetic and engaged, offering gentle directions between stills and video

He was really thoughtful and polite, taking care of my comfort and safety, he's also super respectful of boundaries, which I value as a model who shoots to high levels

Thank you for the opportunity to create with you!

Highly recommended!

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I finally had a good shoot with Eugene. Recommending him to other models

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Eugene is the most talated photographer I have ever worked with. I was highly impressed with his level of professionalism and the overall process of the shoot.

Eugene is very attentive to all steps: discussion, preparation, ideas, advices and everything you need for a great photoshoot.

I got really valuable experience from our cooperation and the result was incredible. It was truly a co-creation of art.

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Aurora Phoenix

Had a really good remote shoot with Zehus photo in Wales during my Modeling Tour. Using canon utilities and screen sharing tools on zoom Zehus was able to control my canon camera and settings from his location. After the shoot I sent over the raw files for Zehus to edit via Dropbox.

Zehus was really easy to talk to on Facebook prior to the shoot and everything was organized really well. Zehus sent a few mood boards for inspiration and put a few themes together that would work at the location that I’d booked.

I mainly shoot remotely from home but I decided to challenge myself and shoot at a different location bringing all my kit with me and to shoot remotely during a Tour. Zehus was really understanding and super patient with me as I moved kit around, changing lenses ect. He was also really understanding that I was out of my comfort zone shooting somewhere else for the first time.

This photographer so professional and really knows what he’s doing. He also helped me with framing and how to position the tripod ect. He has had a number of remote shoots as well so really knows how to use the software and program camera settings really well. He was also helpful with poses and telling me where to go to make sure I was in shot!

Zehus did a few edits already and I was blown away by the results they looked amazing. Not only is Zehus really amazing on a shoot but his retouching is of a really high standard too.

More than recommended!! Can’t thank him enough for such a lovely remote shoot.

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Eugene contacted me via Facebook to arrange a shoot within one of the remote shooting groups! I then discovered that he was also here on PP, so fabulous that I could leave him a reference!

Comms from Eugene were brilliant, he asked all the right questions and I really had an idea of things he was looking to create along with the moods through use of mood boards, big thumbs up there!...

On the day Eugene was really lovely to work with, he was very friendly and chatty. But most importantly (especially on a remote shoot) he was patient and happy to try things and be creative without rushing!... This was perfect and because of that we created some amazing images!...

Playing around with angles, light and shadow the shots were brilliant!...

I would certainly recommend Eugene, a very cool guy! (ask him about his band!) and a really talented and creative photographer!...

Thanks again Eugene and hopefully one day we will get the chance to shoot again, either in person or remotely!..

Arabella X

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Angel Black UK

Eugene and I worked together for the second time, also remotely, during a duo shot with Oh.Gosh.You.Found.Me, and from start to finish his communications were excellent. We discussed outfits, sets and ideas ahead of the shoot date which is super useful in the planning stage of remote shoots!

During the shoot itself he was polite and professional, remaining friendly and approachable, happy to take on ideas as well as develop his own as we went. I'd highly recommend working with Eugene if you get the chance to - he's a real joy to work with! :D

Thankyou for a fantastic shoot!

Angel x

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I shot with Eugene during Angel Blacks remote duo shoot. He was very friendly and professional through out. I would love to work along side Eugene in the future.

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Angel Black UK

Eugene and I arranged a remote shoot with ease, after he contacted me to discuss one. His pre shoot communications were excellent, well thought out and properly planned, which is always super helpful in tethered shoots! During the shoot itself, he was polite and professional and easy to talk to, I'm already looking forward to welcoming him back for another remote shoot (this time a duo!).

Thankyou for a fantastic shoot!

Angel x

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Jessica Gomez

He's just fantastic. Very nice and sociable, very professional, he has beautiful ideas and does awesome pics and videos. Also he sends you very soon some stuff like bts video time lapse and some pic! :) Definitely I highly recommend him and I would work with him!

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Natasha UK

I had a fabulous remote shoot today with Eugene all the way from Israel!

Eugene was great fun to work with, knew exactly what he wanted, we created some fab images!

He was friendly, professional and great pleasure to work with!

Highly recommended! Look forward to the next one!

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I had a fantastic shoot with Eugene remotely. His pre comms were excellent and we arranged our shoot easily. He was patient when we had a few technical difficulties and he had good ideas and input into the shoot. I enjoyed chatting to him and he comes highly recommended :)

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Natasha J Bella

I had a fabulous remote shoot with Eugene, full of ideas, it was fun and I've loved seeing the images he produced. Friendly and respectful, I'd have no hesitation recommending him.

Love your images Eugene, thanks for a great shoot 👍

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We had an amazinf two hour remote shoot together, from Israel to the Netherlands. He is a talented photographer who understands lighting and model positioning very well and was able to communicate that perfectly remotely. Was understanding when u had connected issues. During the shoot he was relaxed and funny to talk to. Have so far loved his results from the shoot. I hope we get the chance to work in real life sometime!

No problem leaving a reference!

Zoi :)

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We made a really good workshop, it was interesting working together, Zhes organised a great location and nice atmosphere, thank u!

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