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Welcome to YoanaDESIGN - High Quality Digital Art, Photomanipulations and Retouch

Check out my Retouch Portfolio: www . yoanadesign . wixsite . com / retouch

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Hello!  :)

My name is Yoana, 27 year-old female from planet Earth.
Have been working with digital editing and painting softwares since 2007. For this period I have gained considerable experience in retouch, graphic design, digital painting and photo manipulation. The fantasy style is my favourite but I'm comfortable and enjoy working in all others as well.

I take commissions for private art as well as for major photo shoots editing. If you're wondering weather I can help you - feel free to drop me a line and I'll answer all your questions. Quickest way to reach me is through my Instagram account.

Currently I do mostly retouch for selected people. I'm happy working with new individuals as well but please for new inquiries give me your deadline and number of files so that I can confirm with my schedule.

- For photographers that are struggling with deadlines - I'm here to help you!
    If you're shooting weddings, you can contact me to edit them.
    Why choose me for this work?
    Because I can edit your photos extremely fast and with the quality you desire. For example a wedding or any other event consisting of up to 1500 photos can be retouched for 2-3 days. Examples of already edited weddings can be given upon request.

- If you're shooting general studio or outdoors shoots, you can contact me to edit them for you.
  These include product shoots - clothing, cosmetics, jewellery, food etc.
    Model shoots.
    Family and infants shoots.

- For those seeking retouch of photos for website or online store:
    Check out my website "Graphic Designs" sections for example of basic background removal and replacement

General list of what I offer:
* Full photo retouching
* Photomanipulations
* Book/Magazine Covers/Menu and Logo designs and other graphic designs
* CD Covers
* Digital Painting
* 3D Art

Retouch Rates:
from $1 to $22 maximum

Digital art:
from $12 to $50 maximum

Examples may be seen in my portfolios.

Feel free to contact me here or send me an e-mail at  yoanadesign @ abv . bg

Visit my website: www . yoanadesign . wixsite . com / digital - art - retouch 

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